So, although it’s a little bit wet, i know that it’s waterproof. However, the speedflow that i’ve got isn’t waterproof or wasn’t this morning anyway, so what i’ve decided to do is let’s turn that music thanks a little bit loud. What i’ve decided to do is encase it in a little bag. Now, luckily enough for me, i’ve had a heat sailor at home for the last couple of weeks, i’ve been working at home, so i use the heat sealer just to seal this in a bag or as best i can anyway. So it’s got a little bit of protection, so we’re going to take the 144 double one. Shrug here, run it on 3s and see what top speed we can get because i’ve been waiting for. Well ever since i’ve done the conversion to see how fast it is. I’Ll be happy with over 50 miles an hour and i’ve also got the lcd uh in the bag as well. So let’s go over to my car park and uh yeah we’ll go from there for a gap in the fence there. We are nice car park over here. It’S got lots of space, i’ll set myself up in the middle, hopefully you’re, not seeing many people let’s take over already so we’ll go down and find some spice. It might get chopped out. Okay, all right so we’re over in the park. We’Ve got quite a lot of room, as you can see down there all out here.

I’Ve just got ta be careful of these kerbs. She needs to wait for the satellites to come in on the speed fleet and we should be good to go so this does take a little while guys so i’ll come back once the uh speed. Please pick up the satellites. Okay, so we’ve got satellites, it’s all zeroed out i’m, hoping that this will do over 50, but it’s very wet, so there’s a good chance, i’ll, probably just crush it. So we’ll see what happens i’m, just gon na pop that in there try and tuck all these wires out of the way i’m hoping my steering mod last night has held up zero in there at the moment. So just put these pins in grip, he’s quite cold out this morning, but i won’t be doing any off road. Speed runs today because it’s very cold just make sure the steering’s all working yeah. It is okay. Let’S right put that down i’m going to get some full pass, runs on there so see. If we can go back down without wheeling feed. The powering i don’t even get some good runs out of it. So i’m hoping we’re gon na hit 50 miles an hour. Okay, that’s about four speed runs speed passes so let’s give it let’s see what we got hoping for over 50. let’s have a look i’m over here, 50 miles an hour. I’M happy 56. Look at that 56. wow that’s, pretty cool, okay, let’s, swap it out video! So you should wait and see what happens with that best of being fair, i’m going to charge the um 3s back up.

So luckily enough, i’ve got a um 3s battery that i use for my crater, which is a 5 000 milliamp um. So i can plug that straight into my charger here and charge it to side of the road so uh yeah it charges back up and we’ll see how it goes with the lc racing. Hopefully we can get close to 50. I know it’s not as fast as the 144, but i’ll be happy if the lc also does 50 miles an hour or as close as so let’s get this done just waiting for that battery to charge guys just want to show you the gps that i’m using This is new to the market. This is called a speed flee and there are only weighs 9 grams, so it’s perfect for small vehicles or small planes. Cars boats, it’s got surface mode, it’s got rocket mode, it does miles per hour. Kilometers knots you can set it up to do pretty much any speed run that you want um, obviously for doing the cars i’m using surface mode. These are, like i say, they’re a new company to the rc scene, it’s a very good product, it’s cheaper than a um sky, rc um gps unit. So if you want to see where you can get one of these um, i must also actually mention beforehand. These are produced in the uk, so if you’re in the uk and you buy one of these, obviously the support is going to be a lot better than if you had a trouble um like skyrc unit.

Instead of trying to send it back to china, if you’ve got a problem with this, you send it back to the uk so very impressed with this. So far, um, like i said, the only thing that sort of lets it down is the fact that um, you know it’s not very well protected, but i suppose that’s the cost that they’re paying when you get in such a light unit. So you know, like i said, it’s ideal for boats and um planes. Planes, mainly obviously, because where weight sort of um is is a big factor. So if you want to see where you can get one of these, you need to visit www, dot, hyphen and the guys over there will um take care of you. They’Ve also got a page on facebook, so make sure you check that out as well guys. Okay! Well, the battery on that is now charged it’s, just starting to rain. So it’s come at a good time, i’m, just gon na. Let that sit there and get it satellites and find out where i put my body pins, which are under here so let’s wait for that to pick up some satellites and we’ll go hopefully with this and, like i said before, i’ll be happy with. This is over 50. um, i don’t know if it will be, but uh hey, we’ll, give it a go and see what happens so three satellites at the moment – we’ve literally just plugged it in so it’s coming in pretty quick, hopefully it’ll get to six satellites, which I think is what it’s needed before it starts recording.

So here we are at four now let’s just plug this in and let the esc get the fan going here. We are six satellites. Six satellites bangs come straight in that’s, good let’s, just let that efc get to speed with a fan pop. This back on and, like i say, i’m, not expecting this to be anywhere near as quick as the 144, but you never know so. Let’S put that pin back in as well make sure it’s zeroed out, then, if you guys can see in there it’s a 0.00 max so let’s just pop that down. There got no one in the car park, which is good, so let’s just take it up here and look behind us yep, no one, there let’s see if we can hit 50 on this. That looks faster today come back down. This is running the monster truck tyres which aren’t the best, but it seems to be holding up all right. So the good thing with this is that you can just pin it straight whoa, okay, i think i spoke too soon there, which is about so you can, pin it and it won’t wheelie, so we’ll flip that back over that speedplay is intact, which is good. I want to do a few speed runs on this just to get the lipo warmed up, because obviously it’s quite cold out today, it’s only about five degrees. Let’S do another one up this way, and hopefully it won’t come over again.

Willian feed the power. In my fault, i might come back down again actually let’s bring that in and see what we’ve got okay moment of truth. Is this anywhere near as quick as the 144? Well that’s interesting? How you doing you can see yourself! 58.9 yep got another one in there. We’Ve just done, which was 56 yeah, and i thought that one was quicker, so it’s actually proved to be wrong. It is pretty quick, okay, i’m going to reset that, because 58.9. I want to try that again because i’m, not convinced that was 58.9. I see the battery’s a little bit slower now, but 58.9 close to 60 miles an hour. Well certainly did not expect that. I really did not expect that to be quicker. Just goes to show you that, even if you think an rc is quicker just by looking at it you’re wrong or you can be wrong in my case, i was very wrong. This is 2.2.9 miles an hour faster. That is uh yeah. Well, i must address the elephant in the room here, actually because my last video that i done at this particular point um at this car park, i did say that i preferred the 144 um and the reason i said that was because it looked faster and to Be fair on the last video it was now. The reason being is that my slipper clutch, when i built this, i wasn’t clever enough to the grease all the surface on the uh on the contact pads, so i’ve actually rebuilt it and it it definitely looks like it’s uh it’s done its job uh by rebuilding A slipper clutch so 58.

9. Does that mean this has got 60 miles an hour in it or was it the crash flipping it over? Did that cause a glitch so pop that back in which it is pop back in it’s all zeroed out let’s go again. No one down there, which is good let’s, pin it see what happens where’s, that person down in their dog, okay let’s bring that in, because i think that person over there wants to get past let’s try again let’s, see what’s let’s, see if we’ve got 50 again. I don’t believe it 59.7. That is ridiculous. Well, there you go guys just because something looks faster, doesn’t mean it is, and that’s been proved today. This has got 60 miles an hour in it. I know it has 60 miles an hour from an lc racing trolley. So the people out there that have been building the 144 double ones and saying that they’re faster and all that that is literally just blowing that theory, i think, out of the water because 60 miles an hour from one of these, i think uh redrock’s rc. I think he was only getting about 51 with his, so i don’t know if he’s running it on different uh surface to get that but 59.7 on an lc racing, triage 3s and that’s a 400kv that’s ridiculous i’m. So happy right guys! Thank you very much for watching and uh yeah be sure to check out my other videos and i’ll see you next time.