This is jeremy williams and i just wanted to show you a little upgrade. I did uh to my low c8t ready to run um. I had just got back uh from pnb or i didn’t just get back from pmb, but i i went down for the day and i had a really good time. Uh shout out to gunpowder nitro shout out to uh nitro freak man. It was really good, seeing you guys, um mr, send it rc it’s a pleasure meeting you and um, especially the uh, the uh dmg race crew. Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys and just chit chat and tinker with my truck, and i had a good time i i didn’t race, anyone uh. I was able to pit for uh my buddy gunpowder and uh. That was an awesome experience. I had a good time doing that, but anyway, while i was there, i figured i would try out a servo i’ve been meaning to try for a long time so uh without further ado. This is the sendit rc uh, hv, 458 digital servo. Of course, um. I installed this on my throttle, location for now and uh. This is a really good, servo everybody. This is really good. Um it’s, a super strong, servo um. If you run it up to a 7.4 volts, uh gets up to a 458 ounces of torque. At a .083 seconds, it’s a it’s got a magnetic encoder inside it’s, a brushless servo.

The really neat thing about it is it’s, a full cnc machined aluminum case everywhere. The whole case, you know not just the middle or anything even the tabs are aluminum and i run a. I personally run a 6 volt nickel metal hydride pack, but even even with that battery it’s still a really quick and good servo. It should be putting out about 388 ounces of torque at a point: 10. 10. The speed of the servo and uh let’s check it out here right. So if you look at my other videos um, i originally had the the original spectrum steering servo and the throttle location that came with the kit and look at this thing. This thing’s nuts it’s quiet. I have my end points set up, hopefully perfectly. I think i got it dialed, but yeah this is nice it’s, probably the best servo i’ve ever had and um i’m super pleased with it. I’Ve not got to run my truck uh with the servo installed, but um. Just in my testing here, it’s just really nice. This is um it’s about an eighty dollar servo here uh. This is ten more dollars than the eco power uh wp 120 t, which has been a really good server to me too, but this one this send it server just shames this eco power and um yeah i’m, really pleased with it uh um. This is probably the best servo that i’ve personally ever used. Um i’ve never really used like super high end servos, but you know when i was younger, i would do the upgraded high techs um.

These eco powers were the best ones that i’ve ever had until i had this but again it’s a really fast servo it’s also got a ton of torque um supposed to have a super strong, stainless steel gear train throughout it, and super high quality bearings as all Which i don’t think i said, and just just everything about it: um. It also fit in here really good and i had no issues with it: nothing weird with the way it mounted or the height or the wire or anything um it’s, a super easy install. So just wanted to show you guys, uh my new purchase um again to uh mr send it. Thank you so much for this servo and it was a it’s, a pleasure, putting a face to the to the name, um and uh. Thanks for hanging out and again shout out to everyone, i got to see at a pnb. I had a good time for the for the night and i hope to see you all soon and uh hope you, like my little mini review of the other, send it rc again. This is the hv 458 and you can get it online at ascended. Rc. I’M.