You all and me are gon na, be finding out what is in this, and i am so excited. So let’s go so now: let’s open it up, let’s open it up before we open it up i’m guessing that’s, an rc car, because this is rc for all, and you have to have rc cars on our sea for all or any kind of rc2 danger. Okay, oh that hurt! Oh, oh, are you serious? Are you serious guys? Okay, are you ready paper, jk, that’s cool that is so cool? Are you guys ready? This is elena it’s, a barbie rc car that is so cool so i’m. Guessing that you put like a barbie in here and then you have a remote controller and then you like drive the barbie around that is so cool. So this is awesome. I am so excited to play with this. It has lights now, we’re gon na put batteries in and then drive it around. So we got out of the box and here’s what it looks like this took two aaa’s batter batteries, and this took five double a’s. I think it has a lot of detail. It has mirrors, it has steering wheel, it actually doesn’t turn but yeah. I think it’s really cool and i can’t wait to drive it. Remote controller has forward backwards and then turn but that’s really cool and then yeah on and off, and then you can turn the car on and off as well.

So now we’re gon na put this barbie in she wants to go for a little ride, so it holds one or two barbies. So whatever you want so now, let’s see for a test drive. Oh so, when you back up the brake lights come on yeah and when you go forward, the headlights come on Music, so foreign Music Applause Music. So this is actually really really really fun. My barbies loved it. I definitely loved it a lot. My dogs hated it. I will definitely drive this a lot. I will definitely drive it in the summer right now: it’s winter and we’re under a winter storm warning, so that’s really bad, but i will definitely drive this when it warms up and make sure you subscribe hit that thumbs up and turn on. Your notifications bell.