Like i guess, like a review of this little tool, i got from ccxrc its an rc car tool. Well check it out in a minute and were also going to shim the rear differential of the creighton. It is clicking and were going to see if shimming it will stop the clicking that is happening in the rear of it here. Just so you know what its doing you can hear it there. It goes you can kind of hear it im, not sure how well it comes across on camera, but its its pretty obvious in person. So before we open this thing up, i just want to tell you: this is not a sponsored. Video tony doesnt know that im making this video a surprise tony. He doesnt know that i am doing like a little review of this little tour or anything like that. I didnt get a discount, he didnt give it to me for free or anything like that. I paid for it with my own money and just so you know full disclosure. I am friendly with tony i wouldnt say were friends i mean he. He never calls me. He only mails me if i pay him, he um. He never like, invites me to come out and crawl with him or run rcs with him. He doesnt invite me on his podcast. He didnt send me a birthday card. I mean he has my address, so i dont know whats up with that.

Whats that talking about so lets, see what is inside its got a little carrying case right here, thats nice, its got a little zipper on it and the ccxrc branding and theres all the bits and stuff. How do we open this? You pull it off? Oh, yes, you do. Yes, oh look at that. Oh, that is cool, so the ones that come in the handle are the same ones that are inside of this big set right here so 1.5, the 2.0 2.5 and 3 millimeter hexes, and you can see it comes with a phillips head right here. It comes with a four millimeter and a 5.5 nut drivers right there, and it has a 1.27, which is a very. This is a difficult set to find like most hex wrench sets. Dont come with this size right here, so thats, very cool that hes, including it in this set. So this just slides right in like that and theres a magnet in there thats holding it in there. So its not going to come just flying out or anything like that, this feel like its made out of aluminum. It is very lightweight its actually too light for me im, not a fan of lightweight tools. I, like my tools to have some help to them, so were going to put that back in there, and i think that feels pretty good that feels about right now. What ive done is ive put the accessory tools, not this one, this one doesnt fit, but i put these three on there, so i can put those in there and i can have some weight on this handle and im going to lay these out and do like This because im not going to take this thing off the back every time i want to swap one of these out thats going to be kind of a pain, so im just going to stay here and just lay them on my workbench and use them like that.

So what were doing is taking the diff out thats inside of there, and so were going to start off with the. What do you call it? These sway bars right here, taking these screws out right like this? Okay, i like this. I like this, i can hold my thumb on the back right here and i can spin it like this and it would just rotate in there. I dont know if thats going to mess anything up with the tool, but i really like that. I wonder if he did that on purpose yeah, this back piece right here spins, so i can just hold my thumb back there and i can rotate it with the other hand, that is, i i actually like that. Now that we got that sway bar unscrewed, we can start on the rear side of it go and do these two screws that hold the wing down that rear rotates. In my hand, when i do this also, i that is a really cool feature i like that, get those screws out. You can just lift this up like that and give you access to those screws right there once you get those four screws out. This piece comes right off like that and theres the differential, and you can see it already has a shim in there on both sides and lets pull that bad boy out. Oh there we go yeah the gear that gear inside. There was up against this right here, not very well, and it was clicking because they were rubbing together.

You see theres one shim in there and were gon na put another shim just on this side, so that it pushes the differential into that gear right there. I was wrong, it only has one shim and the one shim is over here. My notorious has a shim on both sides were going to take a shield. This came with the armor crate, its actually in the bag, and you just slide it over like that. Oh hopefully, uh looks like the drive. Cups might need to be shaved down just a little bit like they got like a little bit of wear right there. So if i cant get them this right here down over that drive cup, uh gon na have to file that down now that we have those burrs filed down. This should slip right over yep. So we got two shims on this side lets see if we can get this thing in there and see if it stops that clicking noise im actually going to put that in after i should do this one too, i guess i dont know if you could tell What i did i slipped, those shims just on the other side, this little lip so when it pushed in it, took the shims with it im gon na try to push those in carefully there. There thats not so hard at all yeah. Did you see theres a little loop right here just make sure those shims are on the side of that lip to get the drop shafts back in were just going to undo this screw right here i took the wheels off, so i was trying to be slick Like i was in my notorious because ive swapped out the notorious while taking the wheels off of it, the differential i mean – and i was trying to do the same thing and i i failed so just pull that.

Oh, no, i guess im not done yet see that spinning cap coming in use. The smaller end goes on that side. The larger end comes down there because in case you didnt know, one side is small. One side is big. The big side goes toward the wheel. Now, just put it back together, everythings about together lets, go give it a test, run all right moment of truth. Did it click i may have fixed it. It sounds like uh that fixed it so whew. So all right. I think that that fixed the clicking sound, so i almost hit a tree. I think i did almost all right all right, guys, thats how you shim the rear differential in armor creighton or at least thats how i shim the rear, differential and armor creighton. Im gon na drive it around some more and hopefully that that fixes it. If it doesnt im, just gon na put some more shims in there until it stops the clicking sound. That clicking is that that that pinion gear that ring gear getting a little bit of space between it and theyre just kind of rubbing up against each other. Each other so that shim pushes that differential over and it prevents it from opening up a gap and clicking right and as far as that, little hex from oh wow. I have never seen one of those out in the wild look. Do you see it? Do you between those trees? Do you see it? Oh im, gon na try to try to be quiet.

Lets see, try not to scare it off ill, be real quiet. You should be very quiet there. It is oh thats, so cool thats, so cool ive never seen one out in the wild. I didnt know we had anything around here. This is so cool im trying to catch it. Oh this is so much poison. Look at this! Oh no im gon na be ate up with poison. I should have got pants on and boots. I hope theres, no snakes. Oh, that scared me! Oh no, its just a branch im, okay, get a little of a little bit of camouflage. There hope they can see. Me there it is there, it is look at it, it is so pretty it is so pretty im trying to catch it its moving. I think it sees me come on come on up there, there im, im friendly im friendly, look at me. Im nice come on there, you go, oh look at it. Oh oh, this is, you are so pretty look at. You come on, youll, be okay, so i took the balloon into the house to my wife. I guess shes playing with it or something i dont know, but uh thats, how i sham the differentials in an arma crate now pretty much any armor. They are all basically the same now as far as that tool goes from ccxrc uh. It comes with like this little bag, and i carried it around my pocket a little bit, and this keeps the tool from like, like jabbing into your leg or anything like that, its very convenient, so this little tool this little hex driver.

I really like it. I, like it a lot, it wont be a tool that i use on my workbench. However, i do go out quite often, and i need to like take tools with me and normally i take the tools that are on my bench right. I dont have anything like this, and this is going to replace a lot of tools that are in my toolbox. If you want one of these or you need. One of these, like you, dont want to spend all that money on. One of those hex driver sets like if i didnt have the hex driver set. This is what i would use on my workbench like definitely it is uh its 25 bucks thats. Why i paid for it. I i cant remember what shipping was. I i dont even know but uh, i think its worth it its a really good tool, its very nice. It didnt round out the the bits didnt round out any of the screws. It did exactly what was supposed to do its got lots of sizes, lots of attachments to it. I am very impressed with this little toy is a very quality piece of equipment. Yeah, so uh get you one of these whenever theyre in stock. I know tony hes making these. I dont know how he makes these things, but hes pretty much shipping them all out just himself all you know you know by hand so uh, you know they they sell out.

They go out of stock. If youre lucky enough to get one then then you should be happy, because it is a really nice tool, im very impressed with im very happy with it but thats all i got for you today guys. Thank you so much for watching subscribe.