The remote measures eight inches long, two inches wide and one inch thick there are three: are gon na make finger grooves on the underside, so you can hold the remote comfortably starting at the top. You have a dedicated TV power button one and a quarter inch by 58 inch LCD screen, scroll wheel, the Weisse power input, selector menu home and info keys volume and channel selectors navigation keys, mute back rewind and fast forward. Play pause record. Stop for color coded keys. The ten numerical, digits and E keys, all of the buttons on this remote are customizable, so just because they have a symbol or value on them, doesn’t mean you have to use them for that purpose. On the back, you have the infrared blaster at the top, and the batteries for the remote are loaded at the bottom. After installing the batteries you’ll get a prompt on the LCD to connect the sofa baton, smartphone app, so let’s, download and install that now make sure you have Bluetooth, enabled on your smart phone. Then, on the sofa baton, you one remote press and hold the dash and eqi’s until the pairing prompt, appears and connect with your phone select your region, and now we can add a remote to program to the u1, for example, fire TV for this next step. We’Ll need the original fire TV remote and then turn on the fire TV in the fire TV go to the settings, then controllers and Bluetooth devices select other Bluetooth devices, then select the sofa baton and that’s it now on the sofa baton, you won.

You see fire TV on the LCD and I can use navigation buttons to control what’s on my screen. The button presses are responsive and accurate with little to no delay and every feature from the original remote is present, except for the voice command button which won’t work because the sofa baton new one does not have a microphone. However, I can make do without it, because I have an echo speaker in the room which can listen for voice commands and control. The fire TV now let’s, try programming in another remote will pair the remote with the app again and this time select. I are matching for this method. After selecting the devices brand and the vise type point the sofa baton at the device you want to control then tap the blue button on your smart phone screen. If the device responds hit. Yes, if not hit no and try again you’ll keep testing each signal until the device responds when it does tap. Yes, then, the app will automatically send the remote settings to the sofa baton. Nearly any device that uses a remote, including sound systems, air conditioners lights or even toys that use a remote can be programmed into the? U one. Now, if you don’t find the brand of your device in the list, don’t worry, you can manually program the buttons on your remote in by selecting, learn from remote it’ll. Just take a little longer in the app first select. The button you wish to program say power.

It will start flashing on the screen, then press and hold the button on the original remote while pointing it at the IR blaster of the sofa baton. You should see a blue progress bar fill up and when it’s full the programming for that key will be done and you can do another key, sometimes programming. A key will fail because the signal is broken or not strong enough, but you can try again until it gets accepted. Now that we’re done all the blue keys here are programmed and I can name the remote something descriptive like the brand or the device here. You can see that on the u1 LCD I have two devices listed to switch between devices, simply scroll up or down with the scroll wheel to control each device respectively. So now I can control the fire TV then switch devices to change the volume on this projector and switch back and control the fire TV again all with the same remote control, no more juggling two separate remotes. What I really love about this remote is that you can store up to 15 different devices. I also like that, when you pick up the remote, the LCD automatically lights up, you can even sync it with an Apple TV remote. Now, instead of all of these remotes, I can just use the u1 to control all my devices over all the sofa pathan u1 was easy to set up straightforward to program and works really well to help you minimize and organize the amount of remotes you need to Handle for all your devices only once has the u1 remote lost its connection with the fire TV, but I reconnected it pretty easily.

The IR beam is somewhat narrower than some of the original remote controls, though so I found that for some devices I need a pretty good line of sight to the control devices IR receiver other than that I’ve had no problems and fewer remotes mean fewer batteries. I hope you enjoyed this review. You can ask me any questions in the comments.