I think i pronounce it right. Hopefully uh this is a six year or older ages. You know and uh it is a remote, controlled car and uh we’ll see how how the car is. You know it’s a race car it’s supposed to be pretty fast, so we’re going to unbox this and then do some trial runs and then we’ll see how it works out. Okay, so let me go ahead and unbox this. I guess i can do it from one side and the rest of the box is empty, and this has everything. So first thing i see is a nice booklet. It shows you so rc car and uh different languages. You know, but the starting page is in english, which is good, so it kind of shows you the things that come in the package. It kind of shows you the remote control and the car itself, where the battery goes and stuff a lot of different information. Okay, so we can go ahead and now this, so it is out of the way – and there are different ones that are holding this car in place. We’Re going to go ahead and cut it too to make sure you don’t put something to damage it. You know it’s just the tires that we’re cutting to get this out of the package there’s one last one here and here is the car, so these were the tire ups that we were cutting the car out now.

This is where the rest of the stuff is on the back side, so make sure you remove it for you. This is where your batteries are. This is where your charger is. The rest is okay, now let’s take a look at the car itself, man. This is very nicely made very impressed with the quality that they’re using as the shocks both front and back that’s. What makes it rigid when you’re running this on the train 2.4 gigahertz with this qc password. This is where your battery battery goes. You know you have a screwdriver that we’re gon na remove and put our battery one thing i like it, has a on off switch. You know, so there are other cars in the market which are similar and they don’t have this on off switch. In fact, my son has uh another one which does not have the switch and every time you have to remove it and um. This makes it a lot easier to do or play the bad reason. So i’m gon na go ahead and see your batteries comes with that it’s kind of stuck so i’m gon na go ahead and open it from both ends. It’S definitely nicely packed just push it from one side, man. This is a very nice battery pack, very nice battery pack, five batteries, wow and uh. This is great it’s, a six volt battery system and one thing i do recommend you guys is make sure your batteries stay charged at all times.

Don’T just leave your batteries. If you’re not playing with it, make sure once in a while plug it in and fully charge them, because if you don’t charge them guess what they’re gon na go bad, so keeping a battery healthy, it’s important that you charge it. The charging system is just nothing but a usb or you can plug this into any phone charger, and i use it, like you know, mainly with my um ipad charger, so the adapter that comes with the ipad. You know that’s perfect for this one it’s a 5 volt, 2 amp charger. So if you don’t have a 2m charger, you can use a smaller one. You can use anywhere from point five m to two m, so the ipad charger works perfectly fine. If you use a phone charger, it might get a little warm you know and take forever to charge, so i prefer using a bigger charger and uh this. Basically, this opens up the battery plugs in just like this, and you just clip it in place and uh. You just have to make sure your polarity is clarity, so the red is basically red and white. You know that’s the polarity, so the red on the battery is connected on the red white side. The other one is negative and the black is negative, so um there’s no other way you can you can’t really go wrong with it because uh, you know, if you really look at it, it’s uh only one way you can stick it in so so you see This you know there’s a latch right here, so we’re gon na take this one and uh plug this in and for you, we’re gon na go ahead and open this now you have exact similar connector, just like on the battery charger.

So all you have to do is just plug this in you just have to make sure the connection point is right. There’S, only one way you can put this in and once this is in we’re gon na go ahead and put this back in cover. Okay. This is in so, and here is how you turn it on and off. I may have to charge the battery so we’ll see that later on and i’m going to go ahead and put the battery in this one too. So, okay, so i got the two batteries. Go ahead and put this in this one is easy to put on. Let me just turn it on there you go, and this is pretty fast. It seems like it’s, a rear, wheel, drive and uh we’ll. Do some test runs with this. My six year old is right here and he’s eager to try this out. Are you ready for it? Yeah we’re gon na do some testing here you go Music, oh you’re, ready to race, yeah um, all right! So now we’re going to test it now we’re going to test this all right. Let’S go one. Two three go: oh Music, ready, okay, one, two: three: what happened? Are you driving, okay and come back? Come back, make a turn come back.