143Rd scale aim: vassar sullivan lexus, rcf gt3 from the 2019 running of the rolex 24 hours of daytona. Before i get to the review itself, let’s take a look at the packaging. It comes in your standard, acrylic covered packaging, featuring a slip sleeve in the united states, colors uh being that this was a north american based race. It comes in the colors of the united states, spark models on the top there american flag in the top right there sparkmodels.com, of course, all the licensing and information on the bottom of the packaging. It is uh you know, opened up on the ends. Got the american flag on the back spark sparkmodel.com overall it’s, a great packaging. I picked mine. This up from replicars.com link will be in the video description. Good open up, take closer look at it. Now it does come on a base, of course, but i will not re be removing the base got the american flag right there. On the end of course, right here we have lexus rcf gt3, ai, ambassador sullivan. This car finished second in gtd at the 24 hours of daytona in 2019. This is number 146 of only 500 produced, and then here we have the driver lineup for car number, 12. of that running of the rolex 24.. All right so we’ll go ahead and start off on the hood. We have weathertech number 12.. Of course, then we do have your usual contingencies, like the emsa, weathertech sports car championship series, logo and the empty michelin endurance cup series logo.

Next, to that right, under the number 12. got imsa get my little pointer out for this review. We do have impsa right there below this little intake. As i mentioned, there are those uh series logos underneath the 12 and weathertech. We do have really nice molded in a windshield wiper. Here got the lexus right here. Of course, windshield tear off pull tabs here, the green signifying this is gtd on the window banner there. Now, if you aren’t familiar with what the f stands for in the lexus uh rcf, that would be a flagship and uh fuji speedway, because that is a fun fact where the lexus performance vehicle development tests, the car at is in fuji speedway, so fun. Little fact about that, you do have all your little uh hood, uh clamps and everything right there got some air intakes right here on both sides got the lexus logo right. There got some lights down here and some lights right. There got a tow hook in red right there. Of course, we do have. Am i so vassar sullivan racing on either side as well, so that’s really cool. I do really like how they have the uh um tinted, uh, yellow, amber lights there that looks really cool on the car as well. This honeycomb pattern for the livery absolutely is amazing. You do have really nicely detailed carbon fiber down here on the canards on the front, aero, motul and michelin for your contingencies.

Right there we do have michelin branding here on the tire center cap of the lug looks really good. You can see the brakes and everything behind the wheel as well, so that is really cool. You can see right there. If you look really close, you can see the brakes once again. Weathertech number 12 and series logos mobile one down there on the side. Skirt got the vents right here in front of the door as well got the exhaust right here. Of course, we got the score. Uh led uh scoring panel gtd and the rolex 24 at daytona logo memsoil. The no limits database right here. Mobile one got the fueling inlet got the 50th anniversary of imsa right here. Of course, there is the driver lineups on the roof, got the paddle tube right up here on the lexus logo. Once again, the honeycomb pattern throughout looks really good got all the little antennas and everything here on the roof that look great once again, wheel and tire detail on the rear. Looks awesome got martin levinson luxury audio right there, michelin and vp race fuels aim vassar, solvent on the side plates of the wing and on the top of it once again, look at the awesome uh job at the carbon fiber on the wing there. It does even have a wicker bill on the top there back here on the rear of the car. We do have inserted details for your tail lights and my solvent racing gtd number 12.

Once again, of course, underneath the number 12 we do have another uh tow hook, rear diffuser looks nicely detailed in carbon fiber as well and underneath the wing there. We have lexus on the back of course, lexus on and everything on the bottom of the wing. You can see part of the roll cage in the rear window there right side of the car is more or less the same as the left side. No major differences really, except for the fact that it’s on the opposite side, but we do have, as i mentioned, the background of the number is in green. The mirrors are green, the windshield banner is green and the end plates of the wing are also green, signifying this is a gtd car, so overall it’s a really great piece. I this thing was long sold out and i missed out on it, but luckily uh ruffle cars found one left in stock in inventory. So i grabbed it. You can find these hopefully uh on ebay now, but they sold out pretty quick car number 12 and its team car did so. If you’re looking for this look, hard, you’ll eventually find it but yeah. That is my review of the aim. Vassar sullivan racing lexus, rcf gt3 gtd car from the 2019 running of the 24 hours at daytona. If you enjoyed this review, get a thumbs up subscribe for more. I post new diecast reviews throughout the week so be sure to click the bell for notifications.

You can find me on instagram at jasonastrange69, so hopefully you enjoyed this one. I love reviewing spark models, they’re, really detailed and that’s. Always a fun thing to feature in these videos.