This is remote, controlled Donny. I want to thank the company for sending this. To me. This looks so cool. I love remote control. Things I’ve been playing with remote control cars, since I can remember – and this is gon na – be super fun, so this spins at 360 degrees. It has lights and sounds this – requires five triple a batteries. Are they not included? I can’t tell okay yeah they’re, not included. I, like the artwork it’s a little Airport, I think that’s so fun. So here we are oh there’s even more. They have RC Paul. Oh my gosh. I want Paul and they also have jet so cool. Then it tells you how to control with the truck controller. There’S, the 360 spin button there’s a forward button, there’s an onoff, sound button and mode. He says I’m ready to make things happen. Donnie is a genius when it comes to inventing things. His professional engineering skills come in handy and often helped him and his super Wings. Friends when they get into trouble, he can fix anything with this toolbox. Let’S go ahead and get Donnie out and we will take a closer look at him and what he does here’s the controller there is this on and off switch there’s an onoff switch on Donnie. As well, I already flipped that one on and the sound ones in the middle and then over here it’s, just on let’s, go ahead and turn the sound on and go forward hold on.

Let’S let’s adjust it Donnie. First, okay, oh my gosh! Oh my gosh that’s 360. This is so cool. Okay, let’s turn the sound off okay, oh okay! I like that. I like that. I wish there was a backwards button. I wish okay well, I was bringing it back if there was a backwards, but I would be so static. This is really cool. Oh my goodness! Oh, my goodness, this is so cool all right, just a little bit about dawning before before we get too far into this, his propellers can move well, they don’t move. You have to spend them yourself, he hands on up and even a little bit of cat fur. On his face, sorry, I thought I get for living with cats there’s his leg too right here his cute little face and then there’s this tool on the side there’s his onoff switch and that’s, where you install the batteries right there. If I was a bunny and then here you install the batteries on here so 3 in Donnie, two in the controller and I’m just so excited. I wish there was a back button that’s, the only thing, but otherwise this is a really cool. I love remote control. Things but my my dog and my cat are going to hate this okay, they’re gon na love it, but they always taste my control parts amount of dart, while my dog does my cat does in the house it’s so fun.

I love the 365. I think it’s. So fun, oh, my gosh and I obviously don’t have a big enough space to listen. Is the forward button constantly but it’s, so cool and it’s really awesome, because okay watch I’ll do this I’m gon na stop it and it just stops like it doesn’t keep going. I mean it does a little bit it’s, not too bad. I think this is so cool let’s turn the sound back on. Look that was off on so you use the 360 line right. You can totally use it as a back button making comeback Johnny Johnny. This is so fun Tommy, my camera’s, having a hard time focusing on them, but anyway they’re there Donny come here Donny anyway. I really really really like this there’s, so much I’m, a big artsy fan. So this is here it’s for me, Donny does talk but it’s when you flip his on switch on and that’s all. He says as far as I know, but you guys will have to let me know what you think of Donny in the comments down below. I really liked it. I was going to complain about there being no back button, but if you move the 360 button correctly in the right direction and just use the forward button that way, it’s easy it’s it’s, like there it’s like you’re, not even missing a back button. I really really like it. Let me know in the comments what you think also make sure you give this video a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe, because I post new videos every single day.

Thank you again to the company for sending this over me.