Well, today, i have an rc car that is very inexpensive, it’s over a hundred dollars, but under two hundred dollars and it’s made out of metal parts, and it has an awful lot of weight to it. So i’ve looked at it and it’s actually well made it’s. Actually well made for an rc car that’s, a 110 scale that comes from china, that’s a budget car. So what is it? Well? I have to look on my phone for the name: it’s wltoys, xks104001, 110 scale, 2.4 gigahertz, uh, rc car. They say that has a speed of 45 kilometers per hour, but it is really heavy. You know the cool thing about rc cars is a lot of times. When you buy them. You know the big brand names traxxas arma low c. You rarely get the batteries with them, but the battery comes with this as well as the charger. So when you get this, you get uh this here, car all metal with the controller and the battery and the charger. Now let me tell you about this here: controller. The controller’s got a 100 meter range, so you see this parking lot as far as you can see down there, uh that’s easily 100 meters, so i should have no problem in the parking lot to get up to 45 kilometers per hour. I did mention the metal parts and it does have oil filled shocks which is a nice touch, and when i did my little bounce test, it uh performed 100 excellent.

So what we have to do out here, i have a little gps on the back i’m. Just going to test out what the speed is, because a lot of times any manufacturer of an rc car when they give a rated speed, it’s, usually wrong it’s, usually too high, compared to what the car can do. And since this weighs so much uh i’m kind of leery that i’ll even get up to 45 kilometers per hour, but uh let’s go try it first thing: i’ll do is i’ll. Take the included controller, looks like it’s a four channel controller. I will power it on there we go so we have power next, take out the body clips and take off the top and then connect the battery and we are set to rock and roll. So this is the included battery here. It’S, a 7.4 volt two cell battery at 2200 milliamp hours batteries connected here on the esc. You can see there’s a fan on top, which is an awesome thing for a day like today, where it’s super hot. They do have a little external uh port right here. That you can attach an led light kit. I don’t know if you want to put led lights on here, but i guess you can and of course there’s your on off button right here so i’m just going to press that and it should come to life there. We go comes to life fan, won’t turn until it gets hot, so let’s put the cover on and take it for a spin, then i’ll turn the gps on and we’re all good to go.

So next thing to do is power on the gps, give it uh about a minute to get the satellites so right now it’s gon na flash and then when it shows me the time on the gps. I will then have this thing operational and i can run it that’s what the gps looks like right there and, if you’ve never seen these sky rc gps’s before i will put links to it below alright, so i’ve never driven this car before i want to see How good the throttle is for a slow speed, slow response so i’m slowly pressing the throttle? Oh, that is very nice and responsive. Look at that. Look at that see a lot of times when you’re driving these cars. You not only want fast speed, but you want slow speed and the steering is really good. That’S, uh, okay, that’s, pretty impressive for a budget vehicle so now well let’s try a little bit faster. So let me just back it up here now: what i’m going to do is i’m, going to give it full power and let’s see what happens, how quickly it picks up speed. Here we go. Oh my god. It burns out. Oh yeah, look at that that’s good that’s, not even full powered out, but if i go full power in a corner there you go yeah you’re gon na do burnouts, so this should be pretty good. I haven’t even adjusted the trim since it’s out of the box.

Let’S see how straight it is out of the box pulls a little bit to the left. Okay, let’s go back and let’s just fix this really quick. So you have a steering trim up here and since it pulls to the left, watch this when i turn it, i can adjust these wheels. I don’t know if you can see it there, we go so i’m gon na pull a little bit to the right there. We go okay, i got it straight minor adjustment on the steering trim and she is set to go turn on the gps. So i’m gon na hit enter it’s on record, so it will record the speed now and i’m just gon na. Take it to the end and back here we go start off slow and then give it speed there. We go that’s, not 45 kilometers per hour, no let’s turn it here. We go bring it back and i better stop before the camera. What do you think the speed is on that? Well, let’s go over and check it out. I don’t think that’s 45 kilometers per hour, but i could be wrong. Let’S go see what we got here. I’Ll, take you over and we’ll look at it together in the camera. All right. Can you see that i’m going to press the mode button press it once where’s my mode button press it once and there’s my speed 40 kilometers per hour that’s? What i thought i didn’t think we’d get up to 45, so we got up to 40.

, so let’s try it now with a gopro and see what we get let’s. Try that so a gopro is pretty darn heavy on a little car like this, so it’s going to get a slower speed, but at least we’ll get some video of it. Moving let’s go oh it’s kind of lopsided. The gopro but let’s see what it does. I’Ll bring it back, oh there’s, a car there all right chase the car. I got ta, stop that here, let’s bring it back. This way excited here. We go full blast full speed there we are that was it let’s come back full speed to me. I have to go right between here and put the brakes on. All right next thing to do is take the car on some location where there’s, gravel and dirt, because all i have around me here is pavement and cars driving everywhere, so let’s go where there’s, gravel and dirt let’s see if we can make it fly off this Here little edge Applause still goes. Try that again, let’s go this way more, yes, better, better, much better whoa! I almost took my camera out here. All right, i’m gon na put a gopro on it and take it off the jump. I don’t think it’s gon na turn out very well for the gopro, but yeah we’ll see as long as it lands flat all right. Let’S go back here, get some speed, look at the break man, and that was with a gopro on top.

That is pretty incredible. Okay, i’m out in another area, i got some grass some hills. The turning on this is really good watch this with the gopro on top. Now, if i go really tight, i should build no. I can’t even flip it look at that. Eh, Music there’s, a gravel over there spit out the gravel let’s go see. If we can go up the hill, i should be able to go up it and down it easily. So here we go full speed going up through the tall grass. Oh, you can barely see it it’s, just a spinning burning up grass check that out, let’s bring it back down here we go. That is incredible. All right, i’m really enjoying this car and i swear the battery is lasting longer than advertised, which is kind of strange. So anyways next thing i want to show you is: what comes in the box check this out here we have the box, your car comes in, and here we have your car and, i must admit, it’s a very nice looking car and made really well with plenty Of metal parts really good for durability, both the suspension and tires are top notch. Removing the lexan cover shows us the esc, as well as the 550 brushed motor. Here you can see the steering, servo and all metal transmission. A 2200 milliamp hour, 2 cell lipo battery is included just make sure. If you get replacement batteries they have a dean’s connector for connection and as well a lipo charger is included.

The included controller has your typical trim functions. It does require four double a batteries not included. Other items in the box includes a mini, philips, screwdriver, plus a wheel, removal tool and some stabilizer bars last item would be the manual as well as a parts list all right. My final thoughts on this car is it’s. Definitely a buy it’s a lot better than i expected a lot of times. I get rc cars and i have some of the most expensive rc cars that a consumer can buy. So i know what top quality is. This is not very expensive, so when i received it, i thought yeah it’d be like anything. You know, it’d be like whatever it’d be mediocre, but um i’m actually really impressed it’s made really well it’s, durable, uh, no damage to it at all. I’Ve bashed it into all sorts of things and it’s really good, and it just keeps on going so with the included battery. You get a bit more run time than advertised, at least in my test right here and there’s utterly no damage except tons of sand inside that’s falling out all right, guys, i’m gon na put links below to where you can find this car. If you have questions on it, just post them below as well and i’ll catch you in a future video with many more reviews.