So I could have fun with the kids really and we don’t have any Walmart’s close by. So I really appreciate McFarlane Toys sending this out and I’m happy to show off clips of my kids playing with this thing, because it is a very cool toy. Anyway, you can see it says: mom zoo shark shark, right over there, a 2.4 gigahertz RC RC motion right there, and then you can see the shark shark on the side and then on the back. That says: real lifelike movement, real life like moving over here as well, sharks, swims just below the water’s surface, exposing the dorsal and tail fins master, the controls and shark shark comes alive by replicating the smooth, subtle movement of a real shark. This is very true and you do have to get your own batteries for it, and you can see it’s a short trick on this side and then you can see shark shark on the top, not much more at the bottom, so already open. But here is the shark shark and this thing looks great. I love the sculpt of this toy looks very good. Then you have the RC remote right over here and then you have your instruction booklet. You need five triple a batteries, not included with the toy. So you need to insert two batteries right here into the shark there’s this plate right here that you need, you know to unscrew and has four screws right over here, a little annoying, but at the same time you definitely don’t want to get water into the whole Battery compartment, so it just totally makes sense that you’d have to unscrew all those and then you need three Triple A batteries right here for the remote.

It looks weird when you’re reading the directions, because it says to turn right use the left joystick to turn left, use the right and you read that and then both to go forward and then both to go back. So when you read the opposite end like that on the instruction sheet, it sounds really bizarre, but when you’re actually playing with it, it works out great because you have the shark kind of swimming in a very natural motion. As you could see right over here, it looks very natural to me anyway. You also have an auto mode where you can just hit the auto button and it will just swim on its own and it will feel out the edge of the pool. So that’s really neat: you have your onoff switch right over here, so you want to turn this on. Then you want to turn on the shark shark and you can see that you have this soft rubbery button right over here. You just shift that towards the on position. This will blink while it’s trying to locate the shark shark, so you need to give it a moment and once it syncs up and the shark shark is actually in water, which is very interesting like it. Won’T really want to move or do anything until you put it in water that’s my experience anyway and then it’ll go so yeah it’s a lot of fun and looking at it closely again. You know that it’s a kid’s toy but as Todd said in my interview with him not too long ago, he did make it look cool, especially with you know the whole.

The shape of the shark itself is very realistic, especially for a kid’s toy. I mean this part right here is all funny: it’s not meant to look threatening in any way, but you could see the propellers right over there and right over there and you can see how natural moving it looks and everything or not how you could obviously see How natural it moves is actually a little freaky. Looking it’s kind of it is very realistic, feeling very durable plastic too. These pieces come off you just snap them back on. That’S happened a couple of times that we could see. You know if I’m trying to pull it off, it’ll come off, but you just snap it right back into place and it works just fine. So anyway, let’s get to it and watch some more footage of the kids playing with the shark shark, Music, Music Applause, Music. Okay short shark now attack them, then put them back in the water. Is that saving you I don’t know Music. You cut the shirt shirt, put him back in the water before we close out. Let’S go ahead and measure shark shark over here you could see this version right here is about 13 inches across and then here it is next to the Marvel Legends, big time. Badass spider man – I guess Spidey – can ride the shark shark. I didn’t really think about that, but that’s kind of neat. I think they’re actually kind of to scale.

I don’t know. What do you think I mean if spider man is 6 feet, tall or let’s say he’s like 510? Something like that. So you got 5 feet so there’s, like a 10 foot, long shark, yeah that’s, very realistic, yeah 10 footer is yeah. I’Ve had heard people tell me stories of 15 footers that they saw in person so very realistic size for your 6 inch scale figures if you wanted to use it for that purpose, but anyway that’s my review of this thing and it’s, not so much of a Review is just showing off having fun with a cool toy, and I really like it a lot. If you have an opportunity to pick this up, I highly recommend it only cost about 30 bucks and it’s a really good RC toy. So I like it a lot want to know what you guys think. Let me know in the comment section below and hit that like button subscribe button as well as the notification bell, thanks again for watching you guys, I’ll have another review up later today. So stay tuned for that and I’ll catch you guys later peace, hey ensure the spring videos, you should click one Music we shot but sharply it’s a simple shot.