I want to talk about the i 15 and, as you probably saw my video from last week, that i practiced in hampstead track Music, Music Applause. I want you to show a few new things on my car that i tested there and i really liked it and if you have a few more minutes, i will show you what i did in himself and what i did to improve my car. First of all, i want to show you the body shell, that ive been using now its the new extreme c z, one and uh c said one is um, is a completely new body, shell and its a its a real game, changer, because uh already in eigen. I tried this body, shell and i i really liked it. I liked it over the p47. For this weekend i had the pre cut version, so its already pre mounted so already have the holes fixed everything very sharp, very nicely. I ran the standard wing and i felt immediately i had more steering. I had more corner speed and just faster lap time and this body shell. Now i like a lot uh. This is the pre cut version, and the nice thing about this is that in eigen. I i didnt have the pre cut and i measure the the body post to the window screen and it was 76 and actually the pre cut is exactly the same 76 mm. So i think the balance is uh perfectly right, not too much steering its stable and the wing.

The standard wing is quite soft, so you might feel its sometimes a little loose, but again it has a lot of steering and if you really feel i want a bit more stability and you have a non pre cut, you mount it a little bit backwards. For example, 78 millimeter or otherwise you can always try the bigger wing of the extreme hammer body shell, so that was the body shell. Another thing that i tested was the all new smg spring and i tested the 1 8 scale springs on the 110 car. It sounds a little bit strange, but they actually very work very well um the front spring that i use is the smj one 8.0, its a short version and in the rear i ran the smj its a 5.0 spring and compared to the kit spring its a Quite stiff spring, but immediately i felt the car was very stable, had very good steering, corner speed and also with this spring i improved the lap time by 0.1 or 0.2 seconds a lap, so also the smg spring is something that you should try uh. I know its a 1 8 kill spring, its quite stiff, so you need at least a bit of traction. If you are racing on a very low traction track, i really recommend you to use the standard kit spring. They are a little bit softer and also also when you race on super high traction. The standard skid spring work very well or, if youre running on tracks that are sugar, watered the standard spring works.

But this spring, i think it will work on a medium traction. Tracks are not treated by sugar, water and by very long long tracks fast cornering, and i think you will definitely like it.