So this video is about the speed rc cars by robbie, gordon and they’re, the stadium super trucks. Sst, so this is the speed rc cars, sst and uh it’s an awesome. Little truck i’ve done a couple upgrades to it: it’s fast, it’s, really fast, it’s, fun, it’s, uh, it’s, a 1 14 scale, so yeah there. It is speed, rc cars, and this is the yellow, menards version. I don’t know if they have this yellow one available anymore, but they do have the napa paint scheme. They have the orange speed energy robbie, gordon body. They have. I think they have the uh blue one still, and then they have the mad max, which is like an all colorful one, which is robbie gordon’s, son’s paint scheme and he’s racing in these now so in the stadium super truck series, so yeah and uh. So here it is let’s, take a look boom, it’s an awesome cool little truck. I did change the wheels and the tires they’re they’re, the ones that come on it, but um yeah. So i put some aluminum parts on. I ordered these. I don’t know where i actually ordered the parts from they do have replacement parts on their website, but they’re, just all stock ones, and i wanted some aluminum pop ups. So i went ahead and ordered those off of a website. I don’t know the name anymore, but they’re from china. You know so it took a while for them to get here too, took like three months for these parts to get here, but they fit on really well and uh.

They performed well, and you know once you drive this thing around on the road. A lot tires, wear out, you’re, slipping and sliding you need new ones. So i went ahead and ordered those too. I got a heatsink for the motor. This is a big breast motor for the size, truck you’re, actually driving here so it’s, a big motor for this truck and it’s fast. This thing they say it can go 40 miles an hour and i believe it because it’s insane to drive it’s. You can turn the speed down like if you have a little kid driving it, you could turn the there’s a knob that’s, the speed, control knob and you can turn it down. But if you, when you turn all the way up, it is hauling butt and you will flip and crash. This thing does wheelies like crazy, it’s, fun, really fun truck to drive, and i included all the videos that i have of it before this. So you already saw the videos of what she can do and all the wheelies that she does and they include a ramp actually in the box too, and i i think there was some videos of that as well. Yes, there were of me jumping off the ramp when i first got the truck and i live in southern california, so robbie gordon’s shop is in orange california, and when i bought this, i went there to buy it and they were super nice at the shop.

Super cool uh i when i did break my differential, i just went in there and they had extra parts with them or they said they could send it from north carolina, their other shop there, and so the guy was super nice at the robbie, gordon motorsports shop. In orange california, i bought it. I did buy an extra body too, which is upstairs and i bought the orange robbie, gordon one. I haven’t even ran it yet because i’ve just been running this one i’m. I taped this one out a little bit. You know, but i mean for the beating this thing has taken. The body has lasted very good. It spends a lot of time on the roof when you flip it it just slides on the roof a lot. The only parts that i’ve worn out are right by the number plate there and this when i backed it into stuff like the curb but other than that, the body’s pretty strong, and this is a fun truck. I would suggest picking one up because they’re super fun and uh, for i think they’re, 150 and uh. It is a little expensive i’ll give you that, because i mean i’ve seen similar trucks that you can get for cheaper. But if you want to get the similar truck and put this body on it, the bodies are 20 bucks, you’d, probably be spending just around as much as what you would spend. If you got this and the body so just get the speed, rc cars and you’re, you know if you’re a fan of robbie, gordon you’re, going to be supporting him and his sst stadium super trucks and his uh speed, rc cars company.

So you know, i’ve been a robbie, gordon fan for a long time. I’Ve been watching him race, since he was in indy cars in the late 90s and my dad has always been a fan of him off road racing. And then i liked him in nascar as well, and then i uh once he left nascar and started up the stadium super trucks. I’Ve been all about it. I watched them at the long beach, grand prix and i’ve seen them at they used to race. At the orange county fairgrounds, the sans sports super show they put on some great shows there. They race at lake, elsinore a couple times. I didn’t make it to that one, but hopefully, when this uh covid ends, they uh get back to it. I know they’re already starting up again. They had a race in australia this year in 2021 they had uh a race at st pete with the indy car, and they are also coming to long beach again at the long beach grand prix in september 2021. So that’s gon na be fun. Hopefully they get back to another uh single socal date like the sansport super show, or lake elsinore or baseball field. Again. Anything like that would be cool because we did lose the lucas oil off road truck series. They went out of business last year, which is really a bummer, because that was one of the best racing series we had here in southern california, really cool awesome racing and uh you could meet the drivers, you know give them high fives right after the race.

It was really cool down to earth feel but i’m uh bummed that they’re gone so hopefully the stadium super trucks. They step it up and get going again when california allows them to have some more events which, hopefully will be very soon so yeah that’s uh. Basically, my review on the speed, rc cars and that’s awesome it’s fun to drive, go pick one up, speed, rc dot, that’s, where you can buy it or if you’re in southern california, you can hit them up on their instagram page and you can pick one up At the shop in orange california, robbie gordon motorsports so hit them up check it out, they’re, fun, great little car for you know, beginner or if you’re, just looking to have fun in the yard or the street or whatever totally cool car go pick.