We got this awesome remote control, car from s guy, which i also want to give a big thanks to them for sending us this um and let’s get opening it. So we already put the batteries in it um and then the remote comes with i mean you have to put in two double a batteries which are not included, and this is the batteries and it comes with the it comes with the charger. Like i said, we already have one in there, so you get two um, so here’s a closer look as you can see. I don’t know if you guys can see it, but like there’s little chairs with a little wheel and all that stuff, um yeah, now we’re gon na test it out in the grass in some different environments like piles of rocks let’s get going got ta turn both Of them on so the on button’s right right here and then on button right here, i’m gon na try it in these weeds right here, we’re gon na try it on some off road situations; Applause, so it works pretty good on like a gravel like this i’m Gon na try to do some donuts Applause, Applause, Applause, Applause, Applause, we’re gon na see, if i go up the rock pile Applause Music. So, as you guys can see from that test, the tires will just look to get up the rock pile, but i got it up right there, so i’m gon na see, if i can uh get it down.

Okay, Applause, we’ve, already traded on grass rock and now we’re gon na try it on concrete Music. So you know it’s not an off road car, but we went ahead and tried it anyways and, as you could tell on the rock like the gravel and the pavement, it worked well and then climbing and in the grass it didn’t really um work as well in It i call it a race car race, truck um, not for like off road, so it’s good though we’ve been using like messing with it for a while playing with it for a while, and the battery is still good, so that’s a pro about it, and you Can play it for long periods of time as long as the second battery’s charged, you could just change it and um keep playing with it um. So if i were to give it a rating out of like one through ten, i would give it a six out of ten only because um, maybe if it could go on like different surfaces which that’s not a downfall, about it, because that’s not what it’s meant For so it’s it’s still good, it works really good it’s, a really good product, but only maybe like if it could go on different surfaces but, like i said, it’s not meant for that, so it’s still good yeah and the rating that’s. Just my honest opinion about it and um also like for the price like it’s, a good price for it.

If you guys would like to get one we’ll put the link in the description below hit that notification bell, give a thumbs up and hit that subscribe.