Oh that’s, why you don’t, do it without the body? We are faster. Wait guys. Are we gon na hit the record ball hit the record guys? Are we gon na hit the record, see what’s up everyone welcome to two boys I see today we got the red cat. Kai’S you out will be doing us a speed run with the forest lipo six tiles of melee out 100 C batteries. Also, with a 6s 6500 milliamp, 75 C battery see what speeds we get out of both of these batteries. Man. This challenge goes out to get review. That is e and JT RC let’s get this GPS mounted up and we’ll be right back with you, go ahead and clear it out here, recording all right, baby let’s get Music see how are saying get out too long Applause kind of hard doing it. One half Music before it – I like it too, because you could punch the gas all the way and it’s not gon na tip over. Here we go guys for thought. Man and the road back then see how fast it went guys on forehead horse. We got ‘ let’s see if we can go faster. Let me put this thing on my head. I think fluorescing goes maybe a tad faster I’m gon na try with the body one more time and then i’ma. Try without the body see what we get for us run. He does come up a little bit.

I hope I’ll push the record nah I’m good for that let’s go ain’t, no time to play and there’s a car coming Applause, yeah, Music let’s see what speed we got. She was being the guy for the baby. You got 40 miles foul on that run. Man let’s do that again, get out before I’m signing dude let’s. Go you two here by Big Shot, juking bashing break it fix it see. I broke my mouth here, guys ain’t that sucks! Oh yeah, I get another one that come from bashing I’m. Gon na tell you guys this. This thing here is epic. Also tap that link in my description. Man go right over there to extreme RC precision man. They have all your arts. You knees man, cars, you own, dick over there. Thank you, I’m gon na give a shot to Zack and Gary oh wig, extreme RC precision appreciate your brothers, get it Willy. Ah, we did it. Willy let’s see how fast we go again. Fellas last run without with the body and then we’re doing one run without the body see what we get. This remote actually goes pretty far let’s go baby, won’t get it Kaiser come on cause. You come on cause, you got, you got you here, boy tighten up. Babies, huh guys you don’t, play y’all I’ll, tell you guys you old dick baby on deck, yeah let’s, try without the body now one more that’s the last for is for pool that’s for s cool recording.

Well, I might do two runs without the body. Two runs without the back: let’s go baby what’s that brother I do i I do good good don’t man like slow speed, run yeah yeah man trying to see how fast ago that’s the GPS on there. Oh tell me how fast it’s gon na ghost I went. 40, I went 40 does not yeah, but I just came back I’m gon na see how fast here go without the body. Now, hopefully I go faster. I don’t know I’ll tell you all right. Brother let’s go baby, go kadru Kazu without the body see how fast you can go. I love my neighbor man, big shout out to him. Let’S turn this thing around let’s, get it guys let’s get it guys on foreheads baby don’t fall in baby uh huh got to stop that day. Hello Caillou, Oh guys, you 42 whoa. Okay, we hit 42 without the body. That’S crazy Mary know that go faster without the body on board. Oh give us another one. Baby Applause, look guys you guys let’s get it in come on. Kazoo come on kazoo come on Caillou come on Caillou let’s go baby. I need to go on the road. See how fast you went baby 41, guys all right 41, so our highs today was 42 on 4’s battery, so let’s put the 6s in see how fast we can go one. Second, all right guys. We got the 6s battery alpha in here.

This thing is so big man, I can’t, even strap it with the regular straps. That is crazy. So what I have to do is take these just drop here, going the knees and what we’re gon na do is wan na play this thing out before we want. Stick it right there in the middle 6s pool y’all, go have to come. See me baby, come see me 6s pool guys. Oh yeah we’re, the king baby really keen baby that’s gon na be hard too, because this thing come up in the air man. This is gon na be a hard one, guys just guys stay steady, stay, steady, oh man. If they want to come up in a guy, let’s see if I’m fast. We went on that one. I know that wasn’t, a good rub right there, but Jessie dirty 232. Let’S do another one guys I couldn’t even keep on straight it’s. Getting right now, get them right, get them right and keep them tight. Let’S leave the body office that’s. Another thing that body apart let’s uh get the steering right, also that’s, why you don’t, do it without the body let’s see how fast we go: uh 25 that’s, crazy, that’s, ridiculous, yeah that’s, why you don’t, do it without the body? Oh, my god, let’s get it! Oh gosh, okay mark guys, oh that sucks dude, they flip so high. I came out and see that’s what those gift cards are for to save it, and I put them on wrong so that’s.

My fault see if I could get this thing back there guys and we’ll get back with you in one. Second, all right guys. We back up, we don’t put it back in. I will be changing the nose around ASAP since I put those all backwards. You know 6’s poor without without the body huh tighten this up a little bit. Success today is no joke Applause. This thing cannot handle that 6s boy see how fast we went. Whoo 44 guys. Nobody could get a little bit better. All right, take a full ride. He’D, like beer off whoa Applause, very stakes, little talk to them, whoa this day, just worked off the whole. What fizzled man? I just wrote all the body hands off with his sucker bro hey. I definitely need some, oh by the pens. Now that was crazy. Dude at 28 mile and looked like, I can’t, I can’t get up there. Man. Oh, this thing is scary, because you, tired can’t, have it no sir, you got ta put some different tires off for this day, Music. I cannot get this dangle just be fellas it’s too much Applause see how fast we got. Fellas let’s see how fast we got 38 that’s. I don’t even make no sense that did not make sense. I know for a fact: we were faster than 38 on there. Why no that don’t make sense, Music, Music Applause, Music, 4343 – I noticed a get way faster and this critter I’m gon na, let it cool off and I get back at it little guys, what’s up everyone welcome back to two boys RC.

Yesterday we had to break at Kaiser out doing a speedrun. I did a couple flips and slid on my top shaved down my post, so I went ahead and I just gave it a rest put a date time on. Do another 6s pass see if we can get a better run out of it? Also we have the Traxxas max. It is for us usually now guys I have a Traxxas max 6s baby be a leg system off. In that thing, oh my gosh guys. I love this truck. When I see it’s amazing, I mean that so we’re gon na try this on for s two 6s today see what kind of speeds we can get on. It yo guys track this max running on 6s and the red can’t cause you baby yeah, sir. These things are animals guys when I say they’re, incredible trucks, and I recommend these trucks to anyone so see you, honest mr. Dunn will fix that in a few let’s. Get out here and get up to speed right man go to open that record peak speed, I’ll, clear out the court. I think we really Rock no guy just let this car go pair, warm her up a little bit. Applause yeah sure he running on six, that baby see how fast we can get Kai’s. You then we’ll just take my time with this it’s you I can get Music see how fast went. Yeah let’s see how fast we’re staying anywhere register: Music Applause, Music, Kazu, total body.

Oh got 45 on that right, guys, clear it out, ha ha yeah. We almost went in the route 28 yeah. When I look at the last time, I could see 48 let’s get her on we’re gon na play that out where the court Music, yeah, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Applause, Music, we are fast, wait guys. Are we gon na hit the record we’ve all hit the record guys how we’re gon na hit the record c 51 baby 51 yeah, sir? You finally hit that 51 mark baby. Hopefully you guys can see it yeah. I surf it 2 1 that’s. If we could get higher than that, throw it out report, she willing yet Music Applause, Music Applause, Music over that gps’s austere. Yes, it is at 47, my pal, alright guys that’s it for the red cat car we’re gon na get out their tracks as Max and see what I could do baby I’m, not get hit 52 dog in future. I see Music Applause Applause hahaha, guys, who is incredible guy. We got fast, 153 babies, yes, sir, via 1053 Odom babies tighten up baby 53 ha ha, so we were able to get up to 53 on quite sure. This thing had more in it, but we’re gon na give it a rest man Motors a little high. I recommend putting a fan on that, but man I love this car. You guys so make sure y’all stay tuned.