24 7 you’re new to the channel. Please consider subscribing this cool stuff just like this. Now. What we have here is a new v3 110 scale crawler from rgt. It looks like suzuki chimney to me, which is a damn good thing, because i certainly do love. I love the gymnasium in real life, 110 scale, steel, c type, chassis, rail, it’s got removable battery tray, you can mount it in the front or rear full or ball bearings all around or new one piece: uh access, housing, that’s, something that’s different from the v2 to The v3 metal spool gear removable gear cover, so you can always change up if you’d like 45 degree steering angle, which is great positive ackermann, cva, universal metal, drive shaft now it’s got a 40 amp, esc 4 channel receiver and i believe, fly sky and hobby wing Have jointly uh made that system which is cool four wheel, drive telescopic drive, shaft nickel plated heavy duty, drum steel links, 1.9 bead, lock, wheel, let’s, not waste too much time. I do believe. It’S got some nice leds and stuff in there as well, which is sweet. Now rgt, i believe, made some pretty decent stuff, i’ve reviewed a few of them in the past and i’ve no issues with them as long as the parts are available, which is always the uh. You know the the pain for some of these cheaper cars, but as long as they’re available that’s the main thing, four double a batteries, nothing much to see there it’s got all these switches and all these doodads up there.

You know basic steering, trim, throttle, trim, steering dual rates, steering uh our throttle, reverse switches and something else there. I haven’t seen before, like a little dip switch, but uh we’ll find what that means later on traction manual and stickers. There are well, it is with flysky and hobbling, so it does have legitimate stickers there center caps, some extra screws it looks like and also some wiper blades now does come in several different colors. Obviously i have this color here, which is like the army green. I guess you could call it. I don’t get chucking the box out because there is the uh included well, because it’s ready to run battery charger. Alrighty check out this. How cool does that? Look now? I don’t think it’s actually licensed by suzuki, but they’ve done a damn good job of replicating it stumpy little thing who doesn’t love them and what’s cool about. This is there’s no body clips up top. You know because you’ve got a beautiful, realistic body, but then you’ve got these huge ass body clips that’s up the top and they’re underneath the body just here, so you can just pull them away with man hands, but we’ll get that out of the way. Just like that, and you should be able to lift it up. I love that hinge system just like that. But obviously you need to be careful of lifting it or yanking it too much, because you will tear or not necessarily tear but unplug, all those lights, and there is a plethora of lights in there check out that junction of lights, so you’ve got ones in the Back for the rear, i’ve also got some for the front as well looks like there’s more than just one set in the front, but that’s kind of cool let’s have a look at the included battery basic nickel metal hydride 7.

2 volt 1500 milliamps yeah that’ll be good For you know 10 or 15 minutes, but i do believe you can use this esc will be able to use a lipo battery as well. So that’s cool does have a dean’s plug better standard selfie. You can place the battery at the back there. If you want all, as it is stock up the front plastic shock towers, coil over shock design, oil filled plastic, but they’ll do the job the servo flip around is mounted on the top of the axle axle there. Metal steering components there, metal links or nickel plated classic falling suspension, uh kind of combination of plastic, universal or sorry, telescopic drive shaft with metal at the end, metal, yolks and all that kind of school stuff metal drive shafts there and there plastic skid plate metal chassis. I think this is the plastic uh pumpkin, which you can remove to change it up if you do see fit. If you want to do that, nicer design, bead, lock, tires and wheels like bead lock wheels, and these tyres feel quite nice, quite squishy, some nice accessories. Here got a little axe and a shovel actual tyre you can use if something happens, and just an overall nice designed body a lot of accessories that come with the kit snorkel, you have nice side, mirrors, roof rack, pretty looking pretty nice, looking design, proper plastic bumper, Not integrated into the lexan proper bumper there, six kilo steering servo, like i mentioned before, on the axle rock sliders on the side.

Here they are plastic. Everything else is plastic at the bottom, but hey they’ll do not too bad so quickly about these little dip switches. You have four here. The first one here indicates what mode you’re in so, if you all the way to the left, that indicates that you’re in just forward reverse and break. If you all the way to the right indicates that you’re in forward and reverse only so you switch those you can change them up as you see fit. Second, one battery type that’s number two, if it’s to the left, that is on lipo mode to the right that is on nickel metal hydride modes. As you can see, i afford and forward brake and reverse for number one to the left number two. I have in lapa mode it’s. All the way to the left. Number three is pretty cool, and that indicates if you want drag so you know if you can turn it off or on completely, and if you do have it on, you can set the limit that you want it to as well. So i do believe it’s, 50 or 75. I do like that that’s kind of nice, so that’s what those dip switches do and they do it all on the fly. You can use a model to change it and if you like it, that’s sweet now, it does have a pretty complicated and uh sweet. Looking light setup now you turn them on all by here.

You’Ve got all these different modes. It’S, like a little there’s, a whole page and a half about the lighting system, and you can change it. If you, you can do different settings, it gives you um just blinkers change the mode here. You can do like flashing modes and it’s uh it’s, pretty funny. Double click again, i do believe change is another mode, as you can see just like that, the blinkers are on. That mode looks pretty cool. I do like that one and there’s a few, but that one looks cool, looks at the ring it’s. Also good. You can get it without the main headlight and just the blinkers. If i bring it up closer, you can see. The actual blinker is like a halo around it and the back as well. Pretty cool, no brake lights, that’s weird! We just had a brake light, but whatever enough of that pretty complicated but why’d you get the hang of it’s, pretty cool let’s get the battery charged and uh, give it a first run so so, Music Laughter so Laughter, you Applause, so Music, Music. So so right guys, what do you think of the rgt rock cruiser version? Three, i think it’s pretty sweet performs well esc and moto are perfectly paired and it has a really good steering angle as well. I like the fact that you can change the drag brake settings all that kind of stuff. If you wanted to roll coast or drag break, you’ve got different settings at 50 and 75 as well, it’s, really nice, it has lights.

If you want and it’s got, you know the blink as you can see, turning left and right as well on the back pretty cool little feature. I love how it looks like a little chimney. One of my favorite little rock forward drives to date.