The batman from the 2022 film today were taking a look at the spin masters 120 scale. Batmobile rc batmobile theres, going to be two versions of this theres, a larger scale, one which i think has certain features and i think, light up features as well. This smaller one here is priced at 19.99, requires five double a batteries and has a little remote control in there with it. So well, look at the packaging really quick, so you have the similar red and black packaging like theyre doing for the batman. You know for all the merchandise that theyre doing and press uh, you have an artwork right there of batman on the side, an image of the actual batmobile right on the bottom left and then on the side. You can see the back of it and then its got a little bit of instructions and then right over here too it tells you, you know the directions that you can use it on the controller, another image of the batmobile, this isnt, what it looks like in The image that would be cool if it really did look like that, but it doesnt and then theres the front. You can see the front grille and the headlights, but its unfortunately doesnt have any light up features, but i believe the larger scale one does. So. What were going to do is open. This up were going to test it out and were also going to do some comparisons, so it does come with some instructions, so i definitely recommend you guys take a look at that.

It also comes with a tiny little controller that is going to help you control this. Its got a bat logo right in the center, and then we have the batmobile. So this is, you know what it actually looks a lot better out of package when you take it out. Uh like i said it would have been way cooler if it did have some light up, features to it no doors open. None of this opens so you cant fit a little figure in there theres the bottom of it. This is where the batteries are going to go on and off switch. You got some uh. Are these rubber tires? Yeah theyre kind of like rubber tires the wheels they do turn the back ones. You can see here its got a really thicker tires in the back, but overall i do like the design on this, its its obviously plastic heres, the the top of the back. Look at that and then you have the tail lights. This is so cool. This is where the fire comes out. Actually the fire comes out in like different parts of the car. The window is really tinted on this, like tinted black, so that looks awesome and then theres the top of the hood here. So i do like the design on this. I know a lot of people are bagging on this design. They say it doesnt look like the batmobile, but you guys got to remember this.

Is year, two batman, hes, not gon na, have the batmobile that we love. You know when hes older right off the bat hes just hes just not gon na, but this is definitely cool for a 20 price tag. So let me bring out the other version, thats 30 made by also by spin masters, and this one does have a light up features. I did a review on it guys if you havent seen it so just to show you guys a comparison. I mean this one here is obviously way way way, bigger in scale a little bit more on the detailed side. Let me pick the camera up, so you guys can see it so its way more detailed um i got ta say though i do like the black color on the the rc one. I think the rc one, the color on it actually looks pretty good turn it to the back. You can see the this one, this ones way more detailed and then, like i said this, one has like light up features and whatnot and then right over here, you can see a little bit of a comparison with the four inch scale. Spin masters batman figure. So i mean this one goes with this. You can actually put him inside here, but if you wanted to display him next to the rc one, i think it could kind of work. I mean he is a little bit too big either way for this, but i mean for like maybe far away shots or something it does.

It does work in a certain and this to a certain extent, you can kind of pair this up together. So on the left, this one is going to control the wheels the back the real the rear wheels. So you can go forward and back on these here and then the one on the right, which is my right that controls to turn the tires. So let me show you see that so now were gon na. Do a test run on this bad boy to see how fast it really goes lets go. I got brad brad on the controllers here, whoa whoa, whoa hows, it yeah its a little. It takes a little a little bit to control your out of focus here, get in there get the shot here. How fast you think this goes. Okay, doing donuts try to come to the camera. Oh nice! Stop there! Nice! All right so were gon na. Do a test run here were gon na see if this can survive coming down this little ramp that we made if brad can get this to work correctly. Youre gon na need some speed. Look at the poor guy come on. Batman lets go go there. It is. Oh, he did it all right. So what were going to try is now going up it. So lets lets see. Oh no, it needs to go faster. Its struggling all right lets see if we can do it lets see. If we can do it, come on little guy push.

Ah, oh close, no, i wont do it. It doesnt have enough power. I got you were testing to see how it rides on like a rocky terrain. Hows it right there in the cracks yeah. It gets. Okay, its not but its, not too bad right watch out for the water, oh nice driving all right, so it looks like it rides on on uh on rocky roads, all right guys, and there is my review quick little review on the. What is this 120th? I think thats, what it is. The 120th scale rc spin master batmobile from the 2022 film coming up its pretty cool for the price point for 19.99. It doesnt have a lot of torque in it uh we tried riding on the grass we couldnt film it because it was too dark im filming this at night and um. It would get stuck in the grass i can ride on the dirt for the most part and in rocky areas, but, like i said it does not have a lot of torque and its not that fast, but i think for any batman, collector or for kids. You know this is definitely going to be something that youd want to get them and its pretty affordable at 19.99. This thing is completely wet at the bottom because it was riding in the grass, but i actually do like it and it can go in scale for the most part. With the four inch figures now, i am going to eventually pick up the larger scale one and i think the other one too has like some power to it, where it actually lifts up from the front.

If i remember correctly on the engines – and i think it does have images – and i think it does have some light up features, so let me know in the comments down below if its a pickup is it a pass and if you guys are enjoying all of These batman, 2022 movie reviews thumbs up the video share, the video we will see you soon guys.