It also comes in this ute. Looking car 1603 is the model for that uh four wheel drive ready to run, it’s got some headlights, it’s got a gyro, stabilizer and all terrain tires. It also comes with a set of drift tires, and i think the model that i have came with three batteries got this from banggood it’s, all uh packed pretty well and um. This is my first sg car. I haven’t got anything from sg, yet so excited to see how um how these cars look and how the how the models are all right. That looks really nice wow just want to show you exactly what you get in the box. Your transmitter fits pretty well in the hand, throttle reverse steering reverse esp, which is your electronic stability um, something the steering trim, steering dual rates. You got an on and off switch here and the light switch here push button a switch for the uh light modes. It’S, a nice foam steering wheel. You have four double a batteries. Quick, look in here got a couple of batteries in here: lithium ion 1200 milliamp hours, usb 2s battery charger output, we’re up to 1.5 amps spare pins, a couple of spare links, a metal wrench and a set of drift tyres there. It is look at that got the leds here: the angel eyes, apparently, okay, led cables plugged into this combined esc receiver, combo just pull it out. For now. Nice flexing shell plastic.

Roll cage, get a bit of nice detail in there as well chassis or plastic. The rear, bumper and a front bumper and some foam here, nice soft, tires there’s your third battery it’s, five wire servo power button here to push button power and you’ve got your ports for your headlamps and there’s, a second port for your tail lights. I think it’s, a 380 motor metal drive shafts in the back for the front and the center it doesn’t quite show in the on camera, but the red and the white is actually on maybe i’ll be able to adjust the uh yeah we’ll. Try that now you can’t see the red there anyway, and then this one yeah there you can see the red there so that’s, the third, the third setting all the way to the right. So this is the left all the way middle and all the way to the right that looks sick. These angel eyes check out the hexes on these it’s got a uh. It looks like a brake disc, it’s, pretty cool but yeah. This is the hexes actually come off and they’re connected to the uh brake disc, which looks good see. So basically, what the esp does or the gyro does is it’ll automatically steer so that the car will go in the direction that you’re trying to steer it to i’ll. Give you a quick demo. As you can see the uh. The wheels are automatically steering so because i’ve got this because i’ve got the control just to steer straight because i’m, not holding it.

The car itself will automatically steer to try and make the car go straight: Music, Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. Now we just got the uh the rubber tyres on let’s go for it turn off the gyro Applause. It needs to be wobbly: Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, uh, Music, um, Music, Applause, Music, Music. Do all right guys what a vehicle it’s a great car had. So much fun with this car uh able to do some drifting and a bit of bashing at the backyard didn’t go too well on the grass but um. I was able to do some jumps with it surprisingly, but yeah it’s got some good speed, so um it drives pretty well on pavement as well, so yeah it’s a great car. I recommend it if you haven’t got one try getting one as soon as you can either this one or the the looking one the 1603, so um yeah that’s it. If you like this video, please hit the like button. Please leave a comment. If you have any questions about this car or any other suggestions that i can do to this car anyway, let me know what you think and subscribe. If you haven’t already done so and i’ll see you next time, bye, Music, so i’ll see you next time.