Do some racing so were gon na do is just a simple oval track beauty of these things. You just need two pylons and youre good to go. We have about seven eight cars, Music gon na have a rally max tecno, all three evenly vehicles and the max is a 4s and were all ready to rumble the short force. Trucks are protected by their body and their huge bumpers and the mac is just protected by its position. Look for this out when youre tumbling! You need to get on the gas just so you could Music very unpredictable, get in under someone and do a little bump and run and right here, heavy braking in the bumps. If you break too much, you will flip se10 is over modified with a big motor. So you can see it accelerated, but in a short force like this, its all about acceleration check out the max how the coin is right here, its up against the low c that is fully modified and theyre both on the he gives up the lead takes it Right back, so whoever is doubting the max first time on the back in terms of handling go here. The roost four wheel drive is the essence right here and brushless, with the have power and put it down good conditions right now, right after some heavy rains get out and so much fun. Cant say enough about this and its so simple. Just we call it two lap, rallies or, however long race car someone flips over and needs assistance.

So what about you guys do any uh? What kind of ass and short force do you guys do? Hopefully, this will encourage many to get out there and have fun heres the max handling, no suspension, mods, really just lower the vehicle wide max. It has a very heavy center, diff 20 million, so the its essentially locked it would be good to lighten it up. So it will really last here we go 5th scale, 8 scale and 10 scale not really a match, but why not and even more fun so its a 4s6s and 8s vehicle time to go Music. Look at that the 5th scale vehicle has a lot of momentum. Nothing broke by the way on this Music and these 8 cars went to rallying its really the jumps huge damage because they usually land 12 feet to flat or more and right there different eagles but theyre pretty evenly matched. They all accelerate hard Music through the car. Wheres the touch wheels Music when they hear the sound of the drum, very stable and a little we all can wheelie on demand. So he is to ease up on the throttle, learn to harness that power. They have all big tires too. All stock types, its so cool, the max is just wheeling and there you go. I hope you guys had fun check the links in the description.