99, the sharper image Mountain Thrasher. I do have a GoPro on the front of it. I would like to test speed. I think it’s rated for like 13 or 14 mile per hour, so we’ll see how that goes. It is all non proportional, though, like you’re, all the way staring there’s no in between it’s just all or nothing try to hold that there. That way, you can see same thing with the throttle, it’s all or nothing, but I got plans. I got plans to turn one of these super toys into a hobby grade style, RC switch and receiver and everything so you don’t have to stay tuned to the channel for that I’m still waiting on my Amazon order, otherwise we’d be getting into that now. But without any further ado, let’s drum this thing should be big enough that I shouldn’t have to really sit the camera down, although I probably will, once or twice and hopefully we’re locked on the satellites here, we’re going to go ahead and start recording. If I can hit the button, we are recording so we’re just gon na go up. I don’t see that, as the advertised speed think it’s a little bit shy, it is rocking a fairly large battery it’s, a 9 point, something bolt when it’s charged out comes to 11 volts. We can try to take it down this road if there ain’t no traffic, because this roads be smooth this road right, no traffic.

So and here comes traffic you can spin out. So it has a little bit of power, but it doesn’t it really. Just doesn’t seem like it has the power they’re saying it has so what we’re gon na do we are going to stop the GoPro, then we’ll start it again. We’Ll do a couple more runs up and down just to make sure that the GoPro had gathered satellites. Alright, so we should be stopped and we’ll just go up here again. We could turn around like that. It’S I don’t know, I think, a reverse. It probably definitely be faster. I don’t know if I could drive it or reverse, though oh it’s clearly faster in Reverse it’s way faster in Reverse. Maybe we should uh, I don’t know I don’t know somehow figure out how to steer it going backwards. So let’s go ahead and maybe that’s exactly what I’ll do I don’t know if I can let’s see. If I go like this that’d be backwards, then steering is just going to be looks like steering is going to be odd. Steering’S gon na be really odd. I’M. Gon na try to do it backwards, I mean as long as nothing’s coming that shouldn’t be an issue that way we can get the exact mile per hour. This is doing again. I don’t see it as advertised should be recording. I think it is recording. You know what we’ll just go ahead and nope does not steer well in Reverse Music, so we’ll go ahead and stop to go.

For all I mean we should have a pretty good gauge on how fast it’s going or how fast it’s not going, and then we’re just gon na take the GoPro off of it. Take the strap and everything off that a brush guard on this is fairly protruding. Okay, that’s, the only thing I could think good to do is put a camera. There, maybe a little a IO. But again I have plans for this one or the other one. I bought two of them. The other one has a gun trigger, but again it’s. Just all or nothing with the steering here, we’re going to put the go from my pocket and then we’ll see. If we can climb up some of this stuff there nope wrong getting up that. Then you see if we go over some of these rocks. You have to excuse the sound, oh it’s trying I don’t think so it oh it’s, trying now we’re high center we’ll go ahead and get away from this on. There should have had to go crawl on it. For that one. I know there’s car coming behind me right thing. Look at this kid playing in the road. Little does. He know full grown adult it’s able to go over to scratch, but it’s really not powering over the grass and again we get high centered pretty quickly Laughter. So I don’t know it’s. It is what it is. I mean it’s, not amazing, it’s. Definitely I mean we can’t even go up that incline or it’s try and it might be able to know we can’t even go up that incline.

But again I got plans for this or the other one. I think the other one might be a little bit better. These tires just might be a little bit ridiculous for this, because, if you guys can remember the Walmart Dom’s charger, that thing moved a lot quicker than this Applause, damn so we’re able to twist out. I think it might be a combination of the tires too. I don’t know because again the voltage this is running, I thought for sure it would definitely hit advertised mile per hour, but I don’t think that’s gon na happen. I mean it’s going over these ruts pretty good, trying to back out it won’t it won’t back out. That’S that brush guard, if that brush guard wasn’t there, it would have zero issues, but that brush guard is just getting hung up. You know, we’ll come over it again. Crush guard is just getting in the way, not thrilled with it, but uh. I have definitely had worse. I did I had higher expectations for it, though I had much higher expectations. For this I mean this is about the coolest thing. It can do right now BAM. We can turn around fairly quickly, but I got ideas guys so stay with the channel. If you guys haven’t, subscribed, subscribe questions comment below Sam truck guys. I got a 3s on it, it’s not a fully charged wrist. Actually, all cells are around 7.4, so it’s kind of at that mid stage.

We could drain it till about 700 – maybe 3 6 9 about 3 volts per cell to be safe, but let’s see what happens. We might kill this Ally, we might kill. We do have the GoPro back on it, which I’m going to turn on to see. If maybe this doesn’t kill it. Maybe this is what it should be running again. This is not a fully charged lipo. This is actually like bare bones. I haven’t tried this at all: yeah I’ve just plugged it in. Hopefully my connections are good let’s, go ahead and turn it on it’s on let’s turn this on. Okay, so – and I could see underneath it – I guess the receiver is responding and is not burning out immediately. We got a lot more speed and this is just again. This is off a three, so that’s barely charged, my goodness Music, so all out top speed might not have gained too much, maybe a little bit but we’ll test that we have. We have the GoPro on it again. This battery’s not fully charged I’d venture to think that a fully charged one might be alright. I don’t know I’m just messing around here, so we should be recording. We are recording and we’re just going to go this way like if there was no traffic. So I could just whizz down this road like that no traffic Music seems like it’s doing alright again, this is like storage level, 3s lipo we’re gon na go ahead and stop that.

So we really don’t have an adjustment for the front just one way or over, because it seems to be varying one way. I mean this stuff’s really loose that’s. Probably why but let’s go ahead and start just one more time, just to make sure we get a speed run on this, because I can’t see my bottom and see if I’ve locked on to satellites with this come on hit that button there we go. No recordable recording again this. This road is going to be the best for the speed run, just because it’s extremely smooth, but it seems to want a beer with the road it’s slanted too right rain, just about done there, so maybe get 50 meters. Maybe 60 meters of rain Applause – I mean at this juncture I hope we’re hitting the advertised speeds of life on it. Applause now it looks definitely clean a considerable amount of acceleration, but I don’t know if we’ve gained an overall Steve. I mean that acceleration might help off road like I’m telling you where, before it really had a hard time, Applause there’s, no problem going through the grass now before it really really slowed. It up.