These bad boys here come in three colors, red, yellow and blue. They actually have a really nice metal body. All of the gears, the plastic the gears are made out of seems like its a pretty high quality material havent, had any issues with gears stripping anything of that nature. All the plastic on it seems to be a really good quality uh. This plastic here is pretty durable. We havent been the most gentle with these. We have crashed them into each other. We fly them into all sorts of things. All the rotors are still in good condition. All the blades. You do get a couple extra blades tail, rotor blades in the package. Hey good eating chicken nuggets were just out here talking about the planes or the helicopters. What do you think about them? Music, good, good chicken, nugget good job? Do you like flying the helicopters youre? Pretty good at it, wheres Jack maybe well fly him around a little its out here, oh, where we only have these two, the other ones broken. So we just have these too its on youre good. Okay here goes Wyatt with the blue. One go buddy! Oh, that was Music Music, Music foreign Music. There are a bunch of aftermarket pieces for these. I dont have the name of the website, but if you just do a simple search, I was able to find it on Google. These come with two channels: Channel a and channel B, so you can fly up to two helicopters together, which is works out pretty great for us, Jack and Wyatt are able to to hop on each Channel and fly them around and crashing each other into each other.

Have all kinds of fun with them? I will say these uh the box says special indoor design. We have tested them outside. We have tested them inside the slightest Breeze will affect the way they fly. It will push them to one side, so they definitely do work better indoors. In the package you get the helicopter one charger USB charger. A couple extra tail, rotor blades and an instruction manual takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour to charge. Each charge is good for somewhere between, I say five to seven minutes: hey guys, thats our video for today, thanks so much for watching. If you want to see more awesome videos like this one click that subscribe button drop us a like leave us a comment. Its all very important – and we appreciate each and every one of you.