This is chris with straight up rc, and this is a part one of three video review of some new equipment i’m going to be using for doing some, how to videos and some just general rc videos. So what i got here is the ordro, or at least i think, that’s, how it’s pronounced o r d r o. I don’t know exactly how that’s spelled but um. It is a ordro, 4k fpv, camera nice little camera here and basically i haven’t seen any videos like this really. I haven’t seen a lot of like first person perspective like how to videos or just general rc videos, so this is kind of cool. I think it’ll be really really fun to use and um uh. I think that it will be beneficial to see some videos from this point of view, because shooting a video in general is hard enough. Keeping the camera on the target or the camera on the vehicle or the camera, on the point of interest that you’re trying to shoot, especially when it comes to how to or bashing your rc. So what this is is it’s going to mount. Basically, on my head, like sunglasses and point at exactly what i’m looking at so this should be really cool, and this model uh, hopefully has enough stability it’s supposed to have a gimbal, and it should have a good enough view that it looks really cool. When i actually shoot some stuff so package is pretty nice comes in this little round.

Hexagon almost shaped camera package has some accessories with it. These are some uh rubber mounts some wire clamp holders, the locking like the threaded, locker and a tool to tighten it. It’S got the wristband for the remote here is the little remote it’s got a little wireless remote picture. Uh video put on keychain usb chargeable, so it’s a pretty beneficial should be pretty cool. It has standard usb cable lens, cleaner, comes with a 64 gigabyte, sd card, it’s kind of cool and some general information manual. Things like that nice little netting. So the casing nice form fitted i’m, really impressed at the foam’s. All nice and cut out it’s got the camera mount earpiece it’s got the other side piece the head bracket, and here is the camera in itself very nice kind of sleek. Looking pretty simple power picture record. Usb sd card it’s got an hd, uh, cable port back here it seems pretty legit. I mean very small, very very simple, it’s going to be pretty easily wearable and not be too godly. I’Ve worn a gopro head mask before and having a gopro on your forehead is kind of a pain in the butt, so this is actually kind of nice, so it should be kind of cool, so the camera mount is fairly self explanatory. The pieces clip on to the sides where the ears would go basically kind of like sunglasses, but reverse basically like a head, strap and it it makes sense the way it would work um.

I mean it it’s kind of a bummer that it doesn’t have a piece on both sides, but i guess maybe you can spin it the other direction um. So to speak. I mean sunglasses naturally, or the the head pieces can naturally just kind of go like this. You know so it kind of just rests right here: it’s it’s, seen in pictures with the camera facing this way, so that’s one way to do it, but i think if you were able to take the device and flip it and the camera would be higher, but Further back maybe a little bit of a different perspective, so mount it real, quick and see which way it would work. I think it would work both ways so putting this on mounts to the circular little mount slot right here. It’S got its little locking tension kind of clip, and i assume these little rubber things go on the locker once you’re done in case it like irritates your head, but it doesn’t. I don’t, think it’s gon na be a problem for me. Wear a lot of sunglasses living in arizona so used to something around my ears and on the back of my head kind of but pretty convenient. So this view is fairly center. Faced, you know kind of like nasal eye kind of level. It might be a little too low, depending it might be looking up at stuff or like if i’m looking here, it might not be direct i’m, not sure so see what that looks like in a few test, videos but i’m thinking that you can orient it.

The other direction simply point it more kind of down towards the bottom. Just have these resting on your ears just the same just not pointed down, and i think that this would give you a kind of a top down look even further so i’m going to try both directions, plus it pulls it back a little bit. You might see my nose i’m, not sure i can crop it. I don’t know, but thinking that this view might work as well to where it’s like kind of top down and then in the editing program, just rotate the camera three or 180 degrees. That way, it flips the view i’m, not sure, but i think it can be done both ways. So what i’m going to do is i’m, going to shoot a couple videos of just doing random stuff from both directions and see what it looks like and go from there. But this is the first of three products that i got that are going to be added to my repertoire of filming, so i’m gon na get – hopefully some really cool video footage here pretty soon so stick around for that and um thanks for watching guys Music. So this is the body removal, Music lights, it’s clean dramatically bad receiver parts and wheel off Music, see how well that gets me. A close up brand identification got ta clean you next.