Where were talking about that massive topic, the hop ups for your rcs. Yes, it can be a bit of a controversial one, so were gon na push through it, and then you can, let me know in the comments below ill, try and cover all aspects. If i can, i have my own opinion, but on this show basically im gon na try and put it to you and you guys can tell me what you think right so hop ups. Are they a big con? Well, where do i even start with this? So lets try and break it down a little bit. So lets start with the races. Okay. So if you are an out and out racer and you spend big money on race buggies and you spend lots of time cleaning and improving and testing and setting geometry and then getting up and going out and racing every week, then obviously hop. Ups are very important to races because youre trying to eke out as much speed as possible, so speed versus cash. Obviously you want to go faster and faster, so you buy hop ups to make the buggy faster. Does that mean they should buy every hop up? Well, obviously, not because weight is an issue if you start having more weight, then that can be a problem as well. So well put that to one side because thats a very different sort of subject and really its easy to justify spending as much money as possible to get the fastest buggy as possible to get the best results.

Obviously youre driving, maybe the the weakest link in that. But hey so its very easy to justify it for races. But what about everybody else that massive amount of people who dont go racing but like rc, like tinkering with their cars, collect them and then drive them out in the street or at the park or whatever? In their garden, well its a big con, it really is and im going to tell you why and how im going to convince you is this: when you manufacture a product, you can make it as good as possible, but obviously youre working to a price point and The cynical side of you would think. Well if i dont make it perfect or i find theres flaws in my product, not catastrophic floors but a few floors, then i can maybe sell upgrades to make me more money. Also, the uh bringing out option parts to then improve the product that ive sold. You is another way to have a big revenue stream and its a massive revenue stream for the big manufacturers. They probably make more profit from the aftermarket upgrades than they do from the actual products itself. Does that mean its bad? Well, no, not necessarily it costs an absolute fortune to bring something like this to market and the odds of getting a return on your investment from the designing from the uh production to the shipping to all the logistics, all the people you need to produce it.

You need to optimize your profit, and parts like upgrade. Parts is a great way to do that, so we can look at it that way the uh option and upgrade parts are helping fund standard kits that we get, but from a manufacturing point of view, hop ups are a fantastic product line and a big profit margin. One thing that ive come to learn over a lot of time messing around with these buggies. The amount of precision thats required in these buggies is way higher than you think its very easy to make an aftermarket part, but to get it to perform as good as the part is replacing, let alone better. The precision thats required is massive because its so easy to produce a part that actually makes things worse and thats one thing uh speaking from experience with this, i upgraded this to inch of its life. It has full metal everything its got oil diffs in it. Its got a metal drive line from pinion to hub, and some things have helped and other things have actually made things a lot worse, because the precision wasnt there theres lots of upgrades on this car from all different manufacturers from well known brands to cheap and cheerful And yes, you can see that in some aspects of this buggy alone – and this buggy taught me a lot about hop ups and upgrades personally. So, when youre buying an upgrade a hop up, youve got to be a little bit careful because you might be putting something on the car.

Thats cost you more money, theres actually going to be making the product worse. So, as you can spend almost the buggy price itself in upgrade parts, why do we do it? Well, i think if you actually are honest with yourself, unless youre racing theres a few factors that are going to make you buy upgrades one, you break something. So you decide to swap it out with something thats stronger or better. Be that from a looks point of view or a performance point of view, but i think the driving force from a human being point of view is we want to have something and make it better and we want to have it better than others. And we like to have those extra bits its just in us. I think personally, so i think thats, where it kind of comes from that we just like to upgrade things and add different bits and pieces, especially when theres a big list of parts out there and were like oh yeah and those kind of upgrade parts usually are Only sort of 20 30 pound each so or let you can get upgrades from 10 pound all the way up to sort of 30 40 pound. So it doesnt feel like a big investment right off where it ends up costing a fortune is when you buy 15 to 20 upgrades, and suddenly you realize you spent a large amount of money. So it is easy to get into buying hop ups, because you can just buy one now and then buy one in two weeks time and you dont feel the pain as much as if you just go out and buy the whole thing now.

Do i think you should buy no hop ups, of course not, but they you need to actually look at what youre getting for that hop up. What is it actually doing for your money now? The best way that i found for upgrades and ive changed over the time. If you look at say this is one of my very early buggies that i had versus what i have now and i build now theres a few things. I do very differently. I actually tend to now look at upgrades that are going to fix a fundamental problem with that kit. Is it something that needs to be upgraded because somethings going to break or something performs so badly on that buggy its needed now? The ones who i always recommend bearings if youre buying from tamriel or or sometimes kurosawa bearings you every single kit. I have always has bearings, but even so sometimes i think is this only ever going to be a shelf queen, then just leaving the plastic bushes in it, but the amount of effort it is to then go back and retrofit them versus the price. I kind of just think no, if i ever decide to drive it, then i want to have the bearings in it, so i tend to just bite the bullet and put bearings in it. So the upgrades that i do now i tend to focus on the weaknesses of a buggy. It can be a prop shaft, for instance, if youre running reasonable power, then a prop shaft might start wobbling.

So then that is a valid upgrade um shocks. Yes, again depends what the kit shocks are like to be fair. A lot of tamiya kits are their shocks are actually pretty good, its more about getting them set up than it is, but you can go and spend an absolute fortune on super blingy shocks. I dont tend to do that anymore, because theyre just so expensive. Oh really, the shocks on this buggy alone are like 60 odd pound. So it doesnt really justify it. Unless you are racing like i said they do look really nice but then hey. It starts to think: is it really worth it for those two times you drive it around the garden a month, no its not really so to round up when youre thinking about hitting that button to spend that hard earned cash really think to yourself, am i just Buying it because its blingy am i buying it, because i really like to have something new to bolt onto my lovely rc car. Well, then, thats fine, but just make sure youre buying it for the right reasons. Not that i am not that i am any different to everyone else. I do exactly the same thing and i will continue to buy hop up parts but its just a really great one to think why do we do it so much sometimes we spend an absolute fortune on buggies that we dont really need to, and for me personally, The kind of hop ups that i am now interested myself are hop ups, that fix fundamental problems, theyre the hop ups that i tend to be drawn to more now than i used to be versus more what it looks like, especially when you put a body over It you dont, really see them and you spend all that money.

So if its something thats a fundamental flaw with a buggy, then i will probably hunt it down. I am a big fan of smaller bespoke companies that make upgrades because they tend to focus on the problems of a buggy versus just bringing out a whole range of hop ups, and i love the way that these people are out there trying to fix these problems. And theyre producing beautiful quality parts. I take my hat off to those kind of people, because it is so time consuming and so difficult to do and then to try and keep a reasonable price point, but theyre the people that i really love their part. Classic example is heres a g11 part in beautiful machine metal. This kind of thing interests me a lot now this. This is not an official part, but it fixed the fundamental problem, but its so time consuming and so expensive to manufacture that when it comes to selling them, it can be really difficult to justify the price of a part like that theres. A few companies that i tend to gravitate towards now, one that i buy parts from personally i bought yi racing things theyre, quite a big manufacturer of aftermarket parts and in whole ive had really good experiences with their products by the way im not sponsored by any Of these groups, this is just my own. Honest opinion is custom, rc parts – oh my god – that guy is a genius.

He has absolutely beautiful parts. I highly recommend go checking him out um. I bought parts from him before and he really focuses on parts that fix fundamental problems in a lot of the vintage buggies and, and things like that, hes got loads of top force as well as ive got a lot of his parts in in diners. He uh. He did a lot of parts for the diner the front bulkhead in the diner storm and dyna. Blaster is an amazing bit of kit, its a its a bulkhead that is attached to by three different parts and the angles and the precision required to replace that part. As well as also hes added more weight to it, you can put a brass insert in it blows me away and how he makes any money out of it, because his prices are reasonable and his machining is absolutely stunning and he addresses the other fundamental uh weaknesses That things that break – and i when i go to replace the parts i realize the ones ive got on my car are actually broken, but i just didnt even know it so uh. I take my hair off to him. He makes amazing parts so there you go comment below. Let me know what you think. Do you think uh hop ups are a con.