Get that out the way that’s. Not so i only have one because um i used to have a lot of them, but they’re in my house and i’ve lost them and i have another where they went so yeah. Oh, let me finally remove them tomorrow, so there’s this thing and it works it’s. Just i don’t have batteries in it yet there’s a controller, the backs missing, but it works the battery’s staying. But i need one of those like big batteries. You can see that okay it’s hot in here it’s pretty. I have a hoodie on, but i don’t you can’t, just put them up like that. You have to do something like my mom does, because mine are like that too i’m. Just gon na do this with it. I got ta say: oh there we go there. We go, oh that feels good Music. Okay, that feels a lot better burn, that’s kind of cold right. No well. For me, it is because where did i put that controller right there? Well, that’s this one um, you can lay that one up inside so what’s your next one. Oh here we also have this thing. I have no clue what this is. Okay, don’t worry about that. Okay, i have this thing. I’Ll show you Music, not working, but you throw it up and it has like this flat, really flexible plastic, so it don’t break anything. You have a lottery. I know i know not much enough.

This little chevy it’s, a camaro, it’s camaro and it’s remote control, there’s, a remote variety put a sticker on it. Also. I think i have one more hold up yeah you do. He has two of them. Actually, he has a mustang, because this dad loves mustangs and he had it and give it to him, but it’s up embarrassing in here somewhere. I don’t know it’s over here. I think yeah. It might be in one of these tapes over here, it’s. Okay, just leave it on real, quick, it’s. Fine, please yeah! I have this little thing. The controller for it’s right here i don’t even know how to work this i’ve, never driven it or anything, but these would be my brothers. I have this little car, but it’s not remote control. I don’t know why. It’S in there it’s a lamborghini, it’s lamborghini, i have a mustang one, but i have no clue where it is hold. Oh i found it. I found it what the mustang? Okay, all right guys, i found it so my name is ronnie. So shelby gt500 right here so mustang yeah, i don’t, know it’s a mustang shelby gt500. Did you see the um the thing? Did you see it on these mustangs yeah? Actually, no Music it’s, a nissan it’s, a nissan gtr skyline yeah, it’s, um brian’s from nepal, mines fast and furious yes and there’s a room out for us. You can’t really talk talon, i can’t i’ve been talking already i’ve, been on the phone a couple times: yeah i’m on the phone a lot i feel good, but not um there’s, some of them in here.

What is this one? Ah that’s, a heavy remove, bro yeah. I have some in this too. I have a bunch of cars, this one, you can extend it’s an antenna here’s this dodge batboy that boy double sauce it literally like snowing, um, it’s it’s in the middle. Is that all of them, this isn’t, even that’s, not an icy card. This is um. Are you sure, where’s the rainbow i don’t i don’t daddy, daddy, actually, no because there’s buttons on it nevermind that’s wrong. I just have a lot of stuff from actually. This was basically all my brothers, but then he gave it to me because he’s 14. he’s 15. Music. No, i already did that one i’m, not doing that one it’s, not what i’m saying i’ll. Do it again? Stop you want me to no. How is it embarrassing, because what about girls watch this that could happen here’s this thing it goes with this wait. Try it it doesn’t work, i don’t know i’ll turn the controller on never mind it’s already on. I don’t think it has batteries they’re dead, oh um. How do i open the charger there we go. What? If there’s boys watching this? Just like you say, bro, daddy, daddy, daddy transformers? Did you realize this? Is my mom’s like protein stuff, daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy, Music, daddy, this video? If you think he’s just screw you yeah you’re a freaking sauce idiot, who is taylor you’re, trying to hump the bed bro? Who did you got humped by a dog who me? Oh yesterday? We got humped by a freaking dog yeah.

We work out every wednesday every other wednesday and there’s a dog there dude he freaking jumped us. Oh, i want to show you guys something. How do you work this? I don’t know i bought real handcuffs. That was nothing just a little secret by handcuffs try to put this one on. I have a key, but i don’t know if i’m going to do it it’s hard. Oh, if you are to do like a 20, i got it. If you want us to do a 24 hour day, something like a whole day or as long as we can or we have to stay on our trampoline or anything we have to stay outside, though we don’t have a trampoline or stay in the room all day. Oh that’s gon na suck i’m gon na have to order some pizza. Are you gon na eat? My brother, not me, because i’m doing it too, because i’m holding the camera yeah we’re all going to eat. Why i have to hold the table? Cause i’m gon na get more. I can just be in the shower too, but she’s gon na stuck for me, but guys. The funny thing is, i can unlock it with my nail polish here and brother is just for. You see see that oh man, i got one all damn ladies hold on Music: i’m Music Music. Oh i’m, five hours oh get out of it. Are you stealing my slime boy? You actually stole it from my hands bro.

What give me my slime back, i don’t have it it’s right there, bro it’s allowed to stand in here. My freaking brother put it in there. Oh, i don’t care, i’ll post it. Oh here’s, the phone, oh see, it’s a mini. I know there’s see this screen worked, it’s charging cause. You were wanting to see it. I probably don’t have enough money for it see i’m turning it on galaxy it’s, a samsung galaxy s3 mini! Oh, if any guys want this, if nobody buys it yet it’s a samsung, galaxy s3 mini it’s on us on the charger right now that’s. As far i can get it it’s loading it’s just turning on it. It was completely dead. If any of you guys want it um, you can go check out my tic talk, which why i think it just turned off very much. How much are you selling it for and how much you signed up for two bucks yeah? I wish it was 80 bucks that would buy it. I don’t have enough, though i spent it on gta. This is yours, now it’s done what? How long is this video bro? We already went through everything. Well, i don’t know but um well that’s the end of the video. Oh, my god. I need to find my like account your account on what tick tock it’s been so small, just a small row. I use it for like pictures. Probably you can’t find it.

I don’t know how to spell it: well, where’s your phone vent, oh yeah, from where gavin threw it didn’t even binge. Yes, it is bro. Look how big that is it even been. It is. Let me see it sit on the ground. Well, we’re done with the video don’t do exactly what we do.