This time, i’ve actually put some uh larger wheels on this okay uh. I did have to cut the guards out a little bit to make him clear, but uh hopefully get some decent speed out of this today. Okay, now also uh, because the roof was scuffed up. I added some uh, some vinyl there, carbon fiber style vinyl. Just to add my own touch to it and i got those lights working guys. I um ended up hooking it up to this uh hbx uh receiver from the 1688.9. Now this came with a three wire plug to go through all those different modes um. But what i did i took the positive and negative uh. I left the um yellow wire for now. I might hook try to hook that up later, but i just basically transferred it from a three plug wire to a two plug. So all right guys, let’s do some speed runs i’ve at the moment. I’Ve just got the wl toys, uh 1500 milliamp hour 2s. In it now. Last time i actually got um on 2s. I ended up getting 42ks now because this thing kept crashing. If you watch that video i’ll put it in the or if you missed it out, i’ll put it in the top right hand corner of the screen. That was the very first time i actually took it out so uh yeah it just kept crashing guys. So hopefully, we’ll see how these tyres work should be more stable.

Let me just adjust the trimmer a bit that’s it now i’ve also got fresh batteries. That was another issue that i had uh before. Okay, so let’s see how we go guys. It is in high rate, got fresh batteries in this, too still seem to be having some range issues. Definitely squirrely it’s, not tipping over that’s, a good thing. It does seem faster than last time. I took it out just bring it in these are pretty fun on brushless guys. So uh let’s have a look. Stop read. I’Ve got 45ks on 2s this time, so a bit of an improvement without crashing all right, guys so i’m, going to put a 3s in it and uh we’ll see how it goes on 3s let’s uh check first well, that is in uh units in mile per Hour, 28 mile now, all right so i’ll put a 3s in it and see how it goes with that. Okay, guys, i got my 3s in here now: okay, small 3s pack, so let’s go back into the app 28 mile. An hour was the last one. All right so i’m going to change that units back to case 45, k’s on the 2s let’s, try it on 3s. Now, okay, even though i got fairly fresh batteries in this this time, i’m getting a bit of break up still, so it must be the transmitter heaps faster, see, i’ve lost range. Already i mean the range is better than last time at the basketball court.

There we go all right. Finally, definitely a lot livelier now notice. The servo does go out of whack, so he’s going to the let’s go to the right, it’s crazy. I have to constantly trim it now. It’S going to the left. Oh come on get some decent runs out of it all right here we go. Let’S, try, it’s, very squirrely at slow speeds. Oh, this range is ridiculous. Okay, i’m gon na have to go for a walk just to get that long path, so i’ll be back in a tick guys. I’M. All the way down here and i’ve noticed the swing arm came loose and the hub and drive shaft came out so we’ll go back to the car and i will see what it actually got on the gps, uh reader, all right guys, look pretty fast, okay, we’re Back at the car now should be in range now: okay, stop read 66 k’s an hour, so huge increase on that. Hopefully you can see that 66 k’s an hour pretty good. All right, let’s put that to uh i’ll, take a screenshot of that uh let’s, put it to the mile per hour, reed 41 mile an hour not too bad big increase anyway from 2s to 3s, so yeah, not bad, pretty happy with that now, um yeah, like I said i’m gon na have to connect up the uh. The drive shaft came out, uh all the way down. There did clip a curb right at the end, so i’ll fix that up, but uh as well.

I did pop it in. I didn’t have to take the wheel off so let’s take for one last one: okay, so track start. Okay, let’s uh! Try one last go try to adjust. This trim perfectly very hard to adjust it. It just wants to go even though it’s adjusted just wants to go its own way. Don’T think the servo is the best on this, but anyway Applause, whoa it’s, very squirrely, i’ll, try to bring it back. This way, i’m not liking. The range down here i don’t know what’s going on this transmitter has got fresh batteries whoa. Hopefully, gps is in there. Alright, still all right so i’m gon na have to walk all the way down here again come back this thing’s wild, even with these buggy tyres on it all right, that’s enough of you, let’s see what that one was all about. Okay, stop! Read: 64k! Okay! Well, there you have it guys. I got 66 was the best, i think so. Uh yeah there we have it that’s. The uh speed runs on two and three s. I mainly wanted to try 3s to its maximum on the sg 1604 gorilla, so uh yeah guys. I might try a larger lipo looks like my gps is just hanging on there with the velcro, but anyway, um i’ve got a larger lipo that i could try on this, so i’ll bring it out. Another day, i’ll put a 2250 in at 60, burst uh 60c discharge burst and we’ll see how it goes on that all right.

Currently, i was just using my hrb, you know the ones, the 1500 45c that i’ve used time and time again: okay, but uh. That was a lot of fun anyway, guys trying it out on larger wheels and that okay, it is much more as stable as far as compared to the smaller wheels. I was just constantly tipping it over, but it seems like this servo i might see. If i can replace it with a different one, because it seems like all right guys now i’m shooting this on my phone because um my sd card was full almost my action but um yeah. I just want to say i’m, pretty happy with this setup um. Considering that you know, i didn’t spend a cent guys i’ve just used the brushless system out of another truck a 16 scale truck and i’m using a you know, this transmitter off um another make and model i’m still not happy with the range on the transmitter to Be honest with you, but uh got some decent speeds out of this over 40 mile an hour, you know um my best today was 41 just there. So that’s moving. You know 66 k’s, an hour considering you know. I know some of the other guys in that uh challenge on these sg models. They’Ve spent money on theirs. You know putting 120 amp esc more powerful motors. I mean this has only got a little 2440 in there. I think it’s a 4000 kv, but uh yeah pretty happy with it.

Anyway i mean to get over 40 mile an hour like those other guys, it’s pretty cool. You know it’s pretty fast, so uh, i think i’ll be able to get a bit more out of it. I’Ll bring it out again, i’ll, try to maybe use a different transmitter or put this on a lipo or something get a bit more range out of it. Maybe do a antenna mod to it or something i’ve got a 20 250 with a 60c discharge blur burst that i could put in this. So i might try it out on this and see if i can get up to 70 odd days an hour. Who knows, i might do it, i think it probably can so anyway, guys thanks very much for watching. I sure do appreciate it and all the support that these guys have given me over the years and uh yeah. If you’re new to the channel guys be sure to hit that subscribe button and like the video and hit the notification bell as well to be informed of my next uploads on the channel so anyway, guys i’m heading off home it’s been fun running this uh little Car again, the sg 1604 gorilla and uh yeah i’ll bring it out again soon with a lot bigger, lipo for sure i’ll. Try to sort these ranger shoes out, alright guys enjoy the hobby as always have fun. I’Ll catch you on the next one bye for now.