This is definitely one of the cool vehicles from Return of the Jedi was first introduced into Return of the Jedi, but I’m gon na take a look at it, and my kids are now you’re gon na see some footage of my kids and I having fun with It so let’s take a look all right, so here we have the remote control, speeder bike from Star Wars and, of course, from Air Hogs and Spin Master, and this is the remote control unit itself right here you can kind of see it goes forward backwards and Then kind of right here, you can kind of see the different arrows going left to right or kind of spinning around. This is where the road over here comes the different, sound effects that are from the movie. It takes three this that remote control unit itself takes three Triple A batteries. You put right there and then you can kind of see the screw over here. I jus that I’m gon na zoom in on that, and you that also right over here in this, the top part of a speeder bike that has three Triple A batteries as well, so six total and all and the sights and sounds you’re gon na see. With my daughters and I playing with it, you’re gon na see it in action. It’S really cool. The detail on here is coming right off. Of Return of the Jedi, of course, is a scout trooper that you’ve seen kind of chasing Leia and Luke through the forest.

Moon of Endor and they have three wheels too in the back and then one right here. It’S kind of this is where it allows you to go in different directions and zigzag. And, of course, the detail on this, like I said, looks like it came out of right out of the movie. My kids had a blast. I had a blast and it’s really cool to be a Star. Wars fan right now, just in the fact that there’s a lot of cool toys – and this is definitely one of them – so cool holiday gift item put under the Christmas tree – it sells for about thirty four. Ninety nine. You can get it at Amazon Target Toys, R, Us Walmart, which is going to spin master comm check out where you can get these fine products and, like I said you, you and your kids are gon na – have fun kind of either recreating the different scenes. From Return of the Jedi, or, if you pick up a couple of them, you guys can race. This is for indoor use is what they are recommending and I would say if you have a flat carpet area or a flat surface that works best, but I mean it does work here and there on a thick carpet or you know some carpet in general, but I would say, for the best part to get the you know to get the speeder bikes going as fast as they did in return the Jedi, I would probably say you know kitchen floor tile floor.

That would be the best bed hardwood floor. Those that would zoom across so have fun with that. When you pick these up for you and your kids and as always, may the force be with you and now we’re gon na check out some footage of me and my daughters playing with the remote control, speeder bike from Star Wars and Air, Hogs and Spencer. You guys think so far, so there you have. It hope you liked the review that my daughters and I did for the Air Hogs remote control, speeder bike from Star Wars definitely had a blast.