This is not my rc boat, it belongs to my brother, but he uh gave me allowance to like use it. So we’re gon na be reviewing this today um i’m in a state park. We came here by bike, so uh today, we’re gon na be reviewing the following topics: we’re going to be reviewing like the parts inside our sibo we’re, going to talk about like batteries like what kind of battery you can use for this uh. The steel, like the type of our people like how it looks and stuff like that speed movement and then we’re gon na talk about my rating for the first people. Okay, guys let’s go to the first talk Music, so the first topic on our list is parts. So uh, how are we going to open the boat there’s a little uh knob down here if you own, the sarcebo you’re, probably uh, seeing this before? Obviously, because i mean like how you’re supposed to drive it um, so we open the lid and we have the part and the battery goes in right here. You have to strap to uh strap the battery in so it doesn’t like fall loose while you’re driving it uh. We have the engine right here. I don’t know what type of engine this is. Then we have a spectrum, s603 uh and then down here. We have like the parts you can look at them yourself right here guys if you’re interested just have like a look right here at the parts.

You can pause the video at this place and have a look at them. Okay, so those are the parts in the rc boat, so our next topic uh is going to be the battery type, so you can actually use uh two types of batteries. I think i use two types of batteries. I use one time nimh and then i use uh this one hold on guys this one right here. I use this battery uh it’s speedpak, 2400 it’s a mah battery a nimh 2. Oh, so this one has like a different kind of top. This one looks like this, so it matches up with this one, but if you have a battery which looks like this, let me get it out right now. If you have a battery with like this type of ending, then you have like adapter like this, which you can just actually clip on, wait guys. Let me just quickly get the battery right out of my backpack hold on okay. There we go! So if you have this type of battery with this type of ending, you can use like one of these adapter things, and you can just clip them right on here and then you clip them in and then you can use this ending and then you can put Them in here and then you can also use these types of batteries. Okay, guys so third topic on our list. We’Re going to be reviewing is like the type of bow like steel of the boat.

Okay, so it’s a speed boat, you might have noticed um i’ll put a picture of the packaging up on the screen: i’m gon na upload it as my thumbnail or maybe i’m just gon na, like put it on the screen right now, so uh it’s, pretty fast Boat it’s, nice going. It goes through the water water really smoothly. If there’s, wind and the boat like goes against one. It still works really well it’s like just chops on the water it like does a few nice jumps, it’s a really nice boat. I think the design is really nice. They have like these vents up here, like a sticker of a vent um really fast, the model is called stealthwake uh. I don’t know what type of stuff like i don’t remember. I think there was a number and it’s from provo company, so yeah at the back. Here we have like the fins and this one like steers the boat, this one’s, the propeller, oh yeah. It goes pretty fast. This boat we’re gon na be looking at the speed when we put it into the water, so yeah let’s move on right to the next topic. So our next topic now is actually gon na, be speed, guys so i’m gon na be testing the speed let’s just get this right ready or maybe i can just film how i put the battery inside this rcbo, so we’re gon na take the battery guys so We’Re gon na take the battery and we’re going to put it right in here into this little thing that i uh told you guys about before, and then what we’re gon na do is we’re gon na strap the battery in with this little cord right here.

This one uh yeah we’re gon na, take it we’re gon na put it in here like this. So this is how the end result should look like this um move the battery a bit backwards made. It maybe make it a little bit tighter because it’s a bit loose – i just recognized so i’m, just gon na – take this off again, maybe fast forward a bit later. Okay, so we’re gon na move this a bit back, pull this a bit there we go and then we’re gon na tighten this up. So now the battery’s tight it it won’t really move around. While you drive you’re, just gon na take this part you’re, just gon na take this part and you’re gon na take this one and you’re just gon na take these and put them together like this. Okay, we got this in we’re gon na. Take the lid and we’re just gon na take it right in here when you guys take the lid out, as you just saw here. We have like this little orange thing here. We have this orange thing, so don’t be don’t. Just put it up like that, you could break this off just like smoothly slide it out a bit and then take it up so we’re gon na close this tightly again, so the lid doesn’t fall off uh yeah. We have it like. Oh, i forgot to turn it on huh: okay, guys we’re gon na get the remote once we have the remote we’re gon na switch it on right here on button we’re gon na turn on the remote first.

So in case uh we turn on the rc boat. Doesn’T just start spinning goes crazy. Uh, you always switch on the rc boat before you put it in water just for safety, so it doesn’t like fly away. So we can see. Now this is our sea boat and the batteries where you this is like only for steering, trim and throttle how fast it goes, uh, not not really important uh. The only thing you should know is this is the steering wheel here’s. This is the steering wheel, and this is gas. Okay, so we’re going to close the lid again and we’re going to shut it up and then we’re going to place it right in the water. So we’re going to take the rc boat and we’re going to place it into the water right here make sure it doesn’t scrape the floor too much yeah there. We go right now: it’s in the water, okay, perfect we’re, going to take it. We’Re gon na get the remote control there’s the rc boat and we’re gon na drive it so yeah. There we go uh. The speed is pretty fast. You have a full battery, it’s! Really fast uh, if the battery’s a bit low uh, i suggest you only drive your rc boat with a full battery or because it’s slow without a full battery. It goes pretty fast, i’m gon na test. The full speed right here guys. So this is how fast it goes on.

First be pretty fast. I would say guys so we’re gon na turn around come back right here. You can look at the design in the water now. This is how it looks in water, pretty nice yeah. So this is how it looks in water, and this is how it drives pretty fast. I would say only thing you got to be careful about is when you’re like in a stone, uh stone place if you’re not like on um like a you’re not like on the ocean, or something like that. If there’s like a sand floor, i guess it’s fine to drive close to shore, because sand will kind of protect the bottom of the boat. But if you’re like at a rocky place, i don’t suggest driving too close to sure, because it could scratch your bottom and uh. If you’re a person who really cares about how the rc boat looks, then i suggest you just do what i say, because otherwise you’ll just completely scratch your whole boat and that won’t look that nice there we go it drives fast. There we have the scene of our sibo driving uh yeah, okay, there’s, our sea boat. Another look from the front okay! So now we’re nip my paper just found the water okay. So next one is rating. So my rating for this is five stars. Uh yeah five star rating it’s, a pretty nice boat or maybe i’ll uh, well, yeah, it’s, five stars, four or four and a half, maybe i’ll, take half a point off.

Well, the design, i must say, is not really that like they could have added a bit more detail to the boat, but speed really nice movement. Really nice everything looks really nice on this boat. I totally suggest buying this boat it’s, really nice uh, yeah that’s. All i have to say to this topic if you guys want more rc stuff review, like anything like, i have a rc truck at home. We have a few tt, 0 1e t 02 rc cars. We have desert racers home.