Look at that that’s sick! Oh, it looks really fast. Yes, indeed, all right, let’s take a nice look at this. Oh, i, like the spoiler, oh yeah, it’s around eight inches long five inches wide here, whoa wait. It has two bodies nice, so you can put this one on here too. It also comes with the battery pack, which gives it a charge time of around 90 minutes and a play time around 20 to 30 minutes. It also comes with a nice control system that gives it a control range of around 164 to 262 feet. It is nice and easy looking to use Music and it takes two double a batteries, so let’s charge it and we’ll take it outside of the park to give it a nice run test see you there. Here we are at the park ready to test these cars out. We actually bought two of them i’m running the orange orange and blue one. I will be racing. The black and red one let’s get this started: Applause: Music, i’ll, try, Music! You here on concrete! This thing’s actually really fast and agile. I mean it’s pretty speedy. It keeps its traction really. Well, i mean it’s got some good little motivation, it’s a nice little car. So now let’s try it on different Music Applause surfaces. So we are on grass right now. The cars were, but you should probably avoid the high Music be ground here. We are on wood chips, though the car is still kind to drive.

It’S more, like bringing roller skates to an ice skating ring now. We’Re gon na test the cars on a triathlon race of all three surfaces: grass, concrete and wood chips – let’s see who’s the victor Music. Thank you guys for watching. If you liked the video be sure to like and subscribe and leave a comment below. If you liked this car you’ll be able to find it in the description below it’s only 19.99 for a nice little durable car, uh it’s got a nice charge. Time too so gave it a lot of fun with the whole family.