It does gnss um the global satellite system, speed meter for your rc stuff. I got on amazon link down below pretty good deals. 69. I think um. Does a bunch of cool stuff got a coupon for five dollars off at a place there, but um so here’s? This let’s see it measures top speed, average speed top altitude it’s supposed to be able to kind of track and do a bunch of cool things. It’S upgradable, yada yada, there it comes, you can see. He’S got the mini usb cord uh we’ll, get it out of the package here and check it out. It’S got a rechargeable battery that is removable and it’s supposed to have okay uh battery life, so we’ll find out all right here’s what you get in the package, so the speed meter it’s not too big, um this little door here, pops off and there’s your battery And your connector i’ve always wondered: if maybe you could power it off of a balance, tab off a lipo or something or receiver power should be cool, but you can see you got the on off button hit the on button. There it’s doing its thing and probably the version and there it’s on so i haven’t read the manual yet i’m gon na have to read that but we’ll cycle through the options using the mode button here. So i do need to change it to miles per hour and not meters. There. You see it’s on meters too, all right back to the beginning, pretty cool, then we’ll hit the power button until it says off and let go and it’s off so we’ll get it charged up.

Um go through the manual here on how to change things and go from there, so we’ll be back with the test and how to change it to miles per hour. For us us people, okay, look at the manual here, so the unit of measure change you simply just hold down the mode switch so i’m going to get to where it says. Kilometers and i’ll just hold it boom. There we go miles per hour, so easy bonus. Okay, we’re outside here the next day just got it fired up, turned it on. It literally took maybe 10 12 seconds before you can hardly see it with the shadow, but up in the top corner. It shows a little satellite icon and it won’t show that until it acquires some satellites um the time it’s supposed to have the current time, but it’s two hours off it’s 12 51. Here now this is a couple time zones off. Apparently you can connect it to the computer and fix that i haven’t noticed any other way quite yet because in the manual it says to set the time zone, the meter sets the time zone automatically based on your gps position, which it’s not doing correctly. But it says in some circumstances you need to manually sync the time zone according to your local des, observed time or daylight savings time, so i’ll have to hook it to the app and do that it’s not really a big deal for me.

I didn’t get it for that anyways, but um. I haven’t driven anywhere the speed, but it’s got my altitude and whatnot so get back to um here. So when you make a run, you’ll hit the enter button and then it starts. Recording i don’t know why you got to do that, but that’s when it starts logging, everything so we’ll start driving here and see what it does. You know it’s about right with the speedometer in my truck we’re right there. So good it’s working great i’m excited to stick it into an airplane or a car and give it a real test there so i’m pretty stoked about that max speed. So far, altitude has changed because we’re going downhill, so yeah that’s a winner. So far, so good. Just doing a little driving around playing with it um you don’t have to hit the enter record button for it to work or remember everything because here’s my peak speed, i was just driving around to see how it was going to do and to see what the Battery does but pretty cool peak altitude, so it remembers a bunch of things so so far, so good i’ll keep doing some testing and see how long the battery lasts do a bunch of of testing with it that way, but yeah we’ll report back later. All right. Just a little 10 minute drive here, the battery seems to be hanging on good um at a peak of 56 on average altitude at my house, so yep it went over a little hill, so pretty cool cool.

I, like it it’s pretty fun um, like i said you don’t, have to push enter to record to make any of this happen, which is cool and i’m happy with it so i’m going to stick this baby in an airplane soon and give it a test altitude. I don’t know i wouldn’t believe that by the foot i’m changing about eight foot in distance, but it’s i mean it notices, change, pretty quick that’s, pretty rad the battery’s doing pretty good i’ve been turning it on every time i drive my truck 15 20 minutes at A time i mean you could fly if you turn this off and on in between each flight, you could fly all day with this thing, each time in there, which is pretty cool um. I wouldn’t believe that when i did not go that high so probably had a little gps hiccup on that one, this thing’s cool, it’s kind of fun i’ve been playing with it like crazy. So so far, i recommend it we’re still gon na shove it in an airplane this weekend and see what happens so stay tuned. All right, we’re, gon na turn it on let it get its satellites. I pulled velcro on this side because i didn’t want the battery tray to pull off it’s going to go in there. So we’ll come back once we get a flight, all right, full throttle pass because we’ve got a gps in there. Okay, let’s see see what kind of altitude we can get out of the gps, trying to flat spin it’s, not quite flat.

Now dang we’re gon na have to start calling you fancy v8. Here all right just landed after the flight. Let me get the gps meter out of there and see what it says. Eight minutes, so we hit a peak speed of 46. average of 16. um peak l to 5 18. I don’t know how real that one is not gon na go with that one, but i flew a total of two and a half miles at claims. Here’S the rest of the settings. Anyways we’ll see what happens on another flight, that was cool greaser yeah, that wasn’t uh just putting around 108 miles an hour, dang legit 108 miles an hour and i’ve verified this against my truck speedometer and gps on my phone and it’s right there so and – and I didn’t do any big heavy dives. You know just little shallow high speed passes so yeah pretty sweet. Pretty happy like comment subscribe, gb, linden, wild bill flynn and john vhrc out like comment subscribe, follow the links down below uh.