Today, i’ve got my sg1604 mustang out uh from pinecone model and i’m gon na give this another 3s speed run quickly. Now i’ve done a couple of little minor changes to it. I changed the tyres guys. I ended up cutting a bit more of the bodywork here around the wheel arches, so it doesn’t rub as much as last time and i’ve put a different servo on it, because last time i was out here probably around a month ago, when i made the first Video, i was having a hard time keeping it straight. The actual server was sticking, so i wasn’t going to back on dead center. When i let go of the the steering wheel so i’m going to run this on 3s again, as you can see, i’ve got my gps speed unit in the actual roll cage here, i’ve actually got a velcro, strap, plus cable ties to make sure it doesn’t fly Out, if i do have a crash, all right guys so uh let’s give it another go. I also have a different. I don’t know if i was using this last time but uh. No, i wasn’t, i was using the zillihong one. I’Ve got the hbx uh transmitter here, so hopefully it gives me a lot better range. So what i’m going to do? I’Ve got the gps here set to read. That was the last time i was out here. I actually got 60. I think it was uh 66 kilometers an hour in the previous well.

My first attempt in the previous video so start stop okay, so just uh reset that should be on zero, all right and that’s. In mile an hour. I want to change that to kilometers. Okay, let’s uh let’s, take it for a spin, so track start, and it should be going so i’ll leave that there and let’s go Applause. You see how it goes this time. I get better range of this hbx controller, just checking for cars. I just backed off. Then still got range that’s good. I got good range this time, guys yeah she’s, heaves faster this time. Wow i don’t want to crash there’s a a branch, a bit of a twig in the middle of the road there. I should have taken it off all right. So i didn’t touch the brakes, then i’m, just letting it roll to a stop she’s flying. Oh, i turned the wheel a bit. Then it went on on two wheels. Think i’ll. While i haven’t crashed it, i think i’ll uh leave it there and see what we get before i crash it. So that was some good runs. Press stop read 73 k’s an hour that time guys so that’s the new pb. I got uh 66 last time, so that’s pretty awesome. 73. Hopefully, you can see that because um yeah, you can see it it’s hard to see through the osmo action all right so um because of the glare out in the sun here so let’s go to the units that should be mid.

40S i’d say so not too bad. Considering i just slapped in a uh. You know all in one receiver and uh combo out of another rc car 45 mile an hour guys that’s, awesome, i’m, pretty happy with that. So we’ll give it another go okay, see! If i can beat that all right, so we start it. Oh won’t put this in my pocket because it usually uh goes to the main screen, so Applause, so 73 k’s an hour that’s moving for this little guy. These are very hard guys to control at high speeds, see there’s another twig down there. I just ran over another debris on the road there. It’S, not the cleanest roads, let’s go back the other way, one more time, all right, i’m. Getting awesome range out of this cheap hbx controller, so i had a lot of issues with range too. Last time all right got backed off just then oh don’t tip, oh no. I tipped it damn it or i’m gon na walk up there, guys like how i’m gon na cut this and then, when i get down the road i’ll put the camera back on. Okay, guys, i’ve put the camera back on. I just didn’t want to bore you with me, walking all the way here. That’S all i got the phone with me. This thing flies now doesn’t, it i’m pretty happy with it. Okay, so the gps is still in intact, so let’s uh we’re in range now so stop read.

Oh come on, it was in range, read 45 mile an hour again guys all right so uh. That is what was it 73. Let me change my units to case okay. Go back, come on phone yeah, 73, k’s, an hour all right, i’m, pretty happy with that! Hopefully you can see that much better now, i’m, in the shade. So 73, k’s an hour out of this little guy, i didn’t plug in the uh, the uh lights, so they just flung out there but yeah pretty happy with that guys: that’s uh 45 mile an hour or 73 k’s an hour. Now this little uh sg1604 gorilla mustang. So thanks for watching guys, i just want to revisit this uh because i changed the tires, like i said, put a new servo in it and the transmitter i’m using the hbx transmitter, and that made a huge difference guys, as you can see this time around uh Last last time i was out here i could hardly control it at all. Basically, the servo was rubbish. It was sticking each direction, so i was constantly fighting it. I had crappy range out of that zillihong 9125 controller, even with brand new batteries in it. So it was a defective controller. As you can see, i was going all the way down that road. There, not a problem and half the time i wasn’t even braking. I was just letting it roll to a standstill, then turn it around and i had no signal loss as well.

So these eight hbx uh tran transmitters are great they’re awesome for such a cheap. I mean look at this plasticky. Very cheap uh, lightweight toy grade sort of controller, so uh there. You have it anyway, guys i’m, pretty happy with that i’m, pretty stoked. Actually considering. I spent absolutely nothing on this build. I just took the brushless system out and electronics out of the uh hbx 1688.9 monster truck. I thought you know i’ve finished making videos of that uh truck. I hardly used it and just threw in everything uh in this uh in this car. So uh yeah worked out really well uh there’s a 3s pack just there, my 1500 hrb 45c lipos, and it worked a charm all right guys so yeah thanks very much for watching guys, that is the speed run or the second attempt of speed run on 3s Brushless sg1604 from pinecone model i’ll leave the link to this one guys if you’re interested in it awesome little car and uh, you can pick one up uh at and also at banggood or anywhere else um. You know they’re online, so uh i’ll leave a couple of links down below anyway, guys, if you’re interested in one of these and uh. As always, thanks for the support to the channel guys, i appreciate you tuning in week after week, video after video and i’ll catch. You on the next one, so if you’re new to the channel by all means feel free to subscribe and make sure if you do hit that notification bell.