I know you've read the title already. You know it's a scam alert. I want to alert you to a scam. I see going on in my 1600 videos that I've produced on YouTube since 2008. I have never had to do a video like this and it hurts me to do so, because I don't like to hear that people are getting scammed and I'm gon na get to the scam in a moment. But first I want to give you a little bit of background that's going to have some relevance on the situation. My name is Aaron Baraka I've been making videos since 2008 about the radio control hobby cars, trucks, planes, semi, trucks, tanks. You know if it's radio controlled I've probably done a video on it, and my videos have been seen a lot. 250 of my videos have been seen over a million times each, and so thank you to the Hobby community and to the world out there for making me a trusted source of information and a place for you to go to feel safe and to have some normalcy. What am I talking about right now? Look at this here's, an ad on vit on Facebook. Another one I've been battling these time and time again under some just random account that's made up they're, hiding their actual URL, saying that this is an ultimate monster truck and that when you go there you can buy it for 49 or 50 or a hundred and Fifty dollars whatever it is, that is not the case.

This is a 1200 truck when you, when you are looking at this video. This is a manufacturer's, video, they're, stealing a whole bunch of videographers videos to actually lie to you and to get you to buy into something that's, not real. This is the manufacturer's video Traxxas at the skate park, here's mine on a mudding adventure with my buddy Everett. The fifth scale boss, and on top of it there's my face giving you a thumbs up, I got ta tell you. After all, the hard work out there we've done to become a trusted and valuable source for you guys to know that this logo right here means something to you guys. That means something to me and I feel a great sense of responsibility to let you know that when you're going out and you're online these ads – and they seem to to good to be true, it is the cliche is a clich for a reason. If you see this logo, if you see this face, it's going to be on my youtube channel or on my facebook and it's not going to be selling you a product direct, I don't sell RC products. I never have sold our CE products once in a while. I'Ll have a working partner where I will partner with somebody to have their product on the show, but I will always tell you when that happens in the video that I did these mashups of videos that you're seeing that looks too good to be true.

They'Re there to steal your money. Please share this video right now. If you know anybody out there that could use this help, prevent them from getting scammed that's.