So here is the car and the remote controller warranty card user manual, Screw Driver USB Charger and 2 batteries each having 1000 Mah of capacity and its great that ve get an extra battery because normally brands includes only one battery in the box, so its good so Lets charge the batteries and test the car, and here, with the controller we have the Car and it looks so beautiful and stylish. This Yellow and black colour combination looks Great and there are bumpers on front and back for extra protection from crashes and now lets setup. The car you have to install the Rechargeable Batteries like this and we get the batteries for remote, also in box. So lets turn this on and you can see these beautiful lights. The tyres looks so real and will provide a great grip. The material used is of good quality, and here is High Performance. So here you get 2.4 Ghz frequency controller works very smoothly and provides great range. Its easy to control. We get 40 50 meters of range battery. Backup is also great 50 minutes per battery, and we have 2 batteries means 100 minutes of run time. So now lets test the real performance of this car when slowly the car catches speed. The sound it produces is amazing. The tyres and the light weight body also helps for this high speed performance, and I liked the looks of this car. The controller is also very smooth if you liked this car and if you want to buy then check out the amazon link inn description.

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