This is the x g 1603 ready to run. This is a rally, slash drift truck. It comes with drift tires as well as a set of um. You know on road rally top tires, use the tire tool, a little phillips screwdriver, some extra body pins. Some extra looks like steering links, maybe and an allen wrench and some spring adjusters little collars to stiffen up the springs but here’s. The extra tires that you get with it: okay, i’ve already took the body clips off so um, it does have headlights and it has an exhaust top light here in the back honestly, i i wasn’t going to do a review on this one i passed on it. Quite a while back because i always try to not do reviews on things unless it’s something i would want myself um. Let me get this plastic off of here. I have to take that front grille off to get it all the way out, but i’ll try not to do reviews on just cheap, too cheap. You know just like toy grade that something i would never use myself, so i wouldn’t recommend for someone else to use. So i passed on this one and then i was watching other people do, reviews on it and it seemed like it was a lot better than what i thought it was just from the pictures. So there was really nothing else i wanted for this month to review. So i told them to go ahead and send me this one.

This does come in several different forms: there’s a this is the rally truck there’s a rally, car called the gorilla and now another rally, car called the panther. I believe pretty much all the same thing. Just different body styles, you can get these in a multiple of options with you can get them brushless in a number of different batteries. You can get them with one battery or three batteries, ranging anywhere from 69 up to 120 dollars. So take a look at the inside. Here comes with the lithium on 7.4 it’s, the 18650 batteries. I can’t tell what the motor says: it’s just a brush motor um esc receive rolling one power button on the esc. That has the support for the headlights, so the remote here’s, the power button, uses 4 double a. It has uh. This is your gyro button. This does come with the gyro for when you’re drifting steering trim, steering dual rate throttle reverse steering reverse. This is uh low, medium and high speed and channel. Three, i believe, works the headlights we’ll test that in just a minute at the foam bumper in the front, so let’s turn it on there’s a little power button: okay, here’s the light in the back. Okay, apparently the light blinks for a few minutes and then and then stay solid, take up the headlights all right now. Let’S check that channel three to see if that’s, exactly what it is. Oh cool it’s got the red halo.

I don’t know if you can see that on camera got the red outer ring with the white blue, okay, okay, so there’s different click, it one time it’s, just the red halos, with the tail light with no tail light, click it again. The full headlights and the taillight click the third time for off so well actually it’s different quickly, the fourth time and it’s, just the headlights with no halos all three and off so halos, both with the tail light. Headlight no halos with the tail light. All three and off so kind of steer here one hand. Okay, this don’t have great amount of steering angle, but it is all wheel drive. So you don’t need near the steering angle that you need with two wheel drive when you’re drifting and i’ve watched videos on these. They do pretty good trying to steer with my thumb over here so also the remote does have a loop if you’re a lanyard type of person, but i thought i would go ahead and get this one go over. It real quick there’s, a lot of videos out here. I saw the new panther body, so i thought well. I passed up on this one and kind of wish i hadn’t, so i went ahead and grabbed it to uh. Just do a quick review. I’Ll get some run video on this later, for you guys, i’m sure you’ve seen it many times on other channels. I will leave a link in the description for this one, the gorilla and the panther, like i said, it’s pretty much all same thing, just a different body.

Also you do get a charger is a little better than some of the uh usb chargers. You get. I mean it’s still just the cheap charger that charges through the uh through the balance port on your battery, so that’s going to do it for this one, like i said, i’ll leave a link in the description as well as coupon. So anybody, let me turn that off on the inside.