So i asked them to send me this combination here, it’s, a kit that comes with the case and for um tips, so uh it’s gon na be a little more convenient for different types of soldering jobs and it’s. I think it’s like fifty dollars with just the the basic kit, and this one here is eighty six dollars, i believe so it’s like roughly thirty thirty five dollars or thirty six dollars more for this, but you get the extra tips in case. You need those for later now, something like this is going to be more useful, in my opinion, out in the field. I do know that people have been using this to do full builds, but keep in mind that, after about 30 to 40 minutes, the soldering iron will get very warm. So if you’re using it constantly so just something to keep in mind, it’s, not really intended for continuous use like hour after hour, so it’s really meant for occasional use. Repairs like i think again like out in the field, so it will come with a xd60 power. Adapter, so you can um power it via, like a four cell lipo let’s, go ahead and open this up and see what we’ve got inside and there’s. Actually, a few things in here that um actually don’t come in the kit that are actually considered free gifts and, if you buy it at the secure website, which is going to be the link down in the description, they’ll come with these gifts.

I think it’s, like a eight dollar ten dollar value, something like that. I think you get this uh flux paste, i believe yeah. This is not included in the normal kit. This is a add on if you get it at their store and then you get this lead free, solder wire. You know the stuff that i use is from mg chemicals it’s, this uh combination of 63. I think it’s 10 and 30 37 lead, and this one here looks like it’s, 30 percent, 10 and 70 lead or some combination of that plus copper, not not really sure about this one um. I tend to like this one here because it works really well and gives you uh it’s easy to work with and um they just uh i get now it gets the job done for me uh. I know i think a lot of people also use 60 40 um solder, which is a pretty common, but this one is actually. This is one i like the mixture i like the most and you get this solder wick here. This is for basically absorbing solder. If you want to do like a desoldering type of jobs, this is included as well: that’s free, so that’s all the stuff that’s not included. This is what you get in the kit, if you say, bought it from a different store like racetoy, quads or amazon somewhere else where they sell these um. There are various other places you can get these as well.

Okay, so i went and just pulled everything out of the case here, so you can see everything that you’re going to get so you do get a manual here. This is the full manual and i’m not going to actually go everything in here, because i could probably read that on your own later and it looks like you get something here: kind of looks like a quick start. Guy has some safety instructions, or just some general documentation. There’S like this firmware upgrade that you could do on the soldering iron. I guess there’s a usb port on the soldering iron and then has a little parts names for all the parts on the soldering iron here. And if you want to look that over just go ahead and pause the video but yeah, you can see that the voltage range is 12 to 24 volts. So, if you’re thinking you know a 6s might work, uh 6s is if you’re a full 6s lightweight it’s. Like 25.2 volts that’s – probably too much for this, you don’t want to burn it out. So i would say, limited to up to 5s and 12. Volts will be like 3s or 3 to 5s on the power. If you’re going to be using the xd60 cable to power up the soldering iron, of course, they do have power, adapters or power supplies available. If you’re using it at home – and you don’t want to use a battery, then you can get one of those data included in this kit.

They do have kits with this iron that include the power supply as well. I think it’s, an extra twenty dollars for that. All right, so you get some stickers as well, and some tools like a hex tool and some screws. I think that’s for securing the soldering iron tips and the plug is in the back here for the power this plugs in over here. And then you have your uh micro, usb port for doing the former updates, and this looks pretty similar to like the ts 100, if you guys remember that’s a very popular soldering iron, but this one um it’s it’s only like if you just get the soldering iron Myself it’s like 50, that the dcs 100 was, i think, closer to 80, just for the soldering iron by itself. So these are the four tips that are included in this particular kit. So obviously, these are going to be used for different types of jobs, probably from smaller or bigger wires. It kind of depends which one you want to use i’ll list these up here on the screen, if you’re wondering which ones these are. If you get the single one, if you buy from the secure store, you can actually choose the tip that you want to get. If you um just want to get the single tip version, you can actually choose the tip that you want. I think there’s about nine or ten different options available to you. So if you’d say want this for fine work, then you get the fine tip here instead of the thicker tip, or the chisel tip, for example, for bigger wires really depends on what you’re going to be using it for, but if you are only going to go For the single tip, then yeah – probably not the fine tip, but maybe this just you know this one here, probably general purpose.

One would be useful for that, but yeah. This is what it looks like here. Of course, replacement tips are available. You can buy them individually as well. Uh let’s say you just go ahead and just stick that in here and we just tightened up that screw yeah, so it’s just an m2 screw. You just tighten that down and that’ll hold the tip in place and the power cord is about three feet long. If you’re wondering how long it is we’ll go ahead and let’s power, this up so i’m, going to use the included stand here. You want to do that so otherwise, they’ll get really hot and burn whatever it’s touching so then put them in the stand. We’Ll go turn this on so i’m, just going to use a 4s lipo here with an xd60 to power this up, and we get a little startup session on screen here and saying press that button to turn it on it’s the a button and showing you the Temperature and i believe it defaults to 300 celsius, that’s the default temperature and you can adjust the temperature, of course, so that roughly took about 20 seconds to get up to temperature. And then, if you um want to increase it, you can go up to a maximum 400, basically hit the b button, and so you press and hold the b button. Then i’ll bring the temperature up here and then you can use the b button to increase it.

So i’m going to raise it up to uh 350 celsius and it’s going to take a little bit of time for it to come up to temperature. So you have one from 300 to 350. and let’s see how how this tip is and it’s uh pretty hot. Already, all right so we’re just going to do a real, quick demo here, just going to tune up this uh some of these pads here that aren’t end up on this flip controller, so there’s, just a quick look at what that looks like i am using the Solder that i like to use so um i’m kind of used to the way it melts and also solidifies you’re gon na, have to adjust your timing on on how much you use the tip on the pad here. Based on what kind of soldier you use so that’s going to kind of vary, depending which kind of solder you use, but it looks pretty decent and i’d say it works fairly. Similarly, to my uh favorite soldering iron that’s, the hakko soldering station that i’ve been using for years and you’ll see how this works with a couple of wires all right. So i just did a couple of wires right here and yeah works. Just fine uh, really no complaints, just uh it is a. The iron itself, is very light, so it’s the way you’re handling it is a little bit different. But on that and really no complaints, i would say i’m working with very tiny wires here.

So if you’re working with some thicker gauge wires, like say like an xt60 connection, uh, those are gon na, be like say, like 12 or 16 gauge wire you’re gon na probably want to hold that iron down on the wire longer and or you want to raise Up that temperature from 350 to 400, as long as you do that and hold it down and make sure that enough heats getting into the wire uh, the soldering job should work just fine yeah. So overall, this works pretty well um. If you’re looking for a soldering iron out for in the field for doing repairs, like, i think, it’s, pretty good value and obviously you do firmware, updates, it’s, very programmable and adjustable so that’s gon na be pretty similar to the very popular ts100 that’s out there. Um and it seems to work just fine anyway, i’ll have a link down in the description.