So today i would like to share with you of this 128 scale drift car. Most of this car here chess is rear. Wheel drive because really drive can really go for a small turning and slow turning, and you can also play a technical layout, so you can drill well in a small tracks, so we go to the body shells. Okay. This is uh nissan’s produced by kyosho, and this car wheelbase is how you’re going to measure is, as you can see, the wheel nut on the front and the rail this car is 90 mm wheelbase. So if you look on the car body, gel is so nice. So details this is borrow from one of the community for me to shoot this video and the chassis can go in. So you have to very careful some uh chassis in the market. You cannot fit this kind of chassis like this is drz. It can go 90. It can go 94 on this one 94. The view is you just spent this one can go to 98, so atomic can pull this wheelbase. This trc also can do the same thing, but you have more longer. Wheelbase can go for whereas gl uh d, you also can do that. You have to change the option. Part of the uh wheelbase adjustment. Normally it just came with one standard chassis only can go for 94, so select, which is the correct chassis for your correct body. Shell, if you prefer to use this kind of jdm body, shell from kyosho, mostly is 90 mm or 94 98 will be the more modern car.

If you like this one severe s, 13, yes, s13. Look at that awesome, it’s produced by kyushu. You have lightings and so on. Uh kyusho do not have the drift car for two railway drive. They have four wheels claimed to be drift car. But to me for you, you need to a bigger space because, as you know, a railway drive car will have a smaller turning radius. A four wheel drive car you’re, a bigger turning radius. If your track is not big and you like to play technical track, i think four wheel drive for drifting, not so awesome to redraw is more awesome. So, okay, this car just now has mentioned 90 mm wheelbase and you also have to measure the width of the body gel like this is about 60 and you have the wider one like this. You have like 65 in the front wheel base you wheel from one end to one end is about 70 and the rail is also 70 plus. So some chases that in the market, you it’s very hard that you can get like a drz. They have a very long arm very long arm and the end ball here. As you can see this drz end, ball is very small, so you can put the body shell like this, so narrow and the wheel is mostly is like zero. Even sometimes you need. Like point point uh negative rim offset, then this angle will hit in the market some of the car design.

The amble is so big compared to this one. This is much smaller, so you can use a smaller offset rim like zero point, five or zero or negative for this number. Two, if you wan na, have uh this kind of voltage out. You are very limited to select the body shells that you can sorry, the chassis that you can put in. One of them is this: uh atomic dlc campaign, a lot of body, shell or kyo, show nice body show narrow body shell with these chassis, but others you have very big end ball and the rim is very close. You cannot use and another things that you also have to careful is they have a design that this is very near to the rim, the chassis it’s very near to the rim, and you cannot use a wide rim like this yeah. So if you prefer, like four narrow, then it’s okay, but if you prefer a rim with the front small and the rail is big, then you have no choice. You need to have a chassis like this kind of design, not the chassis go to the very near, and then you hit your handball so it’s, like not so good for the thing so um so be careful on what chassis you want to select for your favorite Body, shell, okay, so if you would like to play body shells that, like the model kits like this yeah, this smaller case is from arushima and you have a longer view base.

Okay, 124 steel. This car is awesome, beautiful, rx7 man. This wheelbase cannot be fit. Yep. It’S, just like say this is 98 yeah is even longer so what you have to do is you have to have this option pass on the atomic yep? You can have the wheelbase of one zero, two, two one one four. So this kind of body share can be select. Okay, when you wan na select discount one twenty four scale body – shell, you also have to very careful on the chassis, not all 124 scale. Chassis can go in the 124 scale body. Shell example, as you can see, this is 128 scale chassis. The wheelbase is almost touching to the body charlie. So if you have 124 scale of the car design have longer arm this body, shell, your favorite body shop, cannot go in, so you have to very careful on selecting your chassis, then on the body, shell, that you prefer. If let’s say. Example, you only rx7, no others body gel and you love these model kits this design. You don’t like any other thing, so 124 skills body, shell, and so it chases not fit in then your car looks horrible. The rim will be coming out like this, like so weird that the body will come out like this, so it’s, not nice. You want your rim just like this, and not coming out like this, so very careful on the chassis that you select, not all 124 scale or not all 128 scale.

Chassis will fit the body shell of 124 or 128. So before you select your chassis, please check it out the specifications which body shell. You prefer. If you prefer a kyocho body shell, then drz will be a solution for you. Any kind of body shell, you can use from narrow to white and to 124 scales. Body shot also can be used, but if you will no no uh limits, that means you can select any kind of body shell. 124. Then you can only get the 124 chassis any kind of chassis you can fit in, but nevertheless, please be sure before you buy the body. Shell ask the seller whether it is possible for you to bring the car or they give you the measurements of this white don’t want to buy your body shell when it come back to you and your body. Shell will be something like this it’s horrible right. So you don’t want your car, chases, 124 scales or 120 scale to have like this kind of rim. The rim come up is not a looks. Nice drift car so be careful guys to select your chassis and the body shell. You want right. So if you go any further questions or any things you can put the message on below – or you can add me direct message me to my abbey. My name is remi lim r e m y lim. Now i am so i will try to explain to you.

Um, why you select different chassis and if you are staying in slango, you can come here to test drive the drz, the gld, the hr, uh trc feel yourself what’s the difference of this all this car and which is the chassis that you prefer to drive. Then, if you ask me which one is easier to drive so far, i have let a lot of people to test drive the car. This car is the most easiest for people to play in facts. My touring guys buddies. They tested all these cars 124 skills cars. This is the best they can drift even faster. They can learn to drift faster than the others car in the market. If all cars is awesome, but you take longer time to practice to drive. Some of them do not have a very important features like the grz. They have a kpi at this drift car. I don’t know why the manufacturer never put the kpi, because kpi is so important in all 110 scale drift car they have this kpi, so kpi is when you turn at counter steering some certain point that you will lost traction you. You cannot control your car it’s like no steering at all. Kpi will help you to have this kind of steering, grip and atomic. Do a research again. They put instead of just a normal metal kpi, they put a brass metal, kpi brass metals, make the kpi knuckle heavier the reason why they put it heavier.

They want to have more grip in the front because in front you have nothing it’s, not a for you. You can pull that you can have the traction. This is only the rail is moving, so the front is free, so the kpi is so important and, as you can see, some people put a lot of weight on the front the car or they put on the body. Shell pull a lot to get the traction in the front. Maybe that is a good way, but to me uh, i i saw people put this and they still don’t have the traction as this drz. So if you want to buy a drift car, uh select the right chassis, select the right design, the car have view out of the box. You don’t need to mow anything. Your car can drift very well. Of course, you don’t expect to buy the expensive car like the good brand built by me team by me. You can drive so well. No, everyone is just like a baby. When you started to play it’s just like a baby, you born you cannot straight away run. You have to learn to from your body: roll over grow learn to sit, learn to stand, and then you will learn to run yeah. So no one stray away play rc and you buy expensive car team by me. Everything you go back and you can still play the drift car. You need time, patience. Practice.

You make mistakes, you come to look for me. You can hire me to become your rc instructors or you come over here to the drift track. The committee will able to help you to teach you to guide. You ask you: how to drive. Teach you how to drive. If your car setting is not right, i believe our community here are very friendly. They will tell you what to do sometimes it’s very hard that you is very far away, so what we have to do is we only can do video conferencing uh to see the your car setting is right. Your driving is right, sometimes it’s very hard to you text me the words i don’t understand, maybe the one i explained to you. You do understand so it’s. The best thing is now. We have technologies that we can do video conferencing. A lot of people told me i’ve done this i’ve done that i’ve done this, but i can honestly telling to you me also did the same mistakes. Sometimes i say i done this. I done that, but the thing that done not correctly done so not correctly done. This car is not easy to drill, so what we have to do is we have to make sure your car is correctly done no issue in the car. The car is perfectly still there’s, no preload issues, anything’s issues about the car now it’s about you, you yourself, whether you drifting is it drift.

Rightly are you drive correctly, follow the sop or you drive the way that you think it can be drive. I also did the same thing. I thought the drift car you just trotter and you turn your steering. You can drift no i’m, a touring guy. It takes me a couple hours to practice. Then i start can drift. I know how to drift same thing goes to you. If you are newbie, you have to learn and, of course, if you have budget, please do not buy a radio control that do not have a graph total graph. Okay. This is very important, as you can see. Now i can throttle you can see the curve yeah, so you need to learn to throttle curve. 50. Okay, this is very important, so this noble mb4 is a bit costly, but it’s good, because it’s have this kind of throttle curve. You learn to throttle curve on your this radio first, instead of your car, because when your car drifts, you also need to take care of this the front and throttle it makes you so confused. So you off your car, you learn to drip your throttle finger. Is this 50 percent press yeah 50 don’t see it press again? Oh no. You didn’t get 50., so you have to start all again continuously three times correctly, then you learn to throttle. Take 40. Are you correct, yeah, correct, then? Okay, then, you start to learn the dream: if you have not so much budget to buy this shutting down radio and before you can get this fly sky gt5.

This controller have also the curve. So please select the right radio for you to learn to drive drift.