This vehicle does have features we’ve seen before 360 degree, spins check upside down racing yep we’ve, seen flips done action before extreme willies we’ve got it covered what I haven’t seen hovering affected. I am anxious to see that in action I, like the majority of sharper image, remote control vehicles, all your instructions right here on the panel, no bulky instruction meals, we weren’t go read anyway. What you need to know is: it requires six double a batteries for the vehicle and nine volt for the remote and here’s the operating instructions. Now that I’ve got that covered let’s head in action, Music, Music, Music and now for my rating performance, I give it a 5. It doesn’t always respond when you hit the controllers, and sometimes it kind of does a weird thing. Even when you’re not touching it but ease of use, it’s, definitely a 7. It was not hard to figure out it all and fun. It was definitely fun.