This is kind of a truck boogie style 112 scale uh made by wl toys. I think it’s called the one two four eight 01 or something like that. Their naming scheme is kind of lame uh. I guess they’re calling this the race muscle flame supposed to be uh for speed, so you can see the tires here are not really for off road, although they’re advertising it as off road, not really sure how well that’s going to do. But they’re saying this is going to go 55 miles per hour. I’M. Sorry, 55 kilometers per hour. Excuse me: um yeah we’ll see it. We have a nice little flat parking lot here. So we get a test see how fast this is, but i’m not really sure how well it’s going to do in off road conditions. It should go pretty fast, though let’s see how this does. Okay, it’s got a lot of power, so it’s just a 2s uh. 2200 milliamp hour battery see it’s always like skidding out. So this this surface is uh, pretty flat, uh those nice skids Applause and it maintains its speed when, even though you’re not not actually on the throttle so there’s the full throttle there, it goes you want to crash into stuff, looks like it’s got a little bit Of a tendency to go to the right, so let’s trim this out a little bit with the steering trim and it might wow. So if you turn, if you turn to, if you turn too quickly, while you’re you’re on the throttle, it’ll totally just spin out, like that, oh you can you can see the dust coming up off the tires, that’s pretty intense, okay, i i ought to bring out My gps, i have a actually have a gps unit, but i didn’t bring with me i’m not sure how accurate those are, but um let’s see what this looks like full throttle get down low here, everything’s gone wow it’s got a lot of momentum: Music, wow things Fast, so kind of super fun in these little empty parking.

Lots like this. Oh it’s got some cool little headlights in the front there, and you guys can see that kind of cool to race. These have a little track or something with some cones. That thing go i’m, not even full throttle that’s, pretty crazy, okay, it’s kind of out of control Applause let’s! Do us the sleeping let’s back this up here. I do a little full speed pass by might hear myself here all right, wow, okay, that’s, a little scary! Do that again, but not so close jesus all right, let’s build up some speed over here wow this thing’s nuts, oh, my god, don’t go full throttle if you don’t know what you’re doing unless you’re off this is for kids, they’re gon na probably wreck this thing. Pretty quick it’s so fast, wow, amazingly it’s, not flipping over almost at the curb. It stops pretty quick when you go into reverse wow Applause, i can’t even go full throttles, try and circle myself here, oh yeah, we go full throttle. It doesn’t want to turn all right, let’s see what these tires. Look like, it’s, probably yeah, they’re, pretty warm nice and flat tires let’s, see it doesn’t on a little bit of gravel, see there’s some gravel over here. This is pretty flat over here. This is not really, i wouldn’t consider this off road over here. This is pretty flat, but this should be should be totally fine for this. You know, let’s just go slow with some obstacles.

I should pretty sure put a camera on the car it’s. Very i mean we go slow, it’s very maneuverable when you go fast, the turning radius that’s. So not so not so strong, whoa yeah it’s got power, but you can control it. This is not uh. Obviously this is not really off road it’s pretty flat. Just a little bit of gravel just give you an idea how controllable it is with some obstacles, not a problem oops. I got something stuck in here things. Angry Applause, yeah, i think, having some races with this would be pretty cool Applause lasting so fast, all right. So this these are like standard parking stalls here. If anyone knows what their length is, let’s have a sort of estimate how long this uh, how what the speed might be here – i’m gon na run it along this line right here, all right, let’s start from here. Let’S go straight down. I don’t hit that curve, so i’ll, try and measure that on camera and i’ll put something on the screen as to how long that was down to the fraction of a second and then i’ll. Give you guys an estimate how much what that distance is yeah, we’re, probably in the middle of the battery. This is a pretty big battery for this, so i don’t think we’re even close to being at the end of the battery let’s, get a look at this thing. Coming right at us all, right, let’s live dangerously, get a little close, oh there’s, a little crash.

Oh wow, look at that a little damage, let’s see what happened here. So i hit that curb right there, pretty strong let’s, see here. No, no. These are meant to pop off, but it looks like it is broken right here that plastic broke off right there. So there are replacement parts available on the uh in the instruction manual. I think i’ll have to contact the manufacturer itself to get this fixed yeah. It looks like i’m done here. Looks like this part popped off of here. You can see. You can clearly see the plastic broken right. There, it’s uh kind of hard to see, but yeah that definitely popped off. Uh. Good luck trying to find that part here, but this like this little pinion, this little parts here are supposed to pop off. You can pop them back in, but that was a pretty good hit right into the curb straight on so uh. These are pretty fast. So if you’re doing this, for your kids um be aware that when they go full speed to occur about that, you’re, probably gon na suffer from some uh damage like this and you’re gon na have to get repaired anyway, that’s gon na do it. For this video talk to you guys in the next one all right, so we got this uh off road, rc, truck or buggy. I guess showed up here we got it looks like i got some nice front, shocks and rear shocks.

I think there’s two different versions, possibly of this model – it doesn’t say what the scale of this is. I think it’s, probably like 1 16 scale, looks kind of on the smaller side um since it’s, pretty fast 55 kilometers per hour, and i don’t know what kind of motorized probably a brushed motor it’s from xk. So let’s uh get the box open. Let’S, see what we got inside all right, so here’s everything out of the box got the buggy. There got your remote stand. Remote takes four double a batteries. We have a it’s, a 7.4 volt uh 2200 milliamp hour with a dean’s connector and we’ve got your standard, lipo charger with a looks like it charges me the balance. The usb connection got your tool for the wheels and your instructions all right, there’s a look at the car itself, squishy wheels, but they’re not super thick. So i don’t know how off road this will be i’m. Pretty sure it’s actually meant for speed, because these are some pretty thin treads here and uh i’m, not really sure what scale this is. I think this is probably 1 16 or 1 18 scale, it’s a little on the smaller side, but it’s got pretty nice shocks, not too heavy, pretty standard stuff. Here nice, clean skid plate against the clearance isn’t that high. So again, i don’t know how offroad this is going to be and here’s a quick look inside just remove these two pins here, the top lifts up and got a brushed motor, no surprise.

There actually there’s a battery already installed here. So it comes with two batteries. Pretty nice, so when uh this runs out got a second one to go and um. I bet yeah it’ll go even faster on 3s, so let’s see if that actually works on 3s, but i’m gon na do some speed runs and then we’ll do some fpv.