We will take a closer look, but let’s just have a scan around now. This car is an analog car as it sits, but it can be fitted with an ssd, scalatrix chip and or an oxygen digital chip, so this can be converted to digital. So, as i said, it is right now an analog car. Now why have i chosen this car? I love the cars of the 80s and the 90s. This looks sick. I love castro delivery, so let’s crack open the box. Let’S have a look around the car in better detail. Then we’ll crack it open and have a look on the internals alrighty. So i have removed the sleeves so let’s have a quick look at the oxygen and the ssd digital. If it wants to zoom in might not so there you go. That tells you where and what chip it is and now let’s have a look at the car itself. So if you’ve purchased this car, this is how you receive it. So it’s a it’s an all four side, clear uh case with this nice molded car cover and there she is now i’ve, already taken off a detailed section which i’ll show you in a tick. But here she is a wicked looking. Car now slotted are very well known for, and this is a used car i actually run this car uh is very well known for their speed out of the box. This thing out of the box is race ready.

They are incredibly quick cars if you’re doing club racing, so i highly recommend slot it, for i mean your home track, but even your everyday racing now you’ll see the rear tyre on. This is missing its side pod, so i’ve taken that off this to show the difference and that’s the little bit of detail that i said, that’s hidden at the rear, so we’ll spin around the shell itself is very well detailed. Uh high quality, the calstr delivery looks incredible on it and again the colors are pretty damn vibrant, so we’ll go around to this side. As you can see, i’ve got the rear pod on so it’s hiding the rear, uh wheel, which i like how you can have this car displayed in two different ways. Hence why i’ve got one on one off and i’ll? Show you how we take that off. In the tick and then also if we flip it underneath before we go any further, you got some spares and underneath that is a small allen, key to adjust your um gears at the rear and also a blacked out version of this rear spoiler. So again, you can have this car sitting with sides on sides off a different wing: it’s it’s, pretty cool. How so versatile now the compartment itself is is nicely detailed. It’S very lightweight these cars are pretty lightweight, so you’ve just got a driver in there who’s hanging on and that’s about. All you got the aerials.

You’Ve got some um mirror work, but these are pretty well uh made cars, the the lights on the front. I don’t believe are active, but we’ll have a look in the tick so that’s the outside and again, of course, if you bought this underneath you’ll have the spares so let’s take the car off the base. I’Ll unscrew, the car from its chassis and we’ll have a look at inside of this vehicle and what makes it so fast and so quick and handle so well out of the box. So here it is the chassis and the shell have been removed, and all that takes is two little screws front and rear and off comes the body. The beauty of that is, if you’re doing an endurance race, as i have with one of these. Not this exact car i needed to fix the rear, uh gearing because it started shifting to the right as because the track itself was a right handed track, which means it was moving left and right. I wasn’t getting any speed at the end. It was stopping. So i had to take take off the shell and then use my allen key that’s provided to adjust that which i thought was very quick. Awesome pit stop. So if you’re thinking about doing endurance, race choose one of these because they’re really quick to work on and that’s enough about that, let’s have a look at the shell again and we’ll. Take a quick look at this removable, uh, wheel, arch and, as i said in the intro um i like to display it with the wheel arch on but it’s as simple as pulling down and i’ve already taken one off and there she’s gone.

So if you’re racing, i would remove them, because i have lost one of these before um. Hence why i keep one on one off this side. I can display it, but i prefer it on now putting it back on isn’t very hard there’s little slots i’m. Probably doing with the wrong hand, sorry there’s little slots on the on the side and if i can get it on the angle and then push in and she’s done, so very easy to put them back in the other. Beauty is obviously with the uh. Underneath of the car you get a heap of spares that re spoiler can go on, which is the black version. So again, you can display this in a couple of different manners and then underneath incredibly light incredibly light minimalistic, which i don’t mind that, but you wouldn’t know looking on the outside, that this car is that light and in the internals is there’s nothing in there. Because look at it, it looks as good quality as any other car brand out there, but is a rocket out of the box an absolute rocket out of the box. Why is it a rocket let’s have a look why now? The chassis itself is very, very thin. Extremely thin extremely light and well balanced. Yes, you can add weights, you can add magnets, but out of the box, the only thing you need to do if you really want to is change. Those rear tires to just to go faster and have more traction, but out of the box, can’t complain: revo, um, nsr they’re, all in the same vein, they’re all very good out of the box for race, ready applications, now rear, wheel, drive and again the allen key.

You get you can adjust the rear, gearing and also take off your wheels, which has a little allen key on the hub, so very cool additive from them. So you don’t have to search for this. My new allen key in line motor with a removable engine mount and also you can put in a longer engine if you want to remove it and put in a bigger engine mount so you can change the engine and also as an angle, winder uh. You can replace this and run it as an angle winder, which i think’s again versatile, extremely versatile for a chassis it’s, designed to do two different things: the digital ready that is, your sensor hold. I believe i don’t have any actually this. I, like i, have one scale: electrics digital car uh, but that is your digital ready hole which you’ll fit the digital plug ready to go for some digital racing, um, again, very minimalistic high quality, even though it’s thin and it’s not flimsy it’s, very strong, again rear Wheel, drive uh, the wiring that they provide is good quality it’s a nice thick wire. I don’t know what the gauge is, but it is. It is a good thick wire, so you don’t really lose much power throughout them. The guide itself, if you’re doing wood racing, you would prefer a longer and a thicker guide. This is probably in between the two great for plastic and great for wood. Yes, you can change it, but out of the box, a very good guide and guides mean a lot if you’re into racing you’re, not on tools, but you don’t want too much of a small guy, because if she pops out when you’re going race over so very Good and obviously the front and rear screw is where i remove the car from the base.

So again a quick walk around of slot its jaguar xjr 12 beautiful looking car. I love how you can change the look of it in you know, multiple different ways and again out of the box, extremely good, hoping src’s, toyota lmp fits in this category. You know, as i said, slotted revo, their cars out of the box perform as well as this a good category of cars to start looking at. But here she is so thank you very much for watching at that slot cargo on instagram i’m, trying to pump out as many of these videos as i can. I have a fair collection and it’s just good to have a look at them. Won’T be running it. Yet around the track, i will start up the hot lap very soon because i’m finishing off the permanent track, but stick around for that.