I am like excited like a kid on christmas man, uh actually ive been having this guy. I had this guy a little bit over a week or so and were kind of just saving it for a rainy day to pop it out and not really a rainy day, but its a windy day. You know what im saying. Excuse me: my voice is a little bit raspy under the weather here, but uh yeah um. This is the subutec conqueror you guys 114 scale. Four wheel drive climbing car 114 scale; 2.4 2.4 gigahertz shocks, rudder machine. You know what im saying running machine thats funny thats a servo looks pretty good man. I know it looks like something uh. A lot of you, rc enthusiasts already uh, probably have seen before im, not going to say what it looks like. But if youve been in a hobby for a while, it looks, looks like something thats, um popular that they no longer sell anymore. You know im saying so. This is a clone or something, but you know you guys have to figure that out for yourselves. This is the super tech conqueror though you guys ill picked this guy up like around about like 50 bucks, which is an awesome deal because the guy, the truck that theyre cloning, was over 100. Some bucks, you guys so if this guy goes pretty well ill, be excited heres, a picture of the transmitter here on the side, steering dual adjustments: stuff, like that heres some more pictures of the car different colors, the specs um.

There you go. This is a brushed im, not really sure if they made a brussels model, but this is the brush. This is the bg 1520. You guys 1528 bg 1520 super tech. Here it is on the side thats the purple version. I got the red one. So give me a minute to uh open this box. Well, get this box open. Well get this guy out of the box. Give me more so here we are lets. Get this guy lets get this bad boy out of the box. You guys see what we are working with here looks like its upside yeah. It was upside down, so we got our instruction manual here. You guys, of course, look like. We got some tools in there nice, looking screwdriver bigger when you let it give you a little rinky dink one. This is a nice screwdriver here, thats, pretty cool. I like to give you a four way: wrench to work on the uh tires or take the tires off a couple: little allen, keys and theres a couple spare body clips in there always nice to have extra body clips. Of course we have our charging jack or charging usb charging port here and its got that goofy little connector on there, so so were gon na have a proprietary type of style type battery here is our charger here, of course, you always want to briefly, especially when You get a new rc is to go over the instructions, a little bit briefly go over them.

You know see what they have pretty sure. Just in case you dont know anything. Even if you are experienced go over it a little bit. Tell you some things about the car, what it can and cant do that you may not know how to work on some things. Should they break exploded view, look at that its pretty nice, always nice to have instructions um, so yeah lets get these to the side. I dont really have too much of an area to work with on this little table here so out of here really quickly. This looks like its going to be a transmitter yeah transmitter here. Everything seems to be really packaged really well so bonus, especially if youre going to get something like this for christmas. You want it to be packaged really. Well, you dont want nothing damaged all right, thats, the end of that box here so heres, our remote sticker, coming off there, three aaa batteries, no double a batteries; im. Sorry, three double a batteries for the remote which is pretty standard for these type of vehicles. Nice trigger control full proportional spring loaded, steering wheel, nice steering, trim, steering dual rates on and off switch led indicator, so doesnt feel too bad. But i havent really had a lot of problems with these supertech transmitters here, so thats pretty decent lets. Get that to the side there get this box out: okay, conquer thats, everything in the box. So now we are at the gusto here.

You guys the truck. Look at that boy, oh yeah, good guy! There dont worry! Dont worry! I got something for that: zip tie! Dont worry, oh, we have a battery here on the side. Lets see that battery just was on us. It looks like we have a battery, i dont know if we have a battery in there. No, we dont, so we got a battery here on the side. So 7.4 volt 650 lithium ion battery with this little goofy connector. Here you guys so ill, probably end up swapping this guy out to a deans in the future, because these little goofy connector batteries im not too fond of, especially if i want to run a lipo. Definitely have to swap this connector out here so yeah thatd, be probably one of the first things. Theyll end up doing trucks looks really nice, though go ahead and get this boy out to your dig. Dig there we go sniff all righty nice, its everything out of there. Oh snap, you guys see that this boy has oil field shocks. You guys what what i think look at that oil field shocks guys thats, pretty good. I didnt! I didnt expect that so looking underneath at the chassis here lets see what we got. We got the on and off switch here, theres all phillips heads all the way around thats, probably why they give you that phillips screwdriver you guys uh. We do have um your traditional um, whatever they call that little steering hub steering wheel, steering nut instead of a phillips, sometimes these little cheaper company.

They would put a phillips in there instead of a steering wheel nut. So at least they did that the wheels look. Pretty decent um theyre, not super soft, i would say theyre like a medium compound, but i think theres foam in there. I would say: theyre actually foaming this little guy. You got two little drivers in there that look pretty cool. You also have some uh protective plastic cover in the body, so make sure you peel this off. If you want this guy looks shiny, you know me guys, im gon na leave it on there for a couple of runs um. I was actually shocked that this guy had oil filled shocks on it. You guys that pretty much shocked me really. I did not expect that for a vehicle thats only like 50 50 to 60 bucks, they have a clip, clickable coupon, guys so youre going to get it right up that 50 60 price. I cant exactly remember, but i will post a link for this guy below, but this is a sharp looking vehicle. You guys has a little ‘0 brush motor in there. Um lets see it has body pins body pins here body pins here. So i want to say you lift it up, like maybe just lift. Oh look at that. You lift it up like that and thats like thats, really cool thats unique. I never had a vehicle open up like that, and you can see everything in there.

So you have your five wide five wire servo and uh esc combo right here. Your little ‘0 brush motor right here so thats, pretty cool um lets see you got some leds running to the front of this guy. You also have lets see the uh. Your power connection port: this is your battery bait. Here you guys. This is a pretty nice. Looking setup suspension looks pretty good. You have metal dog ones in the front. You have a solid rear axle. It looks like a little mini w toys. One two four two: eight: by the way its uh built up guys. This guy should be pretty fun, pretty decent im, not really sure about how fast they say. It goes so heres a little servo here, underneath this is pretty cool man im interested to see how this guy is gon na run. You guys – and i get this little 650 milliamp hour battery. I like the way that body kind of i never had a car. Do that before thats pretty interesting, but im interested to see how this guy is going to run? You guys leave me a comment. Let me know this is just a quick unboxing and first look at this little subaru tech, bg 1520. You guys pretty pretty nice.