I guarantee a lot of you are going to be buying this in the next 24 hours after seeing this video because it’s under 90 bucks, Music, that’s, good Music, francis here from arts, review and i’m about to show you something pretty mind blowing here. We have two models: they’re, basically the same vehicle, but with different bodies. One has this uh hoonigan can block hoonigan body and one and the other has kind of an infraction a rad pickup body, and it is really kind of a revolution from this chinese company sg. On what they’re able to deliver for the money and it’s – not just you – know, bang for the buck, but how much? How much fun for the buck? Is it fun you know uh? Are you gon na is have a lot of replay factor. So if you’re new here consider, subscribing and hitting that notify button and we’re gon na have a link to this vehicle in the description, it will help the channel out if you purchase uh after clicking those links. So here it is, this, is the the mustang hoonigan, give you a little close up of the body, the quality is there. Quite impressive lights are are well mounted, and here is the body flat pan body nice layout shocks all around, and what am i missing over here is a foam bumper and over here is a hard plastic wind diffuser, pretty crazy, huh. Okay, so i will turn it on and show you feature by feature why it’s such a crazy value.

So, as i turn it on check this out, so it has a switch on the receiver it’s like a traxxas style, so there it’s flashing right fast flashing. Looking for a transmitter, i didn’t find one so i’m, just gon na slow flash boom, so they communicate with each other. So i turn this on and then they go solid. Yep, solid halo means we’re on we’re talking so right. There. You don’t see that every day that means you got a connection. Okay and now. It’S i’ll show you that it’s four wheel drive for the money. Four wheel drive steel, uh steel drivetrain, all throughout crazy, and then it has a 380 motor, a 380 motor is that can right there and it’s pretty big for the size of this vehicle and it’s using lipo batteries. You know so tired of these companies sending nickel metal hydra they’re, so big and heavy uh low voltage and they’re, not that big. So this is a 1200 lithium ion. Battery lithium ion is just shaped like a double a not flat like your lipo and what this delivers. You is tremendous pop takes off like a bat out of hell drifts on command on most surfaces, and you know nice nicely controllable up to about it’s between 25 and 30 kilometers per hour. I don’t know what that is in miles exactly so. Those are two cool things: uh, the other cool thing you already might have caught a glimpse of is not only does it have lights, but it has switchable lights, that’s actually hard to achieve um.

You know if you try to add lights to your vehicle, because you need a channel, you need a wiring and you need all that a light controller. Basically so that’s money right there and that’s all included okay. Another thing they include it comes with. These rally tires that are nice, nice, rubber kind of reminiscent of tamiya, but they also ship you four drift wheels and tires. You know plastic, you don’t have to make your own or buy spent 20 30 bucks on this. So every car comes with a set of wheels, so you have plastic and rubber okay. Another feature that is a little bit mind blowing is so it has a four channel radio right, so throttle steering and lights, and now you have a force channel which is gyro or stability control. What is gyrostability control? It is when you are losing control of the vehicle it’s over steering the the radio is gon na return. It back to you by it has a brain of its own, so it’s really helpful when you’re drifting, learning, how to drift or in unpredictable unpredictable surfaces and it’s, not just always on it’s off on and fully variable. You know that’s, crazy, right, okay, so i’m, a little excited right, because you know if this was just a car, 150 bucks, 100 bucks i’d be saying the same thing: it’s good, it’s, fun, everybody who used it smiled and was saying: where do i buy one? But for under 90 bucks it’s insane, you buy two, you buy three uh one for uh, you and your friend.

These are more fun when you put a little course together and rally and as you can see so another so we have, we talked about the gyro phone bumpers. Talking about weaknesses, i would say two that i’ve noticed so far. One is on them. Undamped springs. So these are just friction. Friction springs so on the street it’s. Actually not bad they’re set up with these spacers very stiff. So you could it doesn’t bother you, but once you go to like a baseball diamond a little bit of dirt, you’ll notice, it’ll, it’ll bounce and a little bit harder to control that’s one weakness. The other weakness is the steering is a little bit sloppy uh, meaning you know there’s, so many plastic parts that it’s hard to keep it straight. You know when you’re, accelerating the hardest thing to do with this vehicle is go 25 miles an hour dead straight line because it’s not going to do it by himself. It wants a lot of correction and it kind of goes to where you last left. It kind of situation so before i close so lots of advantages right, but another big, big, big one is not only does it come with a 1200 milliamp hour lithium battery. It comes with two extra one: three batteries per car at that price, crazy, huh, and it comes with a charger that’s decent. This is a 1.5 amp charger, but this will charge that fairly big battery at 45 minutes.

You know so charge all three other batteries good to go. You know you do this at while you’re working on your vehicle. I don’t know what to work on here. So we we did a whole whole rally session. Nothing broke it’s, pretty cool because it’s all protected and whatnot Music, okay, Music, oh yeah, Music. Oh my god! I got it there! Music! You never want to get to the point: Music Applause, Music, Music, all right, Music do Music! You know. 300. Bucks is cool but it’s like a pyramid. Not a lot of people have 300 bucks. Very few people have a thousand for one car, but 89 bucks. Pretty much everybody’s got that right, so very impressed enjoy the running video. Hopefully, we’ll do more i’m going to donate these uh to the kids uh. The sons of my friends that were in the video and uh uh i’ll i’ll make them promise that they practice so we’ll do a part two video where everybody’s dialed, because everything you’re seeing in this uh video was all first attempt. You know we don’t know how to drift, but heck. We figured it out because the vehicle is capable and it doesn’t need a lot of space all right. So thanks a ton, i hope, you’re having a good january, and i hope that you’re making the most out of every day because we can’t get that back every day, is an opportunity to rc, learn something and be with the people that you love and like safely.