We have got this little bit: it’s, not a little beast. 1 8 scale, 6s buggy from co rally, it’s the radx6 and, i must admit it looks awesome not only the best buggy i’ve seen in 2021, but 2020 2019 2008. This thing looks so fast and aggressive, and just really cool let’s get a little bit closer. Let’S have a look at it, let’s see what you get and then we’re going to take it out and give it a little run. This is my first team corelli or corelli. However, you want to pronounce it first, one very, very nice rad x6. They also do a rad x4, which is a bit cheaper than this. It has got a lot of nice features on it: big boar, alloy shocks, um, heavy duty, steel, alloy, hybrid center diff. So no plastic diff case on that that’s got a metal case, metal gears, bearings throughout cvds, oversized nylon, composite parts, uh cnc, machined motor slider as well motor mount very, very good. Four and five mil cnc machined shock towers as well. This is what i’m interested in up to 70 mile an hour. I think that 70 mile an hour is with um a slightly different pinion, so slightly higher, gearing um and obviously dependent on your batteries. But i have seen that these do about 60 straight out of the box we’re going to take this out and give it a speed run. The weather is absolutely crap at the moment in the uk i know it’s an off road buggy.

I don’t want to get it plastered in grass and muck and mud straight away. I want to wait for it to dry up a little bit, or at least if it gets really cold. We can take it out on the frozen ground, but for now quick overview have a good look at it going to charge a couple of 3s batteries, so we run it 6s i’m going to take it out and we’re going to see how fast this thing goes And then on another video i’m going to take it out and give it a good, proper, bashing, i’m, not sure how well it comes off on camera, but it is, i mean, i’m, going to keep saying it it’s, so nice, it just looks really really nice it’s Got some cool little features on the um on the body there’s, some with the body on there’s just another. You can see there’s a little um clip there. It slides in keeps the body held on there, so vas from aussie rc playground when he unboxed his. He mentioned these, and i agree just by putting raised body clips on along with your little lanyard. It just makes it so eat much easier to pull them out without snapping this off. One of my little bug bears on some of the arms is trying to get the body clips out on these little lanyards trying to get the body clips out, especially when your hands are cold.

You just can’t, get the grip so raising the body pins very good. Little tuck, the body is pretty thin, but it’s uh it’s on a buggy, so there’s not many play. If you roll it you’ll hit this bit or you’ll hit the top of there and protection from the sides. You will so you’re not going to really damage it. That much unless you’re properly sending it there is nothing like a brand new rc. Is there look at it? This is all going to get him wet, so i don’t want to take it out being that this is my first co rally. I’M, not 100 sure on all the changes i have looked like. I said: i’ve watched, um, aussie, rc playgrounds, unboxing i’ve, seen a few others as well. I’Ve looked at all the details and there are a few changes to this compared to some of the version one. This is the first radix six. This is a v1 6, but is it radix or radix? I might have been saying it wrong. I don’t know radix radix anyway. This is a v1 but it’s upgraded to like the v2 specs, and i think now there might be a few other things there’s a support plate across there, so an alloy plate across the front there. These are changed from um adjustable to fixed. Now that may annoy some people, i believe they’ve also got a metal insert through there to make them a bit stronger, rear.

Spoiler mount has been beefed up, chassis braces are also uh changed um the servo, the early ones had a 20 kilo which is still bigger than most of the competition. These are now 25 kilo. Servo it’s got a torox 185 esc. Now that is a rebranded hobby wing max 8 and then you’ve got a 2050 kv. It’S called a coron 825 receiver box. I think it’s waterproof and then under there is your metal bodied center diff, obviously bearings throughout front and rear drive, shafts pillar balls there cbd’s at the front, the arms do look really strong. They look really thick, really strong and top arms as well man. This thing looks so nice transmitter not bad transmitter, pretty just normal. Looking, nothing really stands out. Apart from it’s got a really nice soft touch on the grip there. You’Ve got steering drill rate, steering and throttle trims up there steering throttle reverse, not a bad transmitter. I can drive one handed, which is always good and a nice little carry handle out the box. This feels very well set up. The shocks feel really nice. I think it’s a i want to say two and a half or three mil chassis. The front shock tower is four mil. The rear shock tower is five mil. This spoiler looks really i like all the little anodized caps as well. Look all these little red, anodized caps, very good. Now there is one slight problem. Well, i say a problem it’s not really a problem, it may catch you out.

The battery tray is not very big. If you’re on 6s, you can run a single and that’s a standard size, 6s lipo there. You could run that that fits in there, no problem. If you want to put some big power lipos, these are 140c, although they will fit when there’s two stacked on top of each other. The body won’t go on. These are some new 3s batteries. I’Ve got from jen’s aces are 3s as well, 6500 60c, and these ones are a little bit too long, so they won’t go in. Luckily, though, i run these quite a bit, these are 5 out. These are 3s 5000mah power 50c and they will fit in they fit perfectly either that way, so they fit fine. They fit even better side by side like that, so so you’ll just need to make sure you’ve got the right size lipo to get in and that’s. Probably one of my only initial thoughts about it. The battery tray – yes he’s, got a little bit of room to move back and then you could modify the tray trim. The um trim the back bit off the tray and get some bigger lipos in, but not a problem. I’Ve got some that will fit right. I’M. Going to get my lipos charged we’re going to get the gps meter in this we’re going to find a nice long stretch of road we’re going to see how fast this thing is stock straight out of the box.

Here we go they’re ready to go. The radix we’ve got the gps on we’ve got some satellites. A couple of gen z in there first run first switch on it’s very cold. Today the steering jewelry was turned all the way down. So i thought i had no steering anyway. Let’S get this thing going so it’s cold today, but i still think we should be good for over 50.. It says on the bot, it says: 70 mile an hour on a box that’s with an optional gear. A lot of manufacturers do that it kind of annoys me but i’d. Rather, they just said on the box how fast it goes if you put just normal batches in it normal gears. But anyway, here we go first pass get the batteries warm, it is only zero degrees, so let’s give it a couple of passes to warm it up. That was flat. Applause, it’s solid, that absolutely solid. Doesn’T. Look like over 50 to me, though, with my calibrated eye. Applause, but it is very solid – all right, let’s bring it in let’s, have a look 53, not bad, like i said, it’s, zero or it’s about one degree, just keep running it up and down. I know these do a little bit more than that stock out the box, see if we can push a little bit more out of it. Lipos, do not like the cold, really don’t Applause, Music, what we say in 55, so yeah.

It is increasing slightly i’m going to do a couple more runs past and then we’ll take a final score and then we’ll just use a little bit of the batteries up and take it for a quick blast around on a bit of waste. Around one thing i will be doing, this is um gearing it up see if we can get that 70. That says on the box may have to wait for the weather to warm up a bit. For that, though, Applause i’m, getting a little bit fed up of doing speed runs in freezing temperatures. You can’t get the best out of the cars, but this is definitely going to be good for 70 and being at how solid it is. I know i’ve said that i’ve said it about five times now being how solid and planted is 70 mile an hour in this it’s going to be a doddle Applause breeze to get 70 in this them tires aren’t blooming much at all, so even on the stock Tyres, we should be good, you know it feels like. Maybe the performance is good now, maybe we don’t see when he passes. We might not get a chance on the old waste ground right. The final score on the 6s radix is 55, not a bad effort. Definitely not a bad effort just for reference there. You go one degree it’s showing on here. I need to not stand behind this thing. Jeez, my god, they get knocked out by a stone.

This thing’s got so much power, not the best terrain for it here. This needs to be on a dirt track: bmx track i’m, not sure about a skate park, i’m sure it would take a skate park. But if this is just there, are you fine, it’s, just so much crap that is thrown around? What an awesome? Buggy, though, that chassis is not going to be nice and shiny anymore, is it not a chance so ice skating, how thin is ice, Music, radix on ice Applause? Well, this thing’s a bit of a beast, and i think it’s gon na do well in the 1 8 buggy market there’s a bit of a basha or buggy basher anyway, it definitely gets a thumbs up for me pretty much. I had a typhon last year. That was just as crazy ouch that hurt just as crazy as this. I think, though, purely on looks and some of the components on this.