So let’s check out some of my auto white slot cars Music. So welcome back to another episode and this one’s going to be a little bit different uh. I get to look at my collection every day and i think what am i going to film what i’m going to talk about what car i’m going to put around the track, but these have always stood out and i’ve always wondered about uh. If people know that auto art did slot cars and yes, they did but let’s wind up clock back a bit and let’s have a look at the bottom. Two cars i’ve got, which are these are 118 scale diecast cars. This is their bread and butter. This is the stuff that people buy regularly and auto up make incredible cars they’ve been named ut before they’ve been um under different umbrellas, but auto art is what most people know uh this maker, 4 being a 118 scale, die cast car maker, the cars above that They are all slot cars, so we’ve got 124 scale and we’ve got 132 scale, their slot cars. The reason i’ve got the diecast cars is comparison to what the company does and how good these slot cars look compared to the diecast cars. Now the history on the slot car side of auto up is very hard to find any information, so i’ve googled of wikipedia i’ve done as much as i can to try and figure out when they started making the slot cars.

All i could really find is forums, and they started around 2005 and finish up around 2010 to 12, where the conversation of buying them have sort of stopped. Yes, i’ve bought these after the fact, but these are all second hand so i’m, not too sure when they started and finished so let’s just stick with that time frame in regards to do they still make them to my knowledge they don’t so i’ve checked the website. Auto arts website and got a little surprise when i clicked on the model drop down box. There was a slot car tab and i got a bit excited thinking hold on. I can buy more slot cars, you go in there and, unfortunately it’s empty, but i think that’s pretty cool that they’ve left that tab open so auto art, whoever runs the place or the designers. If you’re watching. Please make slot cars again because the licensing you guys have would replicate into slot cars so well. So, if you’re watching, please make them again now let’s talk about the slot cars themselves. Bear in mind. This is old technology. Now, yes, they look incredible, but the performance is hit and miss to me. I don’t care i’m, a collector i’m happy to have any auto art car in my collection, whether it falls off the track, whether a tyre runs off it. I don’t care i’m, a collector in today’s standards, yeah they’re behind the opal, but these are old slot cars so extremely happy to have it, and this bmw, m3 gtr is just an incredible example of what they produced when they’re doing slot cars.

I’M. Honestly, not sure who they may have teamed up with to do the chassis and all that i don’t know the information behind that, but i’m i’m guessing it was in house, but all in all they’re beautiful, looking uh slot cars, so let’s look at the porsche uh. The 911 and we’ll have a quick brief look at the 132s um. Is it the fulvia yeah the fulvia so you’ll see some of these models replicate throughout other brand uh makers now so sex dual fulvia um, so i think, maybe licensing’s are joined between some companies. I’M, not too sure lamborghini again, if you can find an auto art, lamborghini buy it because they’re incredibly beautiful car, including this one, but also these actually don’t, go too bad. Very good car to drive now lamborghini in general uh are a hard car to find. As is ferrari, i mean it’s hit and miss uh, but awesome awesome. So these look pretty good yeah, the bottom ones: i’m, not a 124 racer unless it’s a winged car or a different clash dtc, but their slot cars again. Look pretty damn good! Look like model cars um, which is the beauty of this hobby and there’s. People who know me i’ve got die cast cars, but this is a model car and you can race so that’s the beauty about slot cars. If you’re a model car collector start buying slot cars because you don’t have to run them. And if you look at these, these are, you know, mid 2000 model cars and they look as good as some model cars.

So, but you can race them so that’s a little bit of a background on um, auto art cars again hit and miss if they’re uh. If they’re still going to produce them – and i don’t really know when they stopped, but if you google, it there’s a bit of information about it now, i think we should put one of these cars around the track. I’M, not sure which one runs the best. So i might do a quick test run but i’m thinking the lambo might be the one we give a hot lap so auto light. If you’re watching, please start making slot cars again because uh i miss him. I love him. Cheers let’s go for a hot lap in maybe the lambo alrighty before we get into the hot lap. I thought we’ll take a closer look at one of auto arts, cars and i’ve chosen, the lamborghini doubler roadster, the reason i’ve chosen. That was two reasons: a i love lamborghini and b. This exact model, this particular model, is pretty rare to be in the slot car it’s, not a car. You see made until it’s like every day and there’s. Some really cool detailed features on it, which i’ll point out: let’s, not talk about the power. Yet let’s talk about the packaging because, if you’re a slot car collector you’ll see some very familiar printings on here or design takes that come from some other companies, which i think is really cool.

Don’T have to have work together, but that’s. What it looks like to me so auto arts branding downs down the front very reminiscent to their model cars, then the lamborghini badging on the left and right so it’s a licensed car and on the rear. This is what i’m talking about the the old styling borrowed. Some tricks on who knows if they’ve worked with another company but let’s go through it together, it’s four wheel, drive it’s got headlights, it’s got magnets and it’s what’s that stop and go so engine breaking from letting go, which is really cool right hand. Side it’s got an undershot of the car, which shows you. The engine in the middle you’ve got some magnets and the guide and then down below. That is how to remove the guide there’s a little man pinching it and then there’s some recommendations by the team about the car, so very, very cool love that uh very scar, electric let’s look at the diablo. Now this is a slot car. I keep saying that, but it’s very it’s pretty well detailed, so let’s flip it over first and being a roadster there’s the roof. I think that is pretty damn cool, so you can take that out. Put that on top it could be a soft top and a hard top aka roadster, so very cool little added feature: we’ve got two spare guides, which they look very scale. Electric see ethics, so i don’t know if they’ve worked together.

Um i’m, not i don’t know that, but that’s what it looks like to me looks really cool, so very, very cool and then my one of my favorite release car mechanisms is this screw screw out. I mean this is only a small feature, but our slot car collectors, some of the stuff – some of these companies use are incredibly hard to take out and put back in. This is my number one way to put a slot car in and out that is cool. So bring that back so let’s take the car off move the base aside. Let’S start underneath so hopefully it zooms in on that. So, as i said earlier, it is four wheel drive. You can see the two gearings and if i move that back wheel and you might not be the set x, is very small but the front there you go, the front is turning as well. So four wheel drive system very cool inline motor looks like a scarlet trick, standard motor i’m going to say it is without reading it. Two magnets are across the cross, the bum rear wheel and i don’t know if there’s any magnets here, i haven’t opened it up and then there’s your guide, which is spring loaded by the looks of it. So it can go over bouncy bounces, but let’s. Look at some of the detailing on this weapon. You got your twin exhaust, come out. The back chrome tips and we’ll go around to the rear.

Get some nice headlight work, there sorry rear tail lights, will spin around and there’s that iconic diablo shape. This color is wicked, but the best detailing is in the cockpit with old, mate, so i’m gon na see. If i can get a good shot in there, i might not be able to because very very, very small, but inside there all that center dash console. You can see the gear stick. Shifter. You can see the gear where you can select. All the dash has been detailed. Even that revision mirror. Hopefully i can get the lighter. It’S got a sticker, so it’s mirrored um so up top here, but very, very, very cool and there’s. A man inside. I love that every car should have a man or a woman. We need it. We need someone driving so love that and then we’ll go to the front. So if you’re watching auto art – and i said this before – if you are watching – please make slot cars again, because this is an old slot car. But it still looks incredible. We’Re going to see how it goes, i don’t care about that. It looks wicked so and obviously you’ve got some very, very good license for cars. I can imagine half of those cars becoming slot cars, so very cool. If you’re a collector grab yourself, some auto art slot cars, you won’t be disappointed. They’Re, really really cool check them out on ebay. Now, as i said before, the website does say slot cars.

The auto art website, but there’s none listed so hopefully fingers crossed. Please email me, auto art. If you are going to make these slot cars but that’s enough about this let’s chuck it on the track and see how good this thing goes. Around alrighty let’s wait for the countdown and look at the stance. What am i standing like that looks like i’m about ready to run a race and off we go into lap one and already looking very fast. Now this is a full drop slot car. So it’s going to be very quick off the mark and through corners being obviously four wheel, drive flat two started. That was a quick first lap handle those corners very, very well great, like straight line, speed and again, if you check the forums uh, some people have flat three. Some people aren’t happy with how these cars perform, but this in particular slot car is very, very good. Extremely good, almost finished lap, three into lap four, this thing’s flying and just handles the corners very well and into the final s’s let’s start lap. Five, bring it home strong, no problems at all. This thing has this: this thing’s blitzing it taking it in its stride. Well, there you go the auto art, lamborghini roadster! Well done Applause! So there we go auto arts lamborghini double of roadster blitz, the lap time doing an 1159 almost up by a second. I think it was scx lancia delta did it in the 1256, so auto art you’re top of the tree you’re the quickest around my track.

So far. I am a little bit surprised. It was very quick. It is four wheel drive which helps but keep in mind. You might hear it in the video, but it wasn’t powering all the time, because the braids weren’t always touching the track being older, braids you’ve got to manipulate them to work on the track, still flew so there’s more in this car uh to get your hands on Some auto art, which i highly recommend, if you’re a slot car, collector and or a diecast car collector. These are incredible: uh, auto arts not making to my knowledge. Their website has the tab, but no car so auto ad. If you’re watching, please make some slot cars, they’re, really really cool, uh, ebay, facebook marketplace and a really cool, instagram page to follow and a shop if you’re in america to go to is electric dreams. I checked their store out and i believe online that they had auto art in stock, so check them out. Electric dreams awesome track awesome shop. I wish we had something local to me like that, but very very cool, so check them out. Also check me out at that slot car guy on instagram thanks heaps for watching something a little bit different tonight, but it was a little bit of fun.