Well today i have a tiny little mini helicopter here called the m1 from omp hobby now, omp hobby makes the m2 and the m2 looks well. It looks kind of like this one here, the e180 from eachine. If i put the m2 beside this e180, they would look the same. Look at the size difference huge. So this e180 is massive and heavy and powerful and really well made, and this little guy is the same thing, but just a smaller version of this and it’s. Only 118 grams, which is super super light like it’s it’s, the wind would just blow it away, but it’s a 3d helicopter. So you have stability for a beginner like me, because i don’t know how to fly 3d and it’s got brushless motor here for the direct drive system. It is a direct drive and it’s got a brushless motor here on the tail, so high quality all around this thing’s been on the market for a little bit and it’s got rave reviews, people love this and it’s designed for beginners and pros. So if you bought this helicopter and you’re a beginner like me and you kept on flying, it you’d get better and better and better, and you could do all sorts of things and do speed and then start doing some really nice curves and flying sideways. And then you can go up to 3d mode and do flips and everything. Now where is it now mine? I asked the company when they sent it to me because they said here steve you can just bind it to your existing radios.

I have a ton of radios, but just so i didn’t goof something up, i said: hey, can you send me the radio with it? That way? You know i can show viewers that who know nothing like me, could just buy the helicopter and buy the radio and then turn them on and everything works. So they did. And if you look at the radio there’s like next to no switches on it, it’s pretty much straightforward, no display nothing, but all i did is i turned this radio on held down a button on here. It’S, pretty simple, there’s a bind button powered this on. They bind automatically and everything seems to work so i’m going to fly this mostly in stability mode. Now, when i show you but we’ll, take it out later, we’ll get one of my friends to fly it in 3d mode and show you some real helicopter flying all right. Let’S go fly this all right now, i’m down here with the m1 and let’s just take this off our little blades. The first thing we’re going to do is turn on our controller, not a lot of lights on it. You’Ll see some lights up here down here. This tells you the battery power remaining in our little helicopter, so to turn it on press both power buttons. There we go and you can see up here. The blue light is solid and the red light is solid. We’Re set to go make sure our switches are all forward there.

We are and we’re good now, let’s connect the battery in here. This has a nice design inside. If you don’t have this radio, you have other radios like a tx16x by radio master. I don’t know other radios on the market. You can bind them to this it’s very nice, all right, so let’s plug this. In there we go plop it down. Let it stabilize itself now we’re going to put our cover back on put our props out like this. So they’re all nice now you’ll see on here. Hopefully the camera picks it up. You see all the green dots that’s how much power is left in the battery. This thing flies for a very long time. I think it’s, like eight or nine minutes. I could be wrong. The battery is included when you buy it too. You’Ll see that in the unboxing all right. So now i have to find the hold switch on every remote. This is the hold, but i don’t know if it’s down or up so let’s just move this and see what happens. Okay, so it means the switch has to go up. That’S hold so let’s see nothing happens there we are. I can just move the blade so that’s what you want now, with all these switches forward i’m going to assume i’m in stability mode. Let’S uh push this down. If the props don’t spin, then i’ll be in stability mode, so let’s go down. Nothing happens perfect.

All right, i’m in stability mode, i could take it up. Yep that’s stability mode. Oh my god. This thing is so easy to fly, it’s like a little mosquito in the air. Ah, this is nice and it’s pro grade. It is awesome and direct drive too super powerful brushless motors, so this is stability, so it means i’m doing very little inputs on my controller here to fly it and i’m flying around slow in the breeze. So let me just try the uh. Let me see the yaw speed and stability so bring it back, bring it this way. Let’S go yeah, oh yeah, nothing, exciting! Let’S see the speed for up okay, that’s stability and yeah it’s a collective pitch, so in other words, when you drive it into the ground, the props actually reverse to push air upwards, to drive it in the ground faster so that you can destroy it as fast As you possibly can, but this one is super designed not to be destroyed. I don’t think you could break this unless you smash it into concrete or pavement. It has got so many metal parts and designed so well yeah. I don’t think so here. Let me bring it over here to the other cameras. I’Ll fly it over what the other cameras are, so they can see it there. We go come over this way. Go over the tree, got it going the way up, see it’s. So small it’s, so small that you’re just gon na want to uh be very careful with this now i’ve got a guy in a tractor over there.

That i’ve already told once to stay away from me, but let’s see if he comes back so coming along. Let’S see see how close he comes. Watch that thing Music buzz, the tractor guy. There we go. I was kind of worried because i have a gopro sitting over here and he’s playing chicken with it all right, let’s bring it over here, bring it down for landing. Get our fingers ready on the hold switch whoa, all right, so we’re, going to take this out and have jack fly to do 3d flying and show you how this thing really goes. But first let me show you what comes in the box. This is the box. The m1 comes in, and please note that it does come in the colors, orange purple and canary yellow. It is a hard case box that it comes in that you can take to the field everything fits inside very nicely. This is a precision made helicopter out of carbon fiber and aircraft aluminum some plastic parts. It does have brushless motors 290 millimeter blades, even the servos are top quality and the electronics are compatible with most radios on the market. The battery is a 350 milliamp hour, 2 cell lipo battery and you’ll notice. There is only a balance connector on the battery, so they include this balance. To voltage connector for your charging system also included, is an instruction manual for the flight controller. Some spare parts for the servos and some spare handy tools.

If you also order the t6 transmitter comes in a box like this it’s very basic, it is rechargeable, there is no batteries required, one is built in. It has very basic standard switches. Everything works perfectly with the helicopter, and the best feature is that the lights on the bottom, the green lights that go across the bottom, give you the remaining voltage of the battery in the helicopter. Now my radio did not come with an instruction manual. That pointed out what the switches do so i’ve included here, you can just copy this screen and print it out for yourself all right, we’re out here with jack and i’ve, just handed jack, the radio for the omp hobby and we’re sitting here scratching our heads, because I don’t know what all the buttons do on it. I know which one is hold and i know when i flew it before by leaving the buttons forward. I was in stability, mode uh, there’s, a lot of switches. I say buttons: they’re switches, there’s a few switches on it that we’re going to find out jack’s going to flick them all as we fly here, because he i am because he won’t cry. You won’t crash this helicopter. No, and once again, if you watched our last helicopter video, i did bring the mavic air 2s it’s sitting right there and it’s also filming us here so it’s going to grab the helicopter and a few other things so well.

Jack, it’s. All yours, okay, let’s! Go now he’s going to take off in stability mode. I believe i hope so it’s a peppy little thing so yeah stability, oh it’s, very, very gentle – and this does feel like. Like a very uh toy grade controller. You really have to move the gimbals to get it to to move for me a beginner. I found that controller very easy for me because i found the other one when i was doing the eachine. It was too responsive for my abilities to fly so if you’re somebody good at someone good at flying to helicopters, you’d, probably like the better radio. Absolutely you can also bind uh your own uh spectrum, radio or tx16s radio master to this helicopter and use that if you wish so you’re still in stability, stability mode, yes, um go nutso, try, uh, okay, well, let’s, let’s, flip switches, all right, he’s flipped, the switch! Okay, we flipped this switch here. We don’t know what it does. Okay, oh, go all the way up a lot of times: they’re, not okay, that’s, just that’s just increased the the head speed, so that’s your head, speed. Okay! So so maybe i don’t know: okay, you got two other switches to try. Try this one: okay, that’s, how we do okay, so i think now we’re in a little bit of banking yep. Now i think now we’re in 3d mode, so we’ll try doing a little flip and see what happens so.

It flies great. I prefer the 3d mode. I, like the control, we’re good it’s, moving fast for the wind that’s for sure yeah, a little too windy for for something this small. Today, the little helicopters yeah they don’t seem to work as well in the wind. There we go all right, so you saw the flight of this little guy. Hopefully, the cameras could pick it up because it is quite small in size, uh jack and i jack jack, and i were flicking the switches all over the place, trying to figure out what does what you know. We really should read the instructions but either case since jack’s a pro i assumed he knew stability, wise it’s, great um, it’s, a little small it’s a windy day, so it the wind did affect the flight a little bit, but in stability mode you could. You can learn to fly this helicopter it’s it’s, quite nice yeah. When i took this one for a spin. I really liked it and i could fly it around. I had no wind on the day, like not a lot of wind like today, uh when i flew it, so it was fine for me. I could keep it around, but, as we saw here as soon as we went up, the the the wind was blowing harder and this little thing being small jack’s got to keep it in his vision. With the wind blowing it’s doing things. Maybe he didn’t want it to do, but if he has it flying straight, then it flies perfect like when you were zooming in back and forth and doing uh, the ovals and the loops.

It was flying really good, absolutely yeah. I find the controller a little a little toy toy grade so, but but overall, the canopy on this, the parts everything it’s it’s, a very good quality, little heli, and once again, if uh you can order the drone without the controller uh. If you want the controller it binds automatically if you’re a newbie like me uh, but if you already own radios like a radio master tx16s a futaba, a spectrum, then you can connect those to it. I don’t know if you have to add a receiver, but it’s all set up for things like that at least that’s. What it shows in the instructions. Any last words jack not really great little heli, all right, guys so i’m going to put links below to where you can find the m1 they’re very popular uh i’ll, put links below to where you can find the radio as well. In case you don’t have the radio that goes with it that binds automatically if you’re a beginner. Like me, i’m always going to use this radio because i’m a beginner so it’s too easy. I just take it out, flick it on fly it around.