Snow was real packy. Yesterday, then it froze overnight, so it’s pretty mint. I did a test run. Super fun, so got ta. Show it on video starting off with the baja right here. Roll in double double to the quad section. You can quad that if you do it just right and it works backwards as well. Pretty sweet try to clean that up a bit double double nope, triple that’s. Cool too, should have made it longer. Okay, go for the quad this time. Oh, not quite Applause, there’s, the quad almost into the tree, double double double triple yeah, starting to get a little soft already, so don’t have too much time. Oh yeah, so sweet when you get it just right. Oh not easy, though Music, so so Applause. Now the track’s getting soft and difficult time for hannah to show me how it’s done you can do it. Oh yeah, what section Music bouncing on through not the way you got: ta roll, the roller and double the rest. There you go, get one jump, it kind of turns left just a little bit. You can tell it’s not exactly straight it’d, be easy if it was straight. What do you think is the best thing ever Music Music? Well, i think it’s getting a little too soft. Now not much traction, so maybe it’ll firm up tonight do some work, maybe make it longer. I don’t know but that’s it for today without warmers getting everything’s melting, but it was a blast isn’t that right, oh yeah, even though she didn’t even get the true conditions.

First section this morning and it went away from there guess she’s not done yet. Oh yeah, a nice spindle got some style out here on the slick, stuff Applause floating on about a foot of snow right now, but digging in just a bit to myself. Perfect Applause. Joy of rc, Music, it’s huh it’s day two out here and it’s, pretty warm already won’t last long, but i did make a change. Put the first roller into the first takeoff, hoping for a quad quad out of a different vehicle. Got the big monster truck out see what it can do in the snow. Just need to put my body clips on here, quick see about doubling through to warm up. Oh want triple alrighty lots of power in this one. Okay, get that double nice and slow there. We go double double double double almost tree perfect all right. I think it’s time for the quad here we go. Oh look at that quad triple single. Oh, look at that perfect, not perfect, but good enough. That was pretty awesome. Actually, oh that’d be cool too quad triple double out getting a little tech, though oh look at that right into the tree. Oh yeah that’s sweet Music, oh about five to there, and it didn’t like that. Five well looks like, hopefully just to set screw loosened up here in the back out drive. I think that is the problem just got ta line it up on the flat spot, it’s hard to see when it’s there it is takeoff, is getting pretty child Music yeah.

I think it’s just too far gone now to get it oh yeah, look at that pocket take off okay, first style, ramp time. Oh went for the three should have went for the two. I think i get the three though three yeah there. It is but how about a front flip whoa that was even cooler completely accidental, but trying to flip make twists, maybe there’s a clean, frontie boom kind of nice to land in the snow. Another back triple landed in almost exactly the same spot. It looks like double frontal: oh yeah, not too solid, of a landing, but it counts. What a nice slow, backy, Music, Music i’m, getting really lucky on those! Oh, the back to front and land in the same hole, mini double front, ah good spot to stop right. There well, that seems like a fitting way to end it right here with a wheelie stuck in the snow. Definitely a good use of all the snow. We’Ve had i’ve pretty much just been trying to avoid it and get away from it shoveling it out of the way. So i can ride motorcycles, but probably should have done more rc stuff, while it’s still tacky now it’s gon na be melting going away, but at least i got one or two really fun. Sessions probably should have made the straight rhythm track wider and done head to head racing, but maybe next time or maybe in the dirt we’ll see anyway a lot of fun good sessions and now it’s time to go ride.