This vehicle is for ages, 6 and older and they say it comes in two frequencies, so you and a friend can go head to head for some competitive action. I find that’s easier said than done to find that second frequency, especially if you’re in the same store but the selling point with sharper image. Is they don’t burden you with a lot of instructions? Nope everything you need to know right here on the bottom of the box and what you’re gon na need is 9 volt battery for the remote for double a batteries for your truck and a small phillips that’s crosshead screwdriver to get that battery lid off now. Let’S. Take it outside and see it in action, the truck says it’s all terrain, but it’s been sleeping here all day and it couldn’t get any traction on the odds. So we thought we’d give it a little help with our friend duct tape. Music. Now it’s tried in the snow Music Applause Applause now it’s time for the review and it does have impressive distance. We tested it on three different runs and we got three different numbers. We started at 186 went 200 and then it went it up impressive 218 feet. That was awesome, so performance I’m going to give it an 8 ease of use I’m going to give it a 9 and fun factor. Well, it’s, just a middle of the road vehicle.