Wamp do you spare tires and I control now and when the car is doing stunts, we can feel the control now. Second, then let’s take notes will make out of the box. This is it out of the box. This is the interim sent. This is the stunt womp. This is the extra tires we’re gon na do this done to the car, and these tires go on the back of the car. This is the guy. He does do sides, it does a black and website and a silver and gold side. There’S need even Gunners to connect and we can with up dude any cars. This is the control. Now this is controlling the car. This is high gear and no gear, and these are on and off switch. This is a flippin system. So if your goth naps, it can continue going forward for both is way out here and then we don’t know. If you go then block it in then it got this a green icon sauna. When it does, this now will unplug it. Then we put it back where need to go then would turn on the car I wanted. So how fast this garden go. He can go 0 5 20 feet in one. Second, me do one you. I hope you liked my photos and videos danger Watson soon.