A big fan of it very simple and quite amazed how long ago it was designed, and even now it’s still quite relevant it’s a pretty decent chassis anyway, i’ll waffle on right. What we got to do, first of all, we’ve got to cut out the body. Luckily the arches have been done for us, so that makes my life a little bit easier. Once we’ve cut it out, we’ve got to sand the edges, smooth it all out. Then we’ve got to give it a good wash get rid of any fixing agent that’s hidden in it, as well as when i sand it. All the little bits of dust have got to go. Then we’ve got to cut the window, masks out, get those in once. That’S done i’ve. I think i’ve only got to mask off this rear section in so that’s, going to be black but i’m going to do what i did before i’m just going to mask it out, paint it white paint, it silver underneath then i’m, going to spray. That in black, mainly because it just saves me using so much material, i can just block that bit out instead of doing the whole car just to spray that bit it’s just easier for me and i use less materials. After that we are going to spray. It white nice and easy put three coats on probably four coats, then we’re gon na back it with two coats of silver. Then i will pull off this section and then we’ll paint that bit black once that’s done.

We can take the window masks out. I will probably tint the windows just a little bit or tur. Alternatively, i may see if i can source a uh driver cockpit for it, because the windows are quite large, so you need to do one or the other. I’Ll have a look in a little while see if they’re any available online. If i can find one easy enough, i’ll just pick that up and then we’ll do an internal body kit for it uh after that, we’ve got to cut the decals out and then get it out and blast it around there’s, a few other little bits and pieces. Like wing mirrors and uh rear spoiler to do but there’s not that much of it, so it shouldn’t take too long to do that. Not an overly complicated build this one. I think some of the decals are a bit of a faff anyway. Let’S, stop waffling and just get on and get it done. Music, uh, Music, me: Music, oh Music, Applause, Music, okay, so we did something very different and i have no idea if this is gon na work. But we’re gon na find out live well. I’M, just gon na do it and you’re gon na see what how it comes out. I have no idea so what have i done? Well, normally you mask off the black bit from the inside. Then you spray the black bit and then you do the white bit.

But this wrist boiler is super complicated and it’s got lots of curves and stuff and being that it’s black to white it’s, very difficult to get it perfect. So i’ve tried something that i’ve never done before. I’Ve actually cut off the protective film around the bumper and i’ve sprayed it from the outside. Get me then i’ve painted all the inside, and now i need to remove the rest of the protective film to find out how sharp these lines are. I’Ve, never done it. I have no idea if it’s going to work if it doesn’t work i’m, not too sure what i’m going to do. Shall we find out okay, i’m, going to start from the front because it’s normal this rear spoiler is not the easiest one to do for sure. It’S not like a straight across it’s got curves in it and everything. So here we go let’s find out. Did it work? Hey yeah, it looked like it worked. I’Ve got a few little bits there to sort out with the stanley blade Music. Music me Music. Me Applause, Music, um, Music, Music, Music, oh and after many hours i finally finished people who collect just these kind of cards. I take my hat off to you. There is good five hours into this yeah, the there isn’t any major gotchas things. You’Ve got to watch out for obviously, if you’re putting the decals on the roof and the bonnet truing them up, you’ve got to be bang on otherwise it’s really easy to see if they’re skew with start at the front work your way up.

So you put your mobile one on first and then the opal i actually cut them separate. You can do them all as one as the one with the logo, logo and the opal, but i actually kept it separate same up the top here start from here and then work your way up and make sure you get them really spang on. If you don’t, they stand out quite a lot. Another gotcha one thing: you’ll be careful of this big yellow sticker, the first main part and the door you’ve got to have it nice and tight across the top. The black window surround that goes around is only so thin that that’s all your margin, if you put it too low, you’re, going to have a white line so that’s something to definitely keep an eye on, and then the black stripe that you see here just make Sure you line that up to get the wheel arch apart from that no major issues with the decals at all so i’m, pretty happy with that. The front can be a little bit finickity just take your time with the cows it’s patience and attention to detail. Don’T. Just slap them on make sure you line them all up. You can take off most decals once if you really mess it up, but it’s practice there’s a lot of practice in there as well. The more you do it, the better you get at it and obviously there’s different techniques.

I paint i put the decals on totally dry on this kit. I didn’t use the water technique on this one right. What else i managed to put a black stripe all the way around the bottom that’s not standard it kind of had the black uh aero um spoiler at the back, so i’ve run black around the whole sides. I, like that it’s quite a nice little thing you can get black thin tape to do that if you want to, but all in all i’m reasonably happy with it overall, i think it’s a really good kit. I think it’s good value for money with the ta02 and the detailed body that you get it’s pretty decent. Obviously, you’ve got to get bearings as well: i’m, pretty sure we’re going to see more tao2, uh kits coming out with different bodies. Um, going by they’ve gone to all the trouble of bringing out the tao2 again, i wonder what we’ll see um alfa romeo – maybe i don’t know we’ll just have to wait and see right, what’s left, okay! Well, we’ve got to take it for a bit of a spin, so let’s go and not break it. Applause, Applause, Music, uh, Applause, Music. So there you go just a quick run. I will be putting this up against another dtm car that will be coming on. The show soon, which is another, sponsored build. What did i think? Well, i think, it’s a great kit. I really liked it.

I wasn’t as keen at the beginning when i placed the order, but it’s grown on me, and it is definitely a looker. The chassis is brilliant, really like that. So all in all, i can give this a double thumbs up and highly recommend it it’s a beautiful looking car once you build it, it’s not super difficult to build either. So you you put a bit of effort in and you get well rewarded now the silver can motor in it is way too slow for this chassis and it just left it to be a bit lackluster. So if you’re thinking about getting one of these definitely upgrade the motor for sure um, so there you go. I hope you enjoyed that a massive thanks to uh richard lauria for sponsoring this video. It will go on the shelf, but if it’s gon na go on the shelf, i have to let something else go so i’m going to be selling off my escort. If you’re interested in an escort drop me a line, it will be on the standard, chassis it’s. Pretty much brand new, i think, it’s been out about two or three times so drop me a message if you’d be interested in one of those, you can get me on facebook or at gavin evans at rc kicks.