This is called s guile or s jiao s g. I l e and oh there’s, a nice little writing under it. It says rtrcc as retro car, but here is the car itself. You’Ll, probably see some better looks with b roll. Hopefully i could do a good job with that this car has nice rubbered wheels oops i got some. I got some dirt on it already from outside. On the top, for some reason, there is a wheel that you could just turn there’s, nothing in the instructions about it. I guess it’s, just a cool little accessory piece right here and i like it, and you know what else i like rechargeable batteries. This thing actually comes with two by the way, the price for this car is 40 dollars, which is pretty phenomenal and you get two battery packs for it. That is tight, so here’s an up close look at this battery pack. As you see, it looks like pretty much five double a’s, just strapped onto some type of you know wiring, and it actually is that i want to try that myself, but yeah. Not only do we have one, but we got two and the other ones inside here which i’ll show you not yet they say these batteries can last up to 50 minutes for use, and i did test that out and i did get a good amount of time Felt like a little bit more than 50 in my opinion, but let’s just stick to 50 because it works.

So if you do plan on taking this out for like half a day, i don’t know about that. You might have to buy a couple more batteries and keep them on reserve or charge one while you’re using the other and swap between the two there’s, a good indication of when the car will. You know, die out in terms of the battery it’s pretty much. The car will go slower, the the wheels won’t turn as strong, and you know, you’ll be left like what the hell is. This thing broken already, but don’t fear it’s, actually just battery depleting so let’s actually put this thing on here’s the controller. By the way. Let me show you how it sounds: these are digital buttons. I remember back in the 90s, when i had my first rc car, which is why i never bought another one. Until now is because my cousin drove it off a table, it fell flipped and broken. I was saddened and that scarred my memories and thoughts about rc cars. Until right now i was able to buy it i’m, an adult i could do adult stuff, but back then i remember these wheels used to be spring loaded and a straight up. Analog yeah let’s flick this thing on so it’s blinking. That means i’m looking for my partner. So as soon as i flick this thing on, oh it knows and then getting dirt all over my stuff here’s the dirt i’m talking about.

Ah, i hurt my wrist. It also has the turning. Obviously we have a left and right tuner. I guess like like that see. I just turned all the way to the right side and the car actually just adjusts itself to the right and then the same thing to the left. Although it’s kind of hard to see right now, there it here went to is left so you’re easily able to tune the car. If you need to for its axle axis and keep in mind in amazon, they say in the description it’s made for beginners, which honestly i feel so accomplished, using because i i understand let’s go ahead and take a look at the compartment for the battery. Now. Did i mention to you guys they give you a screwdriver, alongside of it that’s pretty nice of them, so let’s flip this boy upside down or girl, whatever you want, and just straight up, unscrew it, which is a pretty easy to unscrew and do operation and i’m Saying that while i am stressing out – oh my god, i just got ta unzip and here there’s, lift and there’s our buddy. So here is the little storage space for the battery, as you see just drop it in and just put it down like so and you should be good to go, you got ta. Everyone knows this with the rc’s. You just got ta pull out the molex cable here and just take the new battery and just swap it in and while we’re on the topic of the battery let’s talk about the actual port.

How do we charge this thing? Well, they included it for us as well. So all you got to do is take this go ahead and just look at the pins line them up. So you see it right there like that the holes in the pins put them on it’s kind of hard to do sideways. For me, for some reason, i’m just a challenged person and you push them in you heard that click cool. Now i just got to plug this into a charger. What, if i don’t, have a computer or a phone or a charger piece, so that’s. The one thing that sucks about it is that this it doesn’t have a port for a charger that doesn’t have a charging. Brick, although you could just plug it into your computer, if you do have one, if you have a cell phone, you can have the adapter piece for it. So here’s one right here: you could just take it plug it in like this and just plug it into a wall, and here is a port that we could just plug the device in and okay, you can see a little red light. The controller itself is also you just take a screw turn the screw loosen it get a real nice stand like that click and lift and oops. I dropped that, but there’s the batteries, two double a’s, not included, not a problem. By the way you could leave the screw out if you want, but it’s just an added protection but that’s a pretty strong.

You know piece if i do say so myself and just like that we are back in action. Let’S actually take this thing outside, give you a few shots of how it activates or works, and that little drift function. I think i did something of the drift. Maybe we don’t see all right. So here is the speed test of the car by the way. Look at the concrete i know it’s, so dirty it’s been hurricane season, so yeah, maybe i’ll get a water pressure in the next video. I don’t know you. Let me know there is a drift. You can see right there and oh i’m, dropping a couple of materials here at different heights and fields just to show you that the car could go over them and does a really great job at it too. I’M surprised and there’s a rock got over it. Oh and uh i’m trying to go over that rock, so bad oh saw that drift i’m trying to get back on that rock okay. There you go that’s what i want to show you that it doesn’t work when you’re like up close and slowly but knock it over, be good and here’s a little bit more bonkin action. Just to give you a simulation of drunk driving, do not drink and drive. Kids, oh and oh, oh yeah, here’s, the grass everyone’s favorite. You can see that i am actually trying to struggle my way out of this grass.

Could i get out of it? You’Ll see, we’ll all see. That is probably where the dirt came in the tires. But yes, we got out the grass, so it could fight its way out of grass. You just got ta make sure you’re in the right grass. Otherwise this might happen. Look look at the car struggle, but here you go. You can see. I am trying my hardest and i’m just showing y’all up close, that it is uh rest in peace. There you have it the s, guile or sagiles. I really don’t know how to pronounce it still rc car for forty dollars. I really like it and i feel, like my money, was definitely worth it or it was. It was worth buying in terms of its quality and styling, feel and yeah. If you have kids, if you have pets or if you have yourself, go ahead and get one of these, you know if you are watching this. Video from my youtube channel go ahead and click the link in the description below, and i will send you over to this video or this product right away and i’d love to hear your output and thought about this car or if you would be interested in buying One of these, let me know in the comment section below but with that said, thank you for watching and meet me back here with another video. If you’re watching this on amazon, then you might see me around that’s.