Today, we’re going to take a look at AI, a new bot remove bot, but this on Amazon it’s by mold King, which I’ve never heard of mo uld ki ng. This robot looks pretty cool it’s kind of like a lolly robot it’s got the snack, brick Lego style, brick bill with a smart block in the middle, which controls all its motions and movements, and you can download the app and operate that on your phone, which gives You all these features over here, let’s check it out, so I purchased this on Amazon. It is by mold King. I believe so you say that AI moobot or moobot pretty cool. It says ages, 8 and up so this is the box. This is the empty box. I’Ve taken everything out: we have five bags of snapblox got bag number one bag number two bag; number; three: four and five everything at 51 pieces and what it says in the booklet. It came with a controller which, on the bottom, looks like it. I could snap to something possibly and something could go into the sides I don’t know. Yet. I have not looked at this and there’s the power switch right there in the middle. There is a charging cable that it came with and an extra screwdriver. So I think that’s, my third really small, Phillips head screwdriver, so that’s always nice to have over here in this bag. You had the main block here. I assume that the microcontroller is in here it’s the main block, which everything is built around it’s a little bit heavy for what it is, but we will get to haven’t looked at anything yet so I just just opened it here’s some stickers go in there.

Those were included some stickers that go on the robot, a seal bird. Thank you for your order. Advertisement just was the bag that the controller was in and a booklet which is pretty thick. It is actually 47 pages, or something like that, so I will get to building all this stuff 47 pages, including the list of parts that should be in your box. Whenever you get your order, here’s what your robot would look like in the end, pretty neat so, and I look forward to seeing how all this goes. I want you guys know along the way I should have picture of all five of the bags, so that’s good. So we’ll get to it. Here’S that operating instructions, book flyer and it’s got multiple languages, looks like two languages at least three four I don’t know, but all right well we’ll get to putting this thing together and update you along the way. So this is what I got from steps 1 through 14. So I will say that if you’re looking for yellow pieces, you’re definitely not going to find them, at least in this package, because they’re orange no major issues. Yet these do snap on much harder than other toys similar to that. So I guess that’s a good thing since you’re building a robot one thing I did notice is that there’s the switch and you can see the blue light blinking probably so found that. But I am plugging along pretty simple to just snap these guys together, well I’ve completed the build I’ve snap together every piece, all 351 plus pieces, as I suppose, and using the book.

Basically, it looks pretty neat. You can see the eyes the eyes guys do spin, which is pretty cool and the head turns, and then you can play a few eyebrows as well. One thing I’ve noticed is that the arms one’s a little more stiff than this one. This one will fall at some point, but I don’t know I don’t know what the deal is with that. So in this, in this hand he holds a heart he puts hard to get, and this one it looks like he’s got a gift of some sort. So I put the tread together as well. That was pretty neat for both both both wheels. You can check out the back. I don’t know what these things are supposed to be, but they’re there so and that’s. What the book told me to do. He also has you can twist his arm here at this joint, although I probably won’t do much with that, just because it doesn’t seem all that stable, so I won’t I won’t mess around with that too much. So the first thing I did after I built it was: I went to the box and I cracked open the operating instructions which is in Chinese, I think and English. So I opened it up and it tells you in here that what you’re supposed to do with the controller, so I got the controller I notice on the back. It does take triple a batteries which are not included, so I did bring my trusty rayovac triple a batteries.

The charging port port on the robot is actually on his side right here, so you charge that up and then the onoff switch is on the other side. It is right there and when you turn that, on that light, will light up blue that little hole. So as we read down here, it looks like they recommend. You connect this to a computer for charging, because the voltage should not exceed 5 volts and the current should not exceed 1 amp. Well. If I connect this to my cell phone charger, it’s – probably going to exceed that. So I will do what the book says since the book knows better than I do and will go ahead and charge it up. It says it takes about 60 minutes to charge and then we’ll come back and we’ll play around with them. There’S also an app that I’ll download on my cell phone and we’ll uh we’ll check it out. You see how we like it all right so here’s my demo for carpet. As you can see, I’ve got the two buttons on the left. The top should be forward, but it’s not it’s backwards, and then the bottom is forward. I don’t quite understand that, but you’ll see right here. As I push that button, the robot goes forward. I push that button it’s backwards. The right button makes them turn right and the left button makes him go left, there’s a button up here, it’s a demo button and I’ll press that, and he kind of does his own thing and then this button up here.

I have no idea what it does. Does nothing as far as I can tell, but I do like the way he rolls around on the carpet as opposed to a hardwood floor or a flat surface. He does move very nicely on carpet. Like I said, it’s kind of quirky with that intuitively up is forward down is backwards, but if you have a pet, you know cats love chasing them. I guess we’ll take a look at how he does on a hardwood floor here here. He is on a hardwood floor. He kind of kind of skids around a little bit as you can see, and it’s it’s wild and if you can see his hands, have kind of fallen down. To the left hand is touching the tread that’s one of the issues. I have with the robot itself is that the arms kind of fall they fall. You know down whenever you’re rolling around so I’d, probably take the the heart out of the left hand and the mineral or the present or whatever out of the other hand just so they stay up a little bit better. But uh I’ll fix that here all right. There we go I’ve taken the items out of his hands and turned his head a little bit like. I said he controls her a little bit backwards, but they’re pretty fun to play with yeah, and you can see that his arms have slid back down to touching the tread again well.

I’Ve got the robot built and it’s kind of disappointing, because the app doesn’t work you can see here on the box, the front of the box says: gravity sensor. This is all the stuff you can do. I assume in the app or with the robot in general, a gravity sensor, path, model, voice, control, app Control, 2.4, gqx, the controller that it came with stem programming and rechargeable batteries, which is in the robot itself. But I can’t get the app to work on my phone, so what it was time to download the app I attempted to download it on my cell phone, which I’m currently videoing with so I don’t have it in front of the camera. It is a samsung galaxy s, 8, plus so it’s kind of old, but it’s it’s, not too old, and I could download apps on it all the time and I don’t normally have a problem. So I went to my Samsung tablet here and it actually doubles as a phone as well. I don’t have a phone number currently attached to it, but it is capable of downloading apps. So this is the message that I get on my samsung galaxy s: 8, plus one my samsung tablet and also used a couple of older cell phones that I have that I that I actually put apps on to and they can’t handle it as well. So I get the same message on everything. This app is incompatible with your device.

I don’t know if you can see that but that’s what it says here. It gives me that message on every single device that I have and they’re all Android I don’t know about iPhone. Maybe it works on iphone, maybe not I don’t know. So. If you get down here, look at the picture of the app it looks like everything is in Chinese. I don’t know if they have an English version or an Android version. That I’m, not sure of I go down here and look at the details of the app it says, update of July 17 2019 and go over here and look at it says: installs zero plus. So even nobody has installed this or very few. I don’t know so. This is the message that I get on every device that I have also. I went to the App Store just on my phone and i typed in mold king or however you pronounce that nothing came up. I typed in a I’m. You bought nothing came up and the only way that you can get to the screen that I just showed you was by scanning this right here. You scan that and it takes you to their website where I guess you’re supposed to be able to download the app. But I get the error code saying: my phones are not compatible, so this is the international version edition. This looks like it might be. The Chinese edition I don’t know so that’s that the app was a failure.

Maybe if somebody else has had success, putting the app on their phone, you share share your story with us in the comments because I surely can’t get it done. I will say about the control which I said earlier. It is sturdy, it is it’s a nice controller, but it’s backwards. The front and reverse the forward and reverse are backwards. I don’t know what the deal is with that and his arms drop when I roll him around, so I don’t know how to prevent that either. Other than gluing them up or something I don’t know that’s. Basically what I would say about this, the robot itself seems to drive around very well it’s got plenty of power. I do enjoy driving it around with a controller, but the issues that I come across were just what I said with a controller and they the arm the loose arms, otherwise it’s kind of fun to drive the thing around. With the tread on the on the tires. So I can go over carpet easily. It is fun, but the control through your cell phone. It was a failure for me. I couldn’t get it done so, hopefully somebody can share their success story. That’S my review of this I’m – actually, not keeping it. I don’t think because it’s not usable, I mean I bought it based on on all these things right here and I can’t even use that one and that’s the 2.4 g, so I will either I’ll probably give it to somebody.

Maybe they’ll want it. I don’t know, but you look here and here’s a whole other family of the whole family of robots. They all look really cool. They look like they’re all similar to moobot or whatever this guy is. They probably all have the same power source and smart brick in the in the middle. You know I had the potential to be a really neat thing and I’m sure it is if you can get the app installed on your phone. However, I couldn’t so that’s it for this well I’d, like to thank you for watching this video.