My name is luke and i’m opening up a new booth at the cattle barn flea market and, as you might be able to tell um i’m gon na be selling rc cars. So i don’t know if you’ve ever seen an rc car do 100 miles an hour or an rc car go over a ton of rocks. You’Re gon na see it here. So i know what you’re thinking the first question is going to be luke. I don’t have a thousand dollars to spend on an rc car and i know not a lot of people. Do i don’t blame you so i’m actually going to talk about one of the budget. Rc cars that i’m going to be selling here for the very low price, not 500, not 400, not three, not even two 150 – and i know the second thing you’re going to be asking is okay, i’m spending 150 on an rc car, it’s, obviously going to be Junk right wrong, so this is the besgar one, speed legend and i’m going to be doing an unboxing today, just to get you uh just to give you a little look at it i’m, going to run it around a little bit and maybe do a little bit Of bashing, so you can see what it’s all about so um i’m going to go and start just go ahead and pop this open real quick. So you can take a look at the body all right and there she is fresh out of the box.

As you can see, it comes with a little pamphlet just to kind of get you started. It comes with a little controller here and it comes with batteries. As well batteries uh in the truck and batteries for the controller and interesting fact actually, so the truck itself actually comes with two batteries, and so you can interchange them that just basically increases the amount of time that you’re able to play with this thing, and it Comes with two chargers as well, which is kind of awesome, so let’s see moving this aside again. This is the bezgar one and i’m gon na go and pop this off, for you real quick, so you can kind of see under here because again, whenever you’re looking at buying an rc car for under 200, your first thought is going to be that this is Going to be cheap, garbage and again wrong all right now, one of the chief um winners for this vehicle is that it is actually four wheel drive. So this is four wheel drive all time. This is going to be great for the dirt and as you’re going to see a couple of other things that make it great for the dirt fully adjustable suspension. So you can change the ride height just by twisting your finger, and it has extremely extremely squishy shocks and another cool thing about it is this has a brushed electric motor so, as you can see, it’s all confined really clean, it’s got cooling fan and again comes With two batteries, one of them plugged in right here and as you’re about to see we’re going to run this thing and see if it’ll make it through the trials to turn it on you’re, going to hold down the little on button.

Until you see the headlights, okay, those are the headlights so i’m going to set this down controller set to on and like oh, this thing is going to boogie okay, so we have uh how about the controller? What do we got? What options we have on there? Yeah, so with the controller um, you have uh steering’s trim and speed switch uh. This is just for like little tuning capabilities, but forward is going to be the trigger and braking is going to be reversing on the trigger and that’s the same thing with reverse so, and this is four wheel drive right. Yes, this is these. Things are four wheel? Drive a full hobby grade, rc yep, wow yeah and then the cool thing is that it is fully 100 customizable. Let’S say you bring it back to me, and you say this is a little too slow. I understand it’s. Actually pretty quick but let’s say you say it’s a little too slow. I can actually swap out the motor i can swap out the ecs. I can give you a bigger battery and make it even faster, maybe even faster than it already is yeah. It looks like you could adjust the suspension, the shocks, how tight they are. Yep yeah. You actually have a twist knob on here. You can adjust the tightness of the shocks, literally just by twisting clockwise or counterclockwise, as you can see, it’s very mushy good for crawling good for climbing and um that’d be pretty good for bashing.

I guess we’re about to find out wow, so wow. This thing is very impressive, so next question you’re gon na be asking is okay. I spent 150 on an rc car that is pretty quick gets around, and your next question is okay. How long have you been running it? Well, the box says that it actually only lasts 20 to 30 minutes, but, contrary to that, i have been running this thing for an hour on the same charge and it still has the same power output and as a reminder, it comes with two batteries and two Chargers, so you can run one battery kill, it run the other battery charge, the other one while you’re running it basically infinite run time so let’s take this apart and let’s see if that did any damage. Now again, i was full throttle. Basically, most of the time doing, donuts and gravel, i mean that’s bound to hurt some things. Let’S see, um, okay body is off and look at that clean, no damage whatsoever. Look at that springs still, squishy no breaks or cracks let’s check the other side, and there you go battery is still nice and snug no issues there. Everything here looks clean, no overheating fan worked perfectly and, as you can see, we still have plenty of power. This is a steal. Now again, every sunday i am going to be hosting races from 2 to 3 p.m, that’s the same time as bingo for the cattle barn flea market.

So if you are interested in attending those races, it’s completely free it’s, going to be out back in that play area that you just saw me rip in and yeah feel free to drop. By again, my booth is actually i’ll go ahead and take this real, quick. So you can see my booth is actually going to be right there. So this is where all the technology is um it’s, the last door on the left. All the technology is back here. My booth is going to be right there so swing by and pick up.