This is the 118th scale. Patriot. This thing is so freaking adorable it’s, a 1 18 scale, hard body, little tiny micro crawler. So today, we’re going to unbox it we’ll talk about some of the features we’re gon na. Try and get the body off as well there’s a lot of cheap rc out there, but this one actually looked pretty reasonable and worth trying out. So today, we’re gon na take a look at it: i’m gon na unbox it and we’re gon na find some tiny stuff to crawl over so let’s. Take it away. So if you’re new to my channel, welcome here, you’re going to find rc reviews, tips and tricks, run videos, flight videos and other things related to rc. So if you guys want to see more make sure you like and subscribe, also head over to my instagram facebook and patreon, i do a lot of behind the scenes stuff there so between videos make sure to check those out let’s open this guy up so cool. I showed the box to my friend and she’s, like this thing is over lundy af and it kind of is so. I don’t know if you guys have seen the katana, which is very similar. I think it’s the same chassis actually for this. The company. Let me know that this is the more entry level one so it’s super affordable people have actually been asking me. Can you review some things on the cheaper end, because not everyone can throw down 500 bucks for a rc truck, so this is a good option.

Also going to be good for the kids, definitely on a budget you don’t have to spend a ton. It comes with everything that you need all right. So here is everything that comes in the box. So you have. Your transmitter here, looks very storm. Troopery kind of cool kind of like it pretty basic adjustments, you’re going to get your steering trim and your throttle trim your on and off switch is here. I like that. You can actually reach this wheel with your thumb, so you can do one handed driving uh and our thought will trigger here. I think it looks kind of cool actually, so one thing that doesn’t come included is your battery, so you’re going to need to get three aaa batteries. I have the rechargeable ones from amazon, um and actually, when i put these in, i already lost the screw here, but this is actually pretty secure, so you should be fine without it. It comes with a few goodies here, actually comes with a spare battery, so it comes with two 2s batteries: 380 milliamp batteries. I think the connector, though, is propriet proprietary. I actually have quite a few of these for flying some of my planes um, so we might have to get an adapter so that we can use those. I think this is going to give you about 30 minute flight time. Then we have our charger. A little t wrench here, probably to get your wheels off instructions packet, pretty basic, and then we have the rig lots of cool scale details on this on the body.

So it is a hard body. It feels a little bit cheap plasticky. To be honest, but lots of detail included so you’re going to have your front bumper here and your grille has a little fair lead here. So i don’t know if they make winches that small but i’ll have to look into it. It has some cool sticker decal. Here on the side which i’ve been sort of adding, i just got a vinyl cutter, so i’ve been adding this sort of the same overlander. Look to some of my rigs. Uh got some windshield wipers kind of neat, they’re, even movable, and then here is the size. Comparison to something like your scx24, so it’s definitely going to be a little bit bigger than that, but still pretty tiny light bar here are non functional lights. We might have to hook that up though it looks like um. Oh looks like you can add your own. So there’s a little insert there a little hole for that comes with a nice roof rack as well, and the battery compartment is actually up here. So if you open the hood your battery goes in here, you can see all the internals we’ll talk about that. In a second, these lights are functional, including the turn signals. So when you’re turning the the wheel, the turn signals actually turn on and off, which is kind of weird i’m, not a huge fan of that for crawlers, because it’s not super realistic.

When you’re out on the trail, who’s actually signaling when you’re turning um so maybe there’s a way that we can turn that off, i will have to look at how everything’s plugged in then. We have our wheels here nice looking wheel. It says that this is a bead, lock uh, so we’ll have to see and take that apart, looks like no foam’s in there, but nice and soft. So this tire is called a terrazz i’m, not sure if that’s an actual company – i to be honest, don’t know all the tire companies out there, so it could totally be made up or it could be an actual tread. But i do like this tread pattern. Asymmetrical tread kind of neat, and then here you can see our suspension. I think they are plastic bodies. Definitely not oil filled it’s pretty bouncy, but i kind of think that adds to the realistic body movement turn this guy around a little ladder here on the back spare tire looks like it’s the same exact size as the other one, so functional spare tire i don’t Know what route 661 license plate is, but there you go, looks like there’s room to put on some tow hooks here. Look at our diffs here. Diff boxes got our little tiny. Servo chassis mounted servo there snorkel here on the side. Lots of neat details, kind of cool also comes with a cool scale interior. So you got your seats. There kind of neat steering wheel, see if i can get a better shot at that.

So actually, when i was playing around with this, i was trying to get the body off. I actually snapped off. One of these, the plastics are a little bit brittle they’re, not super flexible, so i actually thought the body would snap off and i actually ended up snapping one of these off. So what i did was, i had two screws that were longer than the included ones, and i was able to put these back on, but i did actually break it so be careful with it. I saw someone get the body off on a youtube video and i believe, it’s, these two screws here on the front and then there’s going to be two screws here on the back holding it on and we’ll, take a look at the internals. What stick all right! This isn’t actually a true unboxing. I did take it out yesterday. I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to actually see it out performing so here’s the proof oops all right now we can see the internals of the sky a little bit better, so i’m noticing here now that these are plastic, chassis, rails, plastic links and everything um and our little motor is So tiny it doesn’t really say the specs or anything on it, and here is the esc, so everything plugs into here. As i mentioned, the battery connector here is proprietary, so i’m gon na have to get an adapter to be able to use all the batteries that i have.

So this is just an exposed circuit board, so i don’t believe that this is going to be waterproof. I would definitely recommend corrosion exiting this i’ll put a link to one of my waterproofing videos up here, but you just basically can formal coat this with corrosion x and that will waterproof it for you, so really cool and as far as adding more lights, there’s plugs. Here one two three looks like they’re already taken up, so you might need a splitter if you want to plug in additional lights, and i think there might be some programming on some of these slots for the turn signals. So if we want to have the turn signals off, we might have to route them through all the same channel but yeah. I think for now i’m going to keep it, as is ezrc steering server. Plastic servo horn also worth mentioning that this servo connector here looks like it’s a non traditional it’s, not like your regular standard, servo connector, so not too sure about replacements for this. But i will take a look online and see if what the options are and post that in the description box below um but yeah there you have it all right, let’s get this guy back together and take it out on the trail: Music, Music, Music, Music. All right so now that i’ve had a little time with this. What do i think of this little tiny rig at the time of posting this? This thing goes for around 110, so honestly, it’s, very budget friendly uh.

One thing i wish that the hood had maybe a little magnet to keep it closed. It tends to sort of pop open if you tumble over, not that i did, but i maybe i did yeah we’re good, just a little dirt. You know a little dirt. Never hurt, i think it actually makes these rigs look even better. It did take a couple spills and is in one piece nothing broke i’m interested to see how the electronics hold up long term. I was trying to film outside, but it was actually raining. I got a little bit worried that the esc was super exposed, so that’s one thing, i’m, definitely gon na waterproof this i’m. Looking forward to upgrading these things, there’s forums that talk about all the crazy upgrades, you can do to these little tiny trucks, it’s something that can fit on your desk and you can work on during your lunch break. If you want really easy to take the body off and work on it, if you need to, is it super capable? No it’s, not it’s, not going to do all the stuff that your bigger trail trucks can do. It is a tiny micro crawler for the price and for what you get, i think it’s great value there and definitely a lot of fun with this thing, if you guys want to check this out, i’ll put a link in my description box below got a couple. Videos really exciting ones actually coming some big projects, can’t, say anything yet but do stay tuned.

I look forward to sharing a lot more with you, exciting things coming. I also make and sell these tiny truck in and the rc life stickers on my etsy. So if you want to check them out, i’ll put a link in the description box below these have been really popular, so thanks so much to everyone who has picked one up. I really appreciate it. Thank you as always to my patrons on patreon.